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YTP: The Canadian Epidemic 2020

February 13, 2020

What are the kinds of things that you think of when you hear that? It makes me mad- -best advice, is Hang up. Don’t feel threatened. It can get aggressive. Hang up. Hang up. Don’t hang up. Feel threatened. Get aggressive. Unfortunately, there are still people who are being scammed. They want the RCMP, Federal Au-thor-ities, they want the Indian police to gay, Sir, shushing these guys down. And they wonder.. Because [sic] are Canadian. (But, yeah…) So, we have issues- Us, going over there, making the arrests. Which we have. It’s ongoing. You think you’re making head? We are. We are making head. (Yes, Yes) And yet – still – people are still Canadians … and and are being Canadian. Totally… We can’t (we can’t) conquer this issue. The more they talk to people, the more they talk to people. There’s like- That helps. What do you say to the scammers? They are unstoppable. ‘We’re not conquering with this battle’ His name is and he’s a Scammer! Pretty much, yes ๐Ÿ˜€ :O He actually calls the Canadians and waste their Canadian time, so they can’t Canadian waste yours! Wh- When I first started, I- Suh in a way was I knew she was still alive. His videos, on both Youtube and gaming site ‘Twitch’ have generated over 666 views Oh, no no- I have a wig. Oh, yes! Look at that! I could get away with anything when I talk to Canadians. Which is both Hilarious and hilarious.

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