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You May Have Cancer But Cancer Does Not Have You with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

August 20, 2019

Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin. And welcome to Ancient Medicine Today, brought
to you by Today, I’m with integrative medical doctor
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, and we’re going to talk to you about something that you need
to hear, whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, if you have a family history of cancer,
if you have loved ones going through cancer. Maybe you’re a survivor and trying to prevent
cancer recurrence. This program is for you. I would wager to say, Dr. Connealy, that any
autoimmune, inflammatory, debilitating, incurable disease can benefit from the information you’re
going to learn today. We see you in a lab coat, and people come
to the doctor for lotion, potion, pill etc., but you’re going to give information that,
I would say, is much more universal in its ability to heal than anything you consume
orally, or intravenously. Wouldn’t you say that? Dr. Connealy: Yes. Exactly. People will ask me, “Dr. Connealy, what is
the single greatest thing that I can . . .” As Jordan said earlier, we’re just not talking
about cancer today, we’re talking about any illness. Let’s look at high blood pressure. If you’re more stressed, your blood pressure
is going to be elevated. If you have an autoimmune, there’s a stressful
emotional component to every disease process. I would say you want to begin and end there. None of us really thinks about it. From the time we’re born, and actually this
starts way before the time you’re born, we inherit the DNA of our heart and our emotions
from four generations. And then we’re born, and then we’re exposed
to the entire environment, whether it’s our mom, our dad, our teachers, our relatives
and everything, about the emotional side of things, not just the physical side, but the
emotional, spiritual side. That’s what our thoughts . . . We already
know we have thousands and thousands of thoughts. What kinds of thoughts are those? How is that directing the traffic, the information
and the cells in our body? It is probably the single greatest thing you
want to spend time and energy on. A lot of it we can’t do by ourselves. Sometimes we need a coach. You want someone who’s got an action plan. When you go see somebody, whether it’s a doctor,
or you go see someone who’s going to be an emotional, spiritual counselor, you want someone
who’s got an action plan. Not just someone who’s going to listen to
you talk, because there is no action plan. We need someone who’s going to give you the
tools to create the emotional peace and harmony that you need. Jordan: What if I told you that the secret
to battling cancer or other diseases is between your ears? That’s right. You may have cancer, but cancer does not have
you. Insert “Arthritis does not have you.” Autism does not have your kids. Heart disease does not have you. Lupus does not have you. Fibromyalgia does not have you. How to defeat cancer and other diseases with
your heart and your mind. The Bible talks a lot about this in Proverbs. Particularly, it says that joy and a good
word is like good medicine, but a downcast spirit, depression, anxiety, dries up the
bones. Another verse says anxiety in the heart of
a man weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. We absolutely know that, as a man or woman
thinks in their heart, so are they. We’re going to talk about something that is
beyond food, beyond supplements, beyond treatment. We’re going to talk about how the battle against
cancer could be spiritual and emotional in a much greater way. Dr. Connealy, I have counseled hundreds of
people dealing with cancer and other illnesses. I usually can tell within one 20-minute session
who’s going to conquer and live, and who’s going to suffer and die. We’re going to talk about some of your top
tips. I’m going to share something really cool that
I recently experienced with someone, a miraculous result, so miraculous that the doctor said,
of course, we were wrong, he never had cancer in the first place. That’s actually mildly frustrating, but wonderful,
right? When the doctor says, “Oh, we were wrong. You never had cancer.” “Wait, you were going to treat me for cancer.” Anyway, it’s all good. Let’s get started. You may have cancer but cancer does not have
you, how to defeat cancer with your heart and mind. By the way, if you know anyone who’s dealing
with cancer or a debilitating disease . . . Dr. Connealy, I would say that there are other
diseases that are close to evoking the same kind of fear. Thinking of scleroderma, myasthenia gravis,
ALS, multiple sclerosis, diseases where you literally see and understand what’s going
to happen. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the fear is incredible,
fear of losing your mind. If you’re dealing with a disease and fear’s
got a hold on you, this program is for you. Dr. Connealy, what I’ve noticed is cancer
is a different illness than almost any other, because it attacks your spirit first. I’ve seen people, they get diagnosed with
cancer and they literally walk different, they look different, what was an elbow pain
