YouTubers React To 10 Years Of YouTube Viral Videos

December 16, 2019

– I was there! I was in
the front row when this happened. – (both) ♪ Hide your kids ♪
♪ Hide your wife ♪ – ♪ Hide your kids ♪
♪ Hide your wife ♪ – (both) ♪ Hide your kids ♪
♪ Hide your wife ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we wanted
to test your knowledge on some of the biggest videos
on the internet. – Okay! This’ll be interesting.
I don’t know how well I know this. – (FBE) So, we’ll be showing you
10 viral videos from 2010 to 2019, and we’re gonna see if you can
correctly guess what year each video came out.
– Okay. This is nostalgia. – Ohhh, I can do that.
– This is perfect. I feel I can I do that.
– I can do that. Do you see who I have
with me here? She showed me 10 viral videos
while we were waiting to do this. – I’m basically a meme historian. – (FBE) So, we’ve chosen
one viral video from each year, staring with 2010
all the way through 2019. – Okay.
– (FBE) There will not be any repeat years.
And then at the end, every video you get right,
you get a point. – Okay, great.
If you were gonna ask me based on views or what
the video was, I could probably answer it accurately,
but I’m really bad at timing I feel like.
I have no concept of time. – We suck at these.
– Why do you guys make us do these? – We’ll see how we do. – (professor) Scandals
happen all the time. The question is how do democracies
respond to those scandals. – I’ve seen this. Yeah. – (laughs)
– I love it! – (anchor) I think one
of your children’s just walked in. – Aww.
– (professor) I would be surprised if they do. – The poor dad and the poor mom!
Oh my god. – (snickers) Everything about this
was so iconic. – The quality is good,
so it looks like it would have to be 2016/2017.
– You’ve never seen that video? – No!
– That’s the best video. That kid comes struttin’ in,
like, “I’m gonna mess up your whole day.”
– I’ma go 2018. I feel like that was pretty recent.
– 2016? I don’t really know! – 2017. For a year,
I was imitating this! (laughs) – I’ve watched this.
– Ew. – (man) I guess not good.
– Ewww. – I like the message
that they’re trying to send, but sad that they have to
send a message in the first place. – Ew, shut up.
– I’m gonna go with 2018. – Ah! It’s either ’15 or ’16.
Okay, I’m gonna say ’16. – I’m gonna go smack dab
in the middle. We’re gonna go ’15. – That seemed older
just ’cause of the camera quality. 2014? That feels wrong. – ♪ I have a pen ♪
– Ohhh! Pen pineapple pen! – Oh, no. Pineapple pen. – ♪ I have a pen ♪
– I have never seen this before. – Pineapple pen! – Have you seen this?
– No! – Are you kidding?
– I love this. – ♪ Ah ♪
– (sings along) ♪ Pen pineapple apple pen ♪
♪ Da, da, da ♪ Oh, stopped it.
(laughs) – 2010, because I– that’s when I–
I don’t remember that video. – I have no perception of time
or years or days. 2016. – It’s either ’14 or ’15,
so just put it at ’14 for now, and then we can
switch them later, yeah? – I have to say 2016,
because I already used 2017 and 2018.
Where is this guy? Has anyone found him since? – (Antoine) Well, obviously we have…
– Ohhhh! – I love this one!
Is it the song? – ♪ He climbin’… ♪
– (sings along) ♪ In your windows ♪ ♪ He snatchin’ yo people up ♪
– Oh, so the remix of this. Okay, cool.
– (both) ♪ Hide your kids ♪ ♪ Hide your wife ♪
– ♪ Hide your kids ♪ ♪ Hide your wife ♪
– (both) ♪ Hide your kids ♪ ♪ Hide your wife ♪
– ♪ And hide your husband ♪ ♪ ‘Cause they’re rapin’
everybody out here ♪ ♪ You don’t have
to come and confess ♪ ♪ We lookin’ for you ♪
– (sings along) ♪ We gon’ find you ♪ ♪ We gon’ find you ♪
– ♪ You can run and tell that ♪ ♪ Run and tell that ♪
– Low-key, it slaps. – ♪ …homeboy ♪
♪ Home, home, homeboy ♪ – Legendary. I’m gonna say 2013.
