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YouTubers React To Short Viral Videos

January 4, 2020

Dramatic chipmunk! This is old-school. When this first came out, -I watched it, like 150 times in a row.
-Who didn’t? You hit me with the classics. I’ve never seen that one before. Something bad is going to happen. It’s a completely different experience
knowing the pay-off first. (gasp) Oh! What the–no! Well, she almost did, like, a flip too,
so…that’s pretty impressive. You know, I hate those kind of videos that you never really get to see if they’re okay. Some people think it’s funny
when children hurt themselves. Like you, for example. (girl) Go! (girl) Bwah! -(Anthony snickers)
-My favorite video in the world. (girl) Go! (girl) Bwah! Oh…baby! (girl) Go! (girl) Bwah! (laughs) You just face planted. (laughs) Remember, you said that you
wanted people to react to that. -Yes!
-Yeah. Yes! Panda! Oh my gosh, panda! I love pandas. Oh, and it’s
the little baby–(gasp). Oh, it’s so cute! It’s, like, one of the most
classic videos on the internet. I’ve never seen these! That is adorable. -What was that?
-(Finebros) Have you not seen that before? I’ve never seen that. I’ve watched “Sneezing Panda” probably,
in my life, more than 100 times. -I haven’t seen this one.
-I’ve seen this one. Oh! Jesus. (laughs) Why would she do that? (laughs) Well, that escalated! (gasp) She’s just not even in pain. She’s just in awe. She’s like…”That just happened?” Um, is this going to take long? Oh, I love this video! Oh! I’ve seen this one! -No way.
-(woman) Oh my [bleep]. (laughs) -Oh, she’s going to–NO!
-(girl) Holy [bleep] Ew! Oh my–wait. Is that real? I mean, you can tell that’s effects. -(girl) Holy [bleep]
-I like how she says, “Oh [bleep].” It’s like, yes, that is. She gave birth. Water birth. It’s healthy. It’s what Katie Holmes did. These are some of my, like,
favorite videos I think I’ve ever seen. That’s the definition of YouTube. -(Finebros) What did all these
videos have in common? They’re all old! They were short and funny. Short, quick clips that are the definition
of YouTube in ’05, ’06. They all made me hard. (chuckles) -(Finebros) And why do videos that are so short
sometimes go the most viral? People have short attention spans. Because people have no attention spans. So they see the video and they see
the time is, like, two seconds… and they’re like, “Oh. Okay. I can work that in.” If they see a video that’s two minutes,
it’s like, “Ugh. It’s too much work.” Just [bleep] in the tub and get out. Who has time to sit and watch,
like, a super long video? I like things to be quick, you know? -Well, not everything.
-(Finebros laughs) I like–I like things to be quick videowise. I think it’s probably just the easiest to share. You don’t have to be involved at all. You replay it over and over and that’s why
it generates so many views. I think there’s brain chemistry. I think that there’s a release
of hormones that happens when you see someone get injured,
or something exceptionally cute. There’s something endearing about it
in that some really great things… can come from something so short
and so simple that we all can laugh, enjoy and watch it over and over and over again. (Finebros) So let’s talk about them.
That animal that did that dramatic turn. (Finebros) What kind of animal is that? Uh…oh…[bleep] me. -A hamster?
-(buzzer goes off) -Is it a chipmunk?
-(buzzer goes off) -A squirrel?
-(buzzer goes off) -Gopher.
-(buzzer goes off) -Groundhog?
-(buzzer goes off twice) -Hamster. (laughs)
-(buzzer goes off three times) Well, I know they call it “The Dramatic Chipmunk”, -…but it was really a prairie dog?
-(bell dings) -A panda.
-What? No. Prairie dog. Oh, I thought you were talking about
the panda doing a dramatic turn at the– (Finebros laughs) No! I thought it was a panda! -(Finebros) Can you recreate it for us?
-Okay. (dramatic music plays) Dun dun! (laughs) -Are you hard?
-(Finebros and Shane laugh) -(Finebros) And the breakdancer?
-Well, he was breakdancing… ..and just kicked some little kid in the face. A little girl got punted… which is what happens when you
get into a breakdance fight. That’s what happens. It lets you know how much power
and force goes into a breakdance move. She kind of deserves it
for interrupting the arts. I kind of knew that was
going to happen because… know, all those dancing clips–
either a kid gets hit or something is broken. (Finebros) And what happened
in the one where the girl fell down? That was horrible. She face-planted. It was just straight up–