is now, “Oh my gosh, it’s spreading.” It’s not a headache. It’s spreading. You can choose to wake up after a cancer diagnosis
and literally, it’s almost as if the grim reaper is chasing you. I believe people take a diagnosis, and either
look it up online in terms of the prognosis. Ninety-five percent of people die within five
years. The doctor will tell them, “You have X amount
of months to live.” They program that in their brain, and I believe
that many people die right around that time unnecessarily. I want to get started. Here’s the big one. You have a clinic that helps people battle
cancer in an integrative way, using the best of Western and Eastern medicine as they say. The best of holistic and conventional. Dr. Connealy: Yes, complementary approaches. Jordan: Standard. Yes. One issue, and I’m sure you realize this,
that people have when come see you is they get intense pressure from their family, who
are not as educated on integrative medicine, to do something differently. You can even be threatened by someone. In today’s day and age, if you have a child
with cancer and you don’t go through standard care, you can have child protective services
called. How does somebody who wants to take a natural
approach to cancer educate their family so that they don’t get that horrible pressure,
or even condemnation, almost they’re being cursed by their family saying, “You’re crazy. You’re killing yourself”? You have to hear this, right? Dr. Connealy: Yes. You’re absolutely right. Now, most of my patients know that I practice
an integrative approach using the best of Western technology and complementing that
with all what I call the new allopathic medicine. Chemotherapy, surgery, that will all be extinct
very soon, believe it or not, because here is so much on the horizon, so much, and we’ll
talk a little bit about it today. If I have that, first of all, I encourage
you to bring the loved ones with you to the appointment. Our job is to educate you, and empower you,
and help you understand the science and methodology of everything we’re doing. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of science. There are hundreds of thousands of articles
on using natural medicine, complementary protocols, whatever you want to do, whether it’s acupuncture,
your food, different kinds of treatments. There’s actual science to all of this. Medical doctors are learning what we call
functional integrative medicine more and more. I just interviewed a girl recently, a new
lady doctor to come to my office, and she said, “Oh my goodness, you wouldn’t believe
all the doctors.” There was a doctor that basically sees patients
in the hospital every day, because they have a hospitalist now. She said, “Why are you here?” She said, “Well, because we’re not getting
patients better.” That’s the state of affairs in medicine. Jordan: I have to interrupt you, because I
think this might have been missed. You said it pretty quickly, but you said chemotherapy
and surgery, in other words the standard care of cancer, will be obsolete. I’ve often said that we’re going to look back
on this day and age of oncology as the dark ages of medicine. We say today that bloodletting was murderous. Frankly, bloodletting helps a few people,
but there are some cancers where chemotherapy works less than 5% of the time. I think it’s important . . . Dr. Connealy,
you’re a board certified medical doctor, and you’re saying that the “standard care,” which
is often surgery . . . By the way, I think you would agree, surgery in debulking a tumor
can be beneficial in many cases. But when it comes to chemotherapy and radiotherapy,
there are a lot of issues. I’ve seen people from head, neck and throat
cancer experiencing horrific treatment. And we’ve heard and you’ve probably seen,
I’ve seen people with abdominal cancers, with side effects. I’m not just talking during the treatment. I’m talking . . . Dr. Connealy: The entire time, yes. Jordan: Cancer of the urinary tract and the
reproductive system, you’re literally trying to destroy a little area and you’re bombing
an entire nation. So I want to make sure everybody understands
Dr. Connealy is not saying don’t undertake conventional care. She’s saying that there is so much on the
horizon that some people, such as Dr. Connealy, already know about that it will cause the
way we treat cancer today, which is born out of the chemical revolution will be obsolete. We want to learn about that today. Right now we’re, talking about how to educate
a loved one on taking a natural approach. Again, I’ve seen people be bullied by their
family, called crazy, they called the doctor a quack. This is something that many people go through. Dr. Connealy: Really happens. I tell people, “Look, I want them to come
with the patient to become educated about all the different options.” We’re a team of seven doctors at our clinic,
and we’re doing conventional medicine. That means whatever blood work, whatever scans
that we need to do, sometimes we need to do scans to figure out the enormity of the situation. Yes, as Jordan said earlier, debulking and
getting rid of tumor burden is very important. But how we go about that is important. From one cancer cell to tumor takes 10 or