– 2011. And I hope I’m right. – This is one of the first
videos that I ever saw go really, really viral
on the platform, and I probably started watching
YouTube in around 2010. So, this very well could be
the beginning of our list. – Oh, this is now, right?
Yes! This– I saw this on Twitter. So amazing. – Oh, yes, girl. Work.
I’ve never seen this before. – I love this song.
– Ooh, but great song choices. – There she go!
– This is definitely this year. – Wow. OHHH! YES!
(squeals) – Wow! That looked painful
but impressive at the same time. – That’s amazing.
Okay, so it probably went viral ’cause she got a perfect 10.
– I’m just gonna say 2018, ’cause that definitely
wasn’t this year. – Oh, that’s awesome.
– She killed it. – Okay, that’s this year?
– Yeah, for sure. – I look at it,
and I just give it 10 points all right there.
I’m just like, “You have so much confidence.
Here’s a 10!” I’m gonna guess just since
I’ve never seen it before, it must be a new one.
So, I’m gonna say 2019. – (voice-over) Arresting
Joseph Kony will prove… – Oh my gosh!
All the celebrities were doing this! – Wow! I forgot about this one.
– (voice-over) …brought our planet together.
– Gotta be 2012. Kony 2012. – I know this,
because Kony 2012. – This was when
I was a senior in high school. – This is 2012.
I know, ’cause it was Kony 2012. I know that for a fact.
Next! – That video– I was
frickin’ turnt on justice! – This was all a sham, huh?
2012. – 2015 is too recent for that.
I think that was 2013. – We’re gonna put it
as ’12 for now, but I think it might’ve
been 2011, ’cause it said 2011. And if we get that wrong… – It’s your fault.
– ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ ♪ (yodeling) ♪
– Oh. This is recent. – He’s good!
– (sings along) ♪ That last long day she said goodbye ♪
♪ Well, Lord, I thought I would cry ♪ – What an icon.
– ♪ She’s got that kind of lovin’ ♪ ♪ Lord, I love to hear her… ♪
– Here it comes. ♪ Sweetie-ay-ay-ay ♪
(laughs) That’s one of my favorite
videos of all time. – Nice.
– I love it. Now we have a problem…
– Crap. – …’cause that is
very recent. – Crap.
– I’ma say 2015. – I think we got that one in the bag.
– That’s for sure 2018. – I met Mason Ramsey.
He’s a friend of mine. He’s cool.
Shoutout to Mason Ramsey. ♪ (upbeat hip-hop music) ♪ – (gasps) Oh!
I remember this one! This has been around
for a long time. – Oh, this is old.
– This was a stunt. This was completely fake. – Ooh! – (woman screaming) – Stop, drop, roll!
Stop, drop, roll! – Ah!
– That had to have been staged. The dude is right–
oh, it’s Jimmy Kimmel. – (woman) Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel.
– I forgot that was Jimmy Kimmel! – When did twerking
become a thing? (sighs) I still don’t know how
to twerk, but that’s not relevant. – Let’s give this to 2011.
I feel like when the word “twerk” first came out…
– We’re gonna put it at 2014 for now. – 2011. But he’s 2013.
I know this. I don’t know this,
but I’m acting like I know this, so you, as a viewer,
feel more confident in my winning. – (Steve) Miss Universe…
– Oh my gosh! – Is that the moment he messed up?
– I was there! I was in the front row
when this happened. It was crazy. – (Steve) Colombia!
– (laughs) Noo! – (Steve) I have to apologize.
– This was so bad. – (Steve) The first runner up
is Colombia. – (groans) Cringe.
– It’s just like the Oscars, except this happened first.
– I literally have secondhand embarrassment
from watching this. – I put it at 2014.
– 2011 spot, but I’m gonna switch it. How do you make
a mistake like that? – We are going to win this.
Pageant is supposed to go around here somewhere.
– Yes. – Okay. All right.
We have one more video, and then we will
figure all of this out. – ♪ It’s Friday, Friday ♪
♪ Gotta get down on Friday ♪ – Classic.
– ♪ Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend ♪
– (sings along) ♪ Friday, Friday ♪ – ♪ Getting down on Friday ♪
– I actually like this song. – ♪ Everybody’s looking forward… ♪
– (sings along)♪ To the weekend ♪ My hand is a dolphin.
– My hand is a dolphin! – Your boy’s going for 2010.