dog, taking it for a walk. Well, guess what? Dog took her
for a walk, if you know what I mean! It’s one of my favorite videos because (laughs)… no matter how many times
they hit the replay button, like, I just get so much satisfaction out of it. There’s so many questions too.
You’re like, “Did she get hurt?” “Were her parents there? Who was filming?” -What was she throwing?
-(Anthony laughs) (Finebros) Why do we all laugh at this girl? Because it’s shocking! I think it’s partly because she is
the instrument of her own demise. It’s a [inaudible] Froden (becomes tongue tied).
A German word, right? [DeFranco tries to say “schadenfreude”] I think it’s the noise. “Go!” and then–blegh! -Blah!
-B–no, it’s not “bah!” It’s “Bweeeeh!” -Oh, sorry.
-Yeah. It’s a little bit–yeah, it’s important. (Finebros) What happened with those pandas? The pandas! I love pandas. Jump scare sneeze. They’re scary. The little one sneezed and the big one moved. And it got 100 million views. That’s, like, the classic one that I feel
like has been parodied the most… out of any video ever. It’s cute, but on, like, several levels. First, there’s a baby panda sneezing. Second, mom apparently has never
heard a baby panda sneeze, just like we haven’t! (Finebros) And what about the woman
that punched the other woman in the face? I think that other woman was being a bitch. And I think that old lady
had to show her “the business.” I don’t even think that girl
knew why she got punched. It seemed like it just came out of nowhere. I think the funniest part is the fact that you
don’t know why she punched her. -Yeah.
-I keep replaying it, like, trying to read it in their face. Most of your life, right, it’s just,
“Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.” “Oh, oh.” And then, like, normal
society holds people back… but then when you get hit in the face
for the first time, you’re like, “So that’s what that feels like! [bleep]” (Finebros) And the Jacuzzi. What happened there? She pooped herself. The girl had the Hershey squirts. The poor girl’s ruined forever.
Like, at that point, you just move. Except, now the internet exists
and it doesn’t matter where she goes. I think that one’s fake. It’s fake. I’ve pooped in a lot of Jacuzzis. And it doesn’t ooze out like that…like a cartoon. I don’t know who, or why,
they would have done that, but I think it’s fake. I’ve never pooped in a pool so I wouldn’t know. I might want to try that. Just to see, just to check
the legitimacy of the video. (laughs) (Finebros) What would you have
done if you were in the Jacuzzi? Well, I would have probably been
the one pooping myself so… that would have been me. Get the [bleep] out. You run or you vomit. I would be running and then I’d be,
like, scrubbing myself down with anti-bacterial soap. I would have done a scuba.
You know? YOLO, right? I might dunk one of my friends in the water… just before jumping out. People who are watching out there:
if you’re having cramps, get out of the hot tub. Do not be ashamed of your digestive needs. (Finebros) People end up remixing
their own versions of viral videos… ..even some from the ones we’ve showed you. Why is that something that people do? Because people are not creative and they’re like, “Oh. I’ll just rip off this other thing.” They want to ride on the coattails, man. You know, they want to take
something that has gotten popular… ..and they’re going, “I can make it better!” I think it’s just inserting yourself
into something that’s already awesome. Everything, in general, in terms
of entertainment, isn’t original. I think everything’s a copy
of something somewhere… ..because we had to learn it somewhere, you know? So…um…in terms of remixing,
I think it’s just another art. People love to create. The internet just fosters that remix culture, which is one of the coolest things about the internet. (Finebros) So what is the perfect short viral video? Well, if I had one, I would have made it already. I’m not good at this! I don’t do the viral video thing, I just watch them and enjoy them. If I had an idea for a perfect
ten second video, I wouldn’t tell you! Myself, with Ray and Jenna
and Smosh, all in a Jacuzzi, and we all just let loose. Watch…uh…what is it? The five of us poo! I’m pretty sure that would go a little viral. I mean, I’d share it because I’m in it! Thanks for watching another
episode of YouTubers React. We’ll be back soon, so make sure
that you subscribe to all the channels. I love your faces and I’ll see you next time. Bye! Bye!


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