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Your City in 5 – November 1, 2019

November 5, 2019

(upbeat dance music) – Hello El Paso, I’m Rick Isaias. We’re here at the future site of the Chapoteo Water Park in the Mission Valley. It’s one of 4 water parks
currently under construction. I’ll tell you more about
this project in a moment but first, El Paso is now
one step closer to getting a world class resort and convention center. City council voted in favor of a new incentives agreement with Great Wolf Lodge after the state legislature passed favorable legislation for El Paso regarding state convention
center hotel programs. To comply with state
incentives, the city executed an incentive agreement
with Great Wolf Resorts. – [Jessica Herrera] The only
thing that has changed is we’ve put in some language
in there so that we could comply with the state program. They were looking for agreements that would be approved after
September first of 2019. And so now that we’re
approving it in October, we have the confidence that we’re going to be able to proceed with the next steps and having conversations with
the comptroller’s office. – [Rick Isaias] Great Wolf
Lodge is expected to be built on a forty-four acre lot on
Paseo Del Norte Boulevard near West Towne Market
Place in northwest El Paso. The incentive agreement
includes a convention center at the resort that will be
owned and used by the city. Great Wolf Lodge will be
the city’s first resort. City leaders say it will make a positive economic impact in our region. – We’re just raising the bar in terms of quality of life and place here and we’re bringing in more amenities. And we’re really transforming
El Paso, its not, no longer I’m passing through El Paso, it’s actually, I actually want
to go to El Paso and stay. – [Rick Isaias] Construction
on Great Wolf Lodge is anticipated to begin in 2020. – It may be fall but the
city is already planning for the summer with the
opening of four water parks. The resort-style parks are
currently under construction. Camp Cohen in the northeast. Chapoteo in the Mission Valley. Lost Kingdom in Central and Oasis in far east El Paso are set to open in May. Each has a unique theme and amenities. The city’s capital improvement department, along with parks and recreation provided a detailed presentation to council on the project. Council approved the cost of admission, season passes, and party packages. – [Sam Rodriguez] I think
everybody’s gonna be really surprised by the quality, and the experience that you’ll have at these water parks at
very cost effective prices. We also have the
capability to rent cabanas. 8 by 10’s, 10 by 10’s,
or even up to a 20 by 30 to host birthday parties,
events, you name it. That will be available and it will be a great amenity for our community. – [Rick Isaias] The website is now up and can be used to get information and start planning rentals
for special events. 2012 Quality of Life bonds are being used to pay for the new water parks. You can make a splash yourself by joining the water park team. The city is looking to hire dozens of lifeguards and pool attendants. Starting in November, there
will be five hiring fairs. The locations are on your screen. You can also apply online under the jobs tab at The Cielo Vista Walmart where
22 people were shot and killed is set to open on Thursday, November 14th. A Walmart representative gave
a presentation to council outlining the store’s plans to reopen and a rendering of a future memorial. The Grand Candela memorial will radiate a single beam of light,
and will be made up of 22 individual aluminum
arcs grouped together. The 30-foot structure will pay homage to the lives lost on August 3rd, and serve as a light of hope. Walmart says it will take
about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Meanwhile, local city
partners at One Fund El Paso and several other agencies
have come together to provide help for those applying for financial assistance related to the August 3rd mass shooting. Applications can be
completed with the help of the newly announced partner agencies. Applicants must call or
email to make an appointment. The deadline to apply
is Friday, November 8th. The locations are posted on the City of El Paso Facebook page. To see if you qualify, visit The fire department recognized
more than 60 firefighters who risked their lives to
save the lives of others during a medal day ceremony at the event pavilion of the El Paso Zoo. Fire Chief Mario D’Agostino
and Mayor Dee Margo handed firefighters a life saving award. Firefighter Gregory Rabb
received a purple heart medal because he rushed into a burning building, suffered extensive burns and saved a life. The fire department also recognized firefighters of the year, Mark Avalos and Lieutenant Timothy Burns. Both gentlemen raised funds for school supplies and
toys for local children. Paul Travis from the Office
of Emergency Management also received the civilian award for his dedication to the department. Medal Day is held every year. The city’s municipal courts department is celebrating Municipal Courts Week from November 4th through November 9th. Activities include vehicle vin etching by El Paso police at the
main court on Overland, traffic safety classes, and
a child car seat inspection. Municipal Court Week
recognizes the hard work of municipal judges,
bailiffs, and court staff as well as the importance
of municipal court in our community. – [Lilia Worrell] This
week actually provides a great opportunity to
let the community know, find out about the court, and come and visit us for a good reason instead of a bad reason. – [Rick Isaias] For a list of events, visit the municipal court
website at With the flu season already underway the El Paso Fire Department and the Department of Public Health have started Vaccinations for Health. The program provides free flu
shots and health screenings for El Paso and Hudspeth county residents who are 18 or older and don’t
have insurance or Medicare. The services are provided every Wednesday at the Safety, Health, and Outreach Center at 5415 Trowbridge, and on Saturdays at
different fire stations. The schedule is posted
at Juno the Elephant is recovering after undergoing successful
breast cancer treatment. The 52-year-old El Paso Zoo elephant has been treated four times for a malignant mass on her right breast. Zoo veterinary staff and
other animal specialists are using electro-chemotherapy and electro-gene therapy
to reduce that mass. Juno was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. As you can see, there’s a lot happening in the city of El Paso, and you can stay up to date
by visiting We’re on social media and of course you can always catch us on City TV. For Jonathan Romo who’s behind the camera, I’m Rick Isaias. We’ll see you next time on Your City in 5. (upbeat dance music)

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