I think I’m right. – ♪ Looking forward
to the weekend ♪ – Fun, fun, fun.
– Okay, I think that is 2011. – I think so!
– Are we killing it? – I actually don’t feel bad
putting this one here. So, Friday for 2012. – I’m 95% sure
I got 95% of these right. – (FBE) All right, so now that
you have watched through all of these, we’re gonna give you a chance
to make changes. Let us know when you’re locked.
– All right. So, I’m gonna say fire video
at 2016. – I know for a fact
that Mason Ramsey’s 2018. I know for a fact that Kony was 2012.
I do have a strong inkling that Mr. Antoine Dodson
was definitely 2010 as, like, the start of YouTube.
– Jimmy Kimmel was ’13. – I think so. He’s been around
for a while on YouTube. – Mm-hmm.
– Am I wrong about catcall? Is catcall gonna be the old one?
Fiddle darns. Let’s just lock it in. – All right, lock it in.
– Let the internet judge how they may. – (FBE) Here is the actual order for–
– Eeee! Okay, here we go.
– Okay. – (FBE) From 2010 is
the “Bed Intruder” song. – Seriously?!
Oh, daggone! I was off by one year!
– That was that long ago?! Wow, I am old.
Okay, great. – Yay!
– Nailed it. – Yay!
– We got it! – (both) Yay!
– Yes! (claps) Mr. Antoine Dodson! Okay, got it.
One point for me. – (FBE) Then from 2011
is “Friday.” – Oh my god.
I was close. – Yay!
– Yeah! Nailed it. – (both scream excitedly)
– We did it! – We’re off to a great start!
– I’m off again! I should’ve moved
everything up a year. – That was 2011?!
No! Are you kidding me?! That was eight years ago? – (FBE) From 2012
is Kony 2012. – I got that. Yes.
– They’re all in the same area, just wrong years.
– I remember Kony 20– it’s emblazoned in my head.
– I just got all three of those mixed up.
Boo! Okay. I’m probably gonna get
absolutely zero points. – (FBE) 2013 is Jimmy Kimmel
twerking prank. – I was right there!
I can get a half a point or something. – YES!
– Ooh! – Yes! I got it right!
– Woo-hoo! I got a point! – (FBE) 2014 is the girl
walking in NYC. – Boo! Okay.
– I put “Hide Yo Kids,” so I was wrong.
– (both) Ohhhh. – It is older!
– (claps) I got a point! – (FBE) From 2015 is Steve Harvey
announcing the wrong Miss Universe. – That was in 2015?!
WHAT?! – I was– oh my god, I must’ve
been literally 17 or something. – I thought that was 2019! (laughs)
Oh my g– what?! That was four years ago? – (FBE) All right, 2016
is Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. – Woo! I’m glad I changed that. – Ahhh!
– Oooh! – 2016?! So, then all
of these are off. – Wow, I’m straight trash
at this. I do not deserve
to be a YouTuber. – (FBE) 2017 is the BBC interview.
– (both) Got that one. – Oh, I put that one
as 2015. – Wow. That was recent. Okay.
– What?! No! That came so much earlier! – (FBE) 2018 is Walmart yodeling kid.
– Okay. Yay. – Yes! Okay, cool.
One point! – Yes! I knew that one!
– Got that. I’m at three points. Dang.
I did better than I thought. – That was last year?
He went to Coachella last year. He picked that up quick. – (FBE) And 2019
is Katelyn Ohashi’s floor routine. – The gymnast.
– (FBE) The gymnast. – She killed it.
– Good job, sis. I’m impressed. – Wonderful.
– We did pretty good! – We did pretty gosh dang.
– We did pretty good!! – I got a point,
so I’m happy. I got at least one,
so I can go home happy. – It’s crazy, ’cause so many are
uploaded to YouTube every single day that you really do start
to lose track of when things came out. – I think we did pretty good.
This is the best we’ve ever done with any type of list on this channel.
– Yes. Wow. – So, congrats…
– To us. – And congrats to you guys
for witnessing this special moment. – Yes. You’re welcome.
– (giggles) – Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Make sure you go and check out
all the YouTubers that were linked down below
that were featured in this episode.
– Bye, sisters! – Hey, guys. It’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
to all the creators who came in to shoot
this episode with us. Make sure you go support them
by subscribing to their channels. Links will be down
in the description below. Bye, guys!

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