YouTubers React to Viral Videos (Chocolate Rain, Justin Bieber, Magibon)

December 25, 2019

♪ (dramatic music) ♪ ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ Tay! The biggest legend on YouTube. “Chocolate Rain”! Oh, boy. – I see it; it’s “Chocolate Rain.”
– ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ You don’t have to move away
from the microphone to breathe in. ♪ …again, Chocolate Rain ♪ (breathes) Sorry, I had away
from the computer to breathe. I was just thinking, how awful would it have been
if he breathed into that mic? – I’m glad he spared us.
– (laughs) ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ Man, this is an old video. This takes me back, man.
This takes me back. I used to post this on people’s MySpaces. This went huge. This went viral. There was all this media attention. It had not happened to anybody
before, and in this time, no one really knew what to do. You know that weird place of YouTube? I feel like Tay Zonday
is the gatekeeper to it. ♪ …shake their heads
in shame, Chocolate Rain ♪ What is Chocolate Rain? I’ve never looked up what
the actual meaning of this song is. We’ve had years to decipher
what this song is about. I have made no progress. ♪ Chocolate Rain ♪ When I watched this, I never thought, oh, my God, I would meet this guy. When I saw Tay Zonday, I was like, “Man, I thought you were seven feet tall.” He’s not. He’s, like,
the size of a Fine Brother. ♪ (instrumental) ♪ Oh. (chuckles) Oh, it’s over. I’ve never actually
made it to the end. (laughs) Okay. That’s one of
the best videos on YouTube. I feel like “Chocolate Rain” blew up in a moment of me not being
self-aware of my not really knowing, “Is this what I want to do?
Do I want to pursue music?” It was a happy accident. (FineBros) So, what was that video? “Chocolate Rain.” Don’t act like
you don’t know, bitch. “Chocolate Rain.” “Chocolate Rain.” Just YouTube gold. I have, of course, a love-hate relationship
with “Chocolate Rain,” as many people do who are
disproportionately known for a particular thing. (FineBros) Why do you think
this video went so viral? I mean, 4chan was a big help. Well, I know it got memed up. ‘Cause it’s amazing. The song is catchy as hell.
You can’t deny that. That voice is just unmatchable. We’re there for the voice,
and we stay because we’re like, “What the (bleep) is
the voice singing about?” Three strikes for virality, right? Step one: deep voice.
That gets you right away. Step two is take yourself
super seriously. Step three: takes the breath from the mic. The first one gets
their hand on the mouse. The seconds one moves it
over to the “share” button. – The third one fires the click.
– (laughing) Probably 80% watched it
because the found it funny. It was different because of
the voice-body mismatch and my awkward mannerisms. But, there was also
that part that actually said, “Hey, this means something
and it touches me on that level.” (FineBros) How would
you describe his voice? (deep voice)
His voice is just a perfect, slightly lower Barry White voice. Low. (low-pitched groan) The voice I want to hear, like,
read me bedtime stories. The voice of God. Sexual. Can I say “sexual”? Surprisingly real. In person,
he talks just like that. (FineBros) What does
“Chocolate Rain” mean? I don’t know. It’s like… he’s singing about Chocolate Rain,
which could be, like, poo. It’s like, is he talking about poo? I don’t know. The most thought-provoking
song of our generation? Could be explosive diarrhea. It’s a serious song. I don’t think anybody ever,
like, realizes that. If they’ve taken the lyrics
to heart or literally, it’s like a– isn’t it kind of like a– (laughing)
I don’t know, actually. I actually saw a comment
and someone was like, “Maybe this is about racism,” and then there were about
30 other comments mocking it for thinking that it was about racism. These lyrics don’t even make any sense. Then you’re like, “Wait a second. He has a whole bunch of other videos, and he always sings like this. Oh, my God, I’m clicking the link
of him on Jimmy Kimmel now. He’s talking like that!
He speaks like this. He doesn’t just sing like it.” You’re so balls-deep in Tay Zonday,
and you realize it’s 5 AM, and you spent the whole (bleep) night on the weird part of YouTube,
and you did it with Tay Zonday. I always say the question is
more important than the answer. The greatest success of
a song like “Chocolate Rain” is to get people to ask questions. (FineBros) Do you know
Tay Zonday personally? No. I’d love to meet the dude.