12 years depending upon the size of the cancer. So that means that, first of all, we all need
to be thinking about prevention, because cancer is one in two men, 41% of females. We’re all in this together. So our brother, our sister, our family member,
cousin, employee, whatever. We all have this in this together. Prevention doesn’t sell, unfortunately. People aren’t worried about the headache,
or their autoimmune problem or any kind of problem until they have it, but we’ve got
to change this. This is what these programs are all about,
is to change the way you’re living so the outcome is different. I tell people, “Your family member is telling
you that eating well is not going to help you? Come on, everything shows that.” And now more and more doctors are telling
us that sugar is not good. I just had a patient last week that their
doctor said, “Oh, you’ve got to get off sugar.” He was a completely conventionally trained
doctor that’s going to do surgery on her for ovarian cancer, and he said, “Oh, no. You definitely have . . .” That’s unheard
of. We already know that lifestyle environment
is what is causing cancer today. So what are you doing regardless of what everyone
is telling you about it? What are you doing? How did you get the diagnosis of cancer to
begin with? You must do some self-reflection of how you
are living regardless of any scientific study. Let’s say we’re going to grow crops. You have to have the right soil, you’ve got
to have the right water, we have to have the right sunlight. No one’s going to argue with that. Jordan: You make an interesting point because
I can attest firsthand to the cancer machine or the cancer monster, but also the agricultural
monster. It is a great parallel, but if you think about
it, if you try to become a farmer today and you go through the normal educational process,
you are essentially doing the equivalent of cancer treatment at your soil. I understand what you’re saying. Dr. Connealy: I know what you’re saying. Jordan: It’s really important. Here is something that I’ve always said. You got to love your family. But if you’re going through cancer, for example,
if you have children, if you have a spouse . . . We recently had a program Dr. Connealy,
where we had a 12-year-old named Austin who has a sprouted nut business that was started
with his father, and his father just passed away from cancer, Dr. Majors. He was an amazing advocate for cancer, writing
the book, “Cancer Killers.” When you’re dealing with this, it’s not just
about you. It is about your family. It is about your responsibility. It’s all encompassing, but here’s the bottom
line. Love those you tell about your disease, but
if there are people around you that are telling you that your treatment option is going to
kill you, hurt you, you’re crazy, you need to put them out of your life for a while. I know that’s pretty harsh, but . . . Dr. Connealy: It’s true, yes. Jordan: When you’re dealing cancer, you surround
yourself with practitioners and people that believe in you and are with you. I’ve seen so many times where people are torn. Whether it’s a mom who has two adult children,
and one of them is for complementary medicine, one is against it, you want to please, but
bottom line, when you make your decision . . . Dr. Connealy, I’m sure there are people that
come in that you determine are not candidates, or they determine they want to do whatever
they want to. And they don’t believe in your methodology. Dr. Connealy: That’s okay. Jordan: They go do their thing. Dr. Connealy: That’s okay, because I tell
people we always want to do what you believe in. Jordan: That’s it. That’s so important. Dr. Connealy: So much of the outcome is what
you believe. I at least tell people to learn about the
entire cascade of things around you that you can do, whether it’s eating, the water, the
sleep, the nutrients. I’ll tell you the frontiers of medicine, we’ve
got to get this in, is once you have something growing in your body, a millimeter, just one
teeny, tiny millimeter, it’s releasing and circulating tumor cells and stem cells. Now, guess what works on that? Not surgery, not chemo, not radiation. Only natural agents work on the circulating
tumor cells. That’s what’s responsible for 95% of metastasis
and death. You can all day long do the standard care. Let’s say you’re going to do the standard
care. I have a lot of patients, Jordan, that they’ve
done the lumpectomy, and they’ve done the radiation or the chemo or whatever combination
thereof, and then I say, “First of all, then, what did you change to change your lifestyle
and get yourself out of this cancer? But more importantly, did someone check your
circulating tumor cells?” Circulating tumor cells are the new frontiers
of medicine. They just came into the oncology books 2012. They said that you have remission and are
cured when you’re circulating tumor cells are zero. They have blood test all over the world that
are measuring circulating tumor cells, but very few doctors know about circulating tumors
cells and stem cells. That is what’s responsible for cancer coming
back. Forget the lump or bump. Once a lump or bump is gone, now you’ve got
