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Your Local Team – Common Ailments Service

December 17, 2019

The Common Ailment Service offers members
the public access to a range of services on the NHS – such as conjunctivitis, hay
fever, thread worm, thrush. Conditions you don’t
need to see a GP for. You access the common ailment service by your community
pharmacy. You get the see a health care professional – namely the pharmacist – certainly the same day, there’s no need for an appointment usually within
minutes that’s freeing up our GPs to see the
more complicated cases they need to see allowing members of the public to
use the NHS more wisely. But the main benefit for the patient is they get
immediate access to the NHS by a health care professional, they get reassurance and
advice regarding the condition of which there’s over 20 conditions available to the
common ailment service. And if appropriate they will get treatment at
that consultation therefore reducing the need to go and see the GP.

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