That’d be awesome. We do. Not as well as we’d like. – Yeah, we’ve met Tay.
– Yeah, we do. I was the dick that said,
“Is this your real voice?” He’s an amazing guy. Like one of the sweetest and nicest and just intellectual people
that you’ll ever meet. He’s done so much other stuff,
but he’s just, you know– it’s almost like he’s cast-typen
as the Chocolate Rain guy. He felt proud to, like, call him a friend. (FineBros) So, Tay is actually going to be – in this episode ofYouTubers React.
– That’s awesome. Oh, it’s so funny. Sorry if we talk crap about you, Tay. (FineBros) How do you think
he’s going to react to himself? (imitating Tay)
Oh, hey, that’s me. (imitating Tay)
Oh, come on, guys. (imitating Tay)
What the hell is this? (imitating Tay)
I’ve learned so much since when I did this video. I hope he doesn’t, like,
stab you guys. (laughs) (FineBros) What do you think
the other YouTubers said about you and
“Chocolate Rain” in this episode? That, “I became way, way bigger
than he ever became”? No. Um… (chuckles) I don’t know. I really have no clue. (FineBros) Well, what is something that you’d wish people
would’ve taken notice of when it comes to how they
perceived you in “Chocolate Rain”? Here’s what I wish, all right? “Chocolate Rain” was not perceived as an intimate and real experience. It actually was me,
I actually am like that, it actually is authentic,
and that’s who I am. I’m not bitter or anything. I mean, a lot of people
who work their entire lives– they don’t get a calling card. I wish sometimes that
more people would truly believe that that was me,
because it is. (chuckles) ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ ♪ (Justin Timberlake, “Cry Me a River”) ♪ For real? Who is this girl? No! Don’t make me watch this! – Justin Bieber!
– Aw! (girly voice) Oh, my God,
I’m such a Belieber. ♪ You were my sun ♪ It’s a little Bieb! I don’t think you guys understand. I’m such a big Justin Bieber fan. I don’t even have any jokes
about Justin Bieber anymore. I’ve run that river (bleep) dry. Oh, it’s good! It’s great! Don’t– no. Don’t turn it up– you– you dick! I was actually subscribed to Bieber when it was just this stuff. I remember when kidrauhl was just a peer. – ♪ (harmonizes) ♪
– It’s like he’s serenading me. That’s really wrong to say.
He’s, like, 12 in this, isn’t he? If I break this, can I pay for it
and just buy you a new one? ♪ (Justin Bieber, “Baby”) ♪ – ♪ Oh, whoa ♪
– (sings along) I don’t know this song.
I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is my jam. This is my song. I’ve never actually seen this video. I’ve only seen, like,
the first 30 seconds. I always (bleep) before then. – (lip-syncing along)
– ♪ You know you love me ♪ ♪ I know you care ♪ – (singing along)
– ♪ Just shout whenever ♪ ♪ And I’ll be there ♪ Hey, racially ambiguous girls. He’s, like, the only white guy
in this entire building. Huh. Makes me want to dance. ♪ And I was like ♪ – (lip-syncing along)
– ♪ Baby, baby, baby, oooh ♪ I hate The Fine Brothers
for making me watch this. – You stole my hair, Justin!
– (laughs) (bleep) you, Justin Bieber,
you (bleep) piece of (bleep)! Oh, my God! He’s got the worst voice ever! His new music’s not too bad, but this one– this is terrible. ♪ (Justin Bieber, “Boyfriend”) ♪ Yeah. This was a good song. I hate this video.
Bring back the old Bieber! ♪ If I was your boyfriend,
I’d never let you go ♪ And then he grew up
to be a douchebag. (laughs) If you listen to the background noise, it sounds like whales mating. – ♪ Swag, swag, swag, on you ♪
– ♪ On you ♪ Swaggy. (laughs) That’s all I got out
of this song, is “swaggy.” – ♪ Girl, let me talk to you ♪
– I like it. – (lip-syncing along)
– ♪ If I was your boyfriend ♪ ♪ Never let you go ♪ He’s really talented. He’s completely different. Still got the racially
ambiguous girls, though. Still got the racially ambiguous girls. I’d never thought I’d say this, but this makes me miss Justin Timberlake. Getting touchy. Gets a bit sexual here, doesn’t it? – ♪ Na na na, na na na ♪
– Yeah. I love you, J-Biebs. Stay away from my daughters. (chuckles) (bleep) you. – (FineBros) So, who was that?