to know what your circling tumor cells are. Jordan: If you’re watching, we’re talking
about how to defeat cancer with your heart and your mind. If you’re saying, “I want to defeat cancer
with integrative medicine,” at the end of this program we’re going to give you information
about how to contact Dr. Connealy’s clinic. She’s in southern California. You may not be able to get to her clinic if
you want to, you can certainly make an appointment. We have a great offer at the end of the day. We’ll share with you Dr. Connealy’s brand
new book, “The Cancer Revolution,” which can help you at home, and/or with your own integrative
doctor, make the right choices. Circulating, you said circulating? Dr. Connealy: Tumors cells. Jordan: Circulating tumor cells, CTC. If your doctor doesn’t know about it, have
them watch this program. Go ahead and copy this link. By the way, if you know anybody who has cancer,
or somebody who is concerned about developing cancer, you want to go ahead and share this
program with them, because it could just transform their life. Remember, I’m going to share with you a secret
that I believe transcends all of food, all of supplements, all of conventional medicine. It’s the number one way that you can defeat
cancer before it has a foothold. Here’s another important question, which will
lead to this key that I’m talking about. I’ve heard this many times and occasionally
it’s true. “Dr. Connealy, I’m doing everything I should
be doing in regards to diet, lifestyle changes. However, I’m still not receiving results. What now?” I’m sure the first step is what are you really
doing because people’s understanding of doing everything right may not be exactly your understanding. If a patient says, “I’m doing everything and
not getting better,” what do you say? Dr. Connealy: It’s interesting. About a month ago, we had a . . . We have
a medical conference every Wednesday at my clinic discussing cases, and we were discussing
with another doctor in Texas who runs a laboratory that does circulating tumor cells. We use the standard of care in our clinic
that you are in remission and cancer free when your circulating tumor cells are zero. Jordan: So not when a scan shows zero, not
when ultrasound shows zero, not when a blood test is in range, but when the circulating
tumor cells are undetectable. Dr. Connealy: Exactly. There are blood tests that are done all over
the world. Anyway, we were talking about this subject
about like when patients . . . What happens when we do this test, it tells me all the
natural substances. So what they do is they put the circulating
tumor cells in a dish, and then they say, “How much does vitamin D work, C work, curcumin
work, resveratrol work, indole-3-carbinol? Jordan: They’re measuring cytotoxicity. Dr. Connealy: Exactly. They’re measuring cytotoxicity, which is cell
toxicity. You can tell what things work. They checked 50 different substances, agents. Jordan: That’s amazing. Dr. Connealy: We tell the patients, “You’re
going to . . .” I rotate them on a regular basis once a month. Again, that’s not the only thing we do. Obviously, we’re changing lots of other things,
correcting all their blood imbalances, etc. Then the circulating tumor cells will give
the natural substances. I’ve done this. On a rare occasion, I’ve seen several patients
not decrease their circulating tumor cells. I always ask them, “What are you doing for
yourself emotionally and spiritually?” We don’t always know what our roadblock is,
Jordan. We don’t always know what it is. We may be living life thinking we’re doing
everything, thinking we’re happy, but a lot of times we need an outside person, an objective
person, to actually evaluate what’s going on with our emotional quotient in life. You mentioned about a person that you’ve treated
or helped intervene, that once that you treat the patient emotionally . . . In our practice,
we have two different methodologies we use. We use an in-person treatment where we talk
to the patient to understand, or we use something called EVOX. EVOX is very fast. What they do is you have patients talk about
themselves, and your brain is displayed on a map, and it tells us where your emotional
conflicts are. Then the practitioner is able to create a
resolved emotional conflict of that particular person’s issue. It’s very fast and we find that those patients,
like you said earlier, this patient, they’re miraculous. They’re absolutely miraculous. People’s roadblock and not getting better
is . . . They have an unresolved emotional conflict and they have too much anger, hatred,
unrest and unforgiveness in their body, that they can’t move to the next step. Jordan: Absolutely. I can tell you in my own personal journey
I made a decision to deal with spiritual and emotional issues. I’m fairly young, but we store memories like
a virus is on a hard drive. All it does is get worse and worse. I literally spend four days going back through
my history, from my earliest memory of when someone hurt me or when I hurt somebody. I’m talking about I struck out a lot when
I was in Little League, from I was an eight-year-old and my coach said, “If you strike out again
I’m going to do something . . . Something bad is going to happen,” to having a dance
