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September 16, 2019

– Ooh! When things are on even
ground, it’s so much better. Twats up, ladies, I’m Madge the Vag, and today we’re going to learn about the delicate balance of your vagina, and what happens when
things go off the rails, and your taco is in turmoil. (quirky orchestral music) What is the vaginal microbiome? – It’s like all the bacteria that makes up everything down there. – I mean, that’s pretty darn good, it’s like the ecosystem in your vagina. – Yeah. – It’s like a whole village down there, there’s people, and all things,
stores, and I think a deli. So, true or false, there
is a pill you can take to help keep your vag healthy. – True.
– It is true. There is a vaginal
probiotic by RepHresh Pro-B, and it actually helps keep
your vagina in tip-top shape. – I love that. – You’re into it?
– Absolutely. – I’m into it, and it’s into me, get it? I need to know about the
ecosystem in my vagina. I mean, is it nice, do
tiny people live in there? What’s going on? – So, the ecosystem in your vagina is different from everybody else’s vagina, but it’s usually acidic, because lactobacilli, which is a good bacteria, eat off the glycogen, and
change it to lactic acid, and you have, basically, an acidic vagina, and that’s a happy vagina. – Can someone be lactobacillus intolerant? – No (laughs). – If my vagina is getting an
imbalance, of I don’t know, too much of this, too much
of that, how will I know? Does my vagina just combust? – It does not combust,
it will not explode. You’ll have discharge. – Oh right, the discharge,
that’s its sign, that’s how it tells you
things, it spits at you. – Not so much spitting.
– Sort of. – But yes. It will tell you, and it’s
not so much the discharge. Sometimes it’s the color of the discharge, or the smell of the
discharge, but usually, if it’s an actual infection,
you’ll have discomfort. – ‘Cause some discharge is good. – Some discharge is good,
lots of discharge is good. – So, it’s like my vagina’s the Force, and there is a disturbance,
and what’s causing it? – A lot of things can cause disturbances, antibiotics, underwear,
sometimes the pill, sex, lots of things
can cause disturbances. – My god, it’s so sensitive! – It is. – If you have a fishy smell down there, does that mean you need to shower more? – Maybe? (laughs) – No, that is a false,
that’s false, falsey false. It actually, it could mean you have
maybe a bacterial vaginosis, or you live near a fishing town. Next thing, a happy vagina
smells like roses, true or false? – False. – Yeah, I mean, come on! You know, you want roses, you
go to the flower shop, right? – Exactly.
– Yeah. Or you get some potpourri,
throw that on your face. Oh, ah, ooh! Ooh! What’s your advice on
just keeping, you know, all around vaginal health? – You can take probiotics, and
again, change your hygiene. All-cotton underwear all the
time, no underwear at night. Use only unscented soaps, on your entire body. – Oh, so if I, right behind my
ears, it’s still not gonna– – Yep, it goes all the way
down, flows down to your vagina. – Do you mean because of the soap suds? – Soap suds, gravity. – What if you shower upside down? So, what’s the different now between a regular probiotic,
and a vagina probiotic? – The vagina probiotic’s gonna
be heavy in lactobacilli, which will convert glycogen
in the cells to lactic acid, which will keep the vagina– – Acidic!
– Nice and acidic. – ‘Cause we want an acidic,
bitter, angry vagina. – Not bitter and angry, just acidic. – Oh, just acidic, I always
go too far with that. – Can’t I just eat a yogurt? – No.
– No? – That will not help you.
– That’s not gonna work? – It’s not gonna hurt
you, good for calcium. Not gonna help your vagina.
– Not even if I have a coupon? – No. – Well, ladies, not only is
life one big balancing act, so is your vagina. Make sure to keep things on even keel, so your vageen can be supreme. I’m Madge the Vag, and if you have any questions or comments, put ’em in my box, my
balanced inbox, that is.

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