– (bleep) you. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (FineBros) All right, so, who was that? – That was Justin Bieber.
– That was Justin Bieber. Bieber. (cringes) The guy whose name has been
in over 500 of my video titles and over 6,000 of my thumbnails. (FineBros) What are your
thoughts on his music? – (bleep)
– I like him. Love his music. He is
an extremely talented musician. He’s cute. When I was watching Bieber’s old videos– this was before he got
signed or anything– I was like, “This little
white boy can friggin’ sing.” It’s not the kind of music I listen to. Brandon, you’re rockin’
Beethoven all the time, so it’s like you can’t
beat the original B. Justin Bieber is great
at singing and dancing. All of the other things that
he outsources to other people– I think those people are talented
at doing those things. (FineBros) How long have
you loved Justin Bieber? For a very long time. – (FineBros) Is it appropriate for–
– Yes. – Adult women–
– Yes. (FineBros) Justin Bieber has
a huge amount of haters. Why do you think that is? I think a lot of guys
were jealous, probably. He gets the chicks, man. I think he has a lot of haters
because he’s popular. I mean, everybody
who’s popular has haters. When I was in junior high, I was like, “Ew! ‘N Sync? Pssh!” But then it’s like, I just
downloaded the best of ‘N Sync two weeks ago, and I bump that (bleep),
you know what I’m saying? You got to be able to draw a distinction between your personal tastes
and if it’s actually good or not. Just because it’s not to your taste
doesn’t mean it’s bad. He has music that is for young girls. It’s for girls; it’s not for you. It’s like if someone watched The Wiggles, and they were saying,
“This is horrible art.” It’s for kids! (FineBros) So, a lot of people
say that Justin Bieber is a YouTuber just like you are;
they got all this success. – Is that how you see the story?
– No. – No.
– Yes, I do. Justin Bieber did start as a YouTuber. If you watch the Justin Bieber
biography that they did, it does show that he really
did start on YouTube. I wouldn’t classify him
as a YouTuber anymore. He was really popular
on YouTube back then, but he wasn’t a YouTuber. He was just a guy doing videos on YouTube. To me, a YouTuber is somebody
who goes to VidCon and goes to Playlist Live
and is a part of the community. Every time somebody blows up and they say, “Oh, it was a YouTuber,”
and then you go to their channel and there’s, like, three videos of them. They weren’t even talking to the audience. Just ’cause you had videos
on YouTube at one point doesn’t mean you’re a YouTuber. (FineBros) Do you think
Justin Bieber’s success of starting on YouTube has had
an impact on the site overall? Oh, definitely. Teenage boys and girls out there who would love to be
the next Justin Bieber. He has opened the doors to
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of terrible singers on YouTube. Spare us your (bleep)
parodies or cover musics or whatever you’re gonna do. (FineBros) Can you talk about
the evolution of Bieber from the three videos we showed you? Well, puberty hit. He’s trying to grow up.
You know, it’s the Disney syndrome. He doesn’t have a bowl haircut,
so he’s not as hateable. Okay, sure. – I see you’re hinting at something.
– (laughs) He appeals to more of a cool audience. For me, watching that video
was a nice change. I have two daughters and it’s like, I don’t want them to see those new videos where it seems like blatantly sexual. My sister grew up, she was
11 years old, watching Madonna, who would perform in a bra,
so it’s good for children, I think. Now that I think about it,
my sister’s pretty (bleep) up. You can argue The Beatles actually had that sort of similar thing,
which was originally their first albums were,
like, pretty crappy pop music. Everyone was like,
“This is all tween pop,” and then they came out
with “Sgt. Pepper’s.” I want to hear what the Bieber
“Sgt. Pepper” equivalent is. Maybe he’ll go there. It’ll be interesting to see,
who is Justin Bieber post-cute? Who is Justin Bieber post-Disney-hot? What is that era of Justin Bieber
going to look like? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ Oh, a video I don’t know. (volume indicator clicking) Is there sound? Is the sound broke? Is this gonna scare me? If this is a jumper,
I’m gonna (bleep) kill you. This does not feel clean. I remember her. Magibon! I was obsessed with her! I thought I would never have
to see Magibon ever again. Bye. Here’s another video. It’s so much different.
Oh, what’s the story this time? What is going on? I’m so confused. Just suck it already! Here. I’ll start it for you. Don’t worry. Is there a counter on YouTube for how many pedophiles watch these? She’s over 18, so they may
think they’re pedophiles, but they’re bad pedophiles. She definitely has kind of
an anime aesthetic. Two guys watching
this video side-by-side– – No. No.
– Let’s watch. – No. No! (sobs)
– Let’s watch some Magibon videos, bro. I’m married, Magibon!
Quit looking at me like that! I’m a married man! No, no, no, no, no, don’t– you bitch! So, that was my ex-girlfriend. What was that? What the hell was that? I don’t know what that was. But it felt… kind of dirty. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (FineBros) Do you know who that girl was?
– No. – No.
– No. – Nope.
– No. – That was Magibon.
– Magibon. Is it pronounced “Maggie-bon” or… I always pronounce it “Maji-bon.” (FineBros) In old-school YouTube, she was a pretty big deal back in the day. You serious? (FineBros) Her channel had
over 100 million views. For sitting silently? Oh, just starting at the camera? This is bull(bleep). (bleep) genius. Genius (bleep) channel. I was pretty jealous. I was like, “Dude, we do not have to put
any more effort into our videos. We could just stare at it.” – (FineBros) How is this possible?
– I don’t know. That one’s over my head. Dudes are just–
like Asian chicks. I don’t know. There’s some weird people
on the Internet, and… Don’t put me in this position!
I don’t want to talk about it. Per…verts…on…the…In…ter…net.
Seven syllables. (FineBros) I was looking at the analytics – of the Magibon channel…
– Oh, God. You’re such a creep. (FineBros) …and all of the primary
demographics are male… – Uh-oh.
– (FineBros) And her number-one most popular demographic is 45 and up men. Oh, that just makes me feel bad. (groans) That’s just sick! (FineBros) What do you think about that? I feel dirty watching that video now. Over 45, looking at
a little girl staring. I try to be pretty open to things
and what people like, but that’s really creepy. They could be just, like,
13-year-old dudes who just made fake accounts
so they could watch 18-plus videos, ’cause I did that when
I was 16 on YouTube. That’s too much, guys. That’s… that’s uncomfortable. (FineBros chuckling)
She’s just looking in the camera. But we all know what’s going on
on the other side of the screen. (FineBros) Now knowing the analytics, do you think it hurts
the legitimacy of the site when YouTube has content
like this that is really popular? I tend to say, “Let it happen, man.”
I like the freedom. Not really, because the higher
production value content can play that game too. You can’t make a value judgment on, like, “Is it okay? Is it not okay?” – It’s like, it will be.
– It just is. That is the way the Internet–
the Internet is chaos. I mean, that’s what YouTube is.
It’s what it always will be. I think YouTube people say,
“Oh, YouTube is the future.” For jerking off. At first, I was like, “Why is this okay?” Eventually, you realize there’s
so many people on YouTube, and there’s just so many
different types of niche contents and videos for every single
type of people everywhere that you might as well accept it. Yeah, a girl staring into
the camera getting millions of views is gonna totally take away from my craft, but if YouTube was
to do something about it, that kind of takes away
the whole beauty of YouTube. (FineBros) And finally,
how about you give us – your best Magibon impression?
– Aah! My mother told me to stay classy. (FineBros) How about you give us
your best impression of Magibon? No, ’cause I don’t want
pedophiles beating it to this video. Thanks for watching “YouTubers React.” Like it, subscribe, spread it. You never know which YouTubers you’ll see right here on “YouTubers React,” so be sure to subscribe to all of us and comment below
who you want to see next. We’re gonna go eat some
sushi with the blood on it. (intently)
With the blood on it. – ¡Adios!
– Bye!

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