and getting turned down by somebody. I wouldn’t really know much about that. I always make jokes about stuff, but I do
know about that. All of us have had little things. I heard, Dr. Connealy, once somebody was sabotaging
themselves. They’re brilliant, beautiful and had every
reason to succeed. Someone traced their issue back to a time
when their mom gave their sister a lollipop and didn’t give them a lollipop, so therefore,
that memory causes them to believe that they’re not good enough. I do want to tell you something that’s really
important. This will, as I said, transcend any treatment
you can undergo. As I mentioned earlier, we’re here talking
about defeating cancer and other diseases with your heart and mind. Dr. Connealy, I was with someone, it was a
gentleman who was getting a routine exam, just a physical. It led to some more tests, and ultimately
he had a cancer somewhere near the hip. It was a cluster. What they told him was, “You need a surgery. And the surgery will cause you to likely need
a catheter. Your urinary tract won’t work properly. Your foot . . .” I think it was either the
right . . . I forget which foot it was. “You’ll have essentially dropped foot. You won’t be able to have circulation in your
foot. You won’t be able to walk without assistance.” That among other issues, “And you’ll live
a year.” In other words, this cancer is going to kill
you. This was a young man. He was in his 40s, had four children. I was doing a seminar and he said, “Can I
talk to you?” I think he called my assistant and said, “Can
I meet you early and talk?” His name was John. He’s there, and he feels okay. That’s the worst part. There are a lot of cancers that are diagnosed,
you feel just fine until you’re diagnosed, and then all of a sudden you start feeling
sick. He believed in fighting this spiritually. As we were talking . . . I usually pray, and
I hope God gives me something to say to someone that would encourage them. I said something for the first time that I’ve
used since. I said, “John, do you know the shape of your
tumor?” And he said, “They say it looks kind of like
a cauliflower.” I said, “What do you do for a living?” I believe he was in construction. I said, “I’m not really handy and I’m not
good at building things,” but I encouraged John to build what he thought the tumor looked
like out of clay. Think about this. You’re diagnosed with cancer and every day
you think you’re getting closer to death, your time bomb is ticking, you’ve got three
weeks until you have to get here. You mention in another program, “Emergency. Go get this now. If you don’t start chemo in two weeks you’re
dead.” He was getting pressured, and you start to
count backwards from the six months or the three months. Instead, I said, “It’s important what you
look at, what you visualize.” He built a clay model and I said, “Every day,
rip off a piece of that tumor. Put it in a place where you can see it.” Eventually, it goes down to nothing. I said, “The other way you could do it is
draw a picture of it, keep this Day 1 here, and then draw another one with a piece out
of it.” See, we do the opposite. We picture it growing. We picture it spreading. I got a letter from John. Dr. Connealy, as much as I have faith, sometimes
I have doubt. I was very concerned about John. I didn’t have a way to keep in touch with
him, but I got a letter from him that a few months later he went back in, the doctors
were going to prep him and look at the surgical option, which he wasn’t really interested
in, but they tried to scare him. He said, “Jordan, they tested, they looked,
they think they misdiagnosed me.” He had gotten three opinions. What they said was, “We don’t know what happened,
but we think you were misdiagnosed in the beginning.” Folks, I’m not telling you that everyone out
there who has a tumor can build a clay model and rip pieces off and be well, but I promise
you that the mind is much more powerful than you think. The cancer machine is willingly setting us
up for failure. If you’re trying everything, whether it’s
conventional, integrative or both, if you don’t get your emotions figured out, if you
don’t forgive those that have hurt you . . . There are people, Dr. Connealy, that have been abused,
a high percentage of people. They’ve been abandoned, they’ve never been
loved. They’ve been put down, spit on figuratively
and literally. I’ve seen people that change their diet and
their lifestyle, but they’re unwilling to forgive. My own grandmother, who lost sisters in the
Holocaust, she would not forgive for what happened. It’s absolutely critical that you do something
. . . When I was a child, and I remember this so
vividly, I was watching “60 Minutes,” and they had a story of a woman who was diagnosed
with metastatic cancer. I don’t remember where the origin was. She every day spent time visualizing the tumors
as carrots, and there was a rabbit eating the carrots. She was completely cancer-free after a number
of months. This may sound hokey pokey, but I guarantee
you chemo will be gone, like Dr. Connealy said, but these types of . . . You can call
it visualization, you can call it positive thinking. I don’t care what you call it, but it works,
doesn’t it? Dr. Connealy: Yes. They keep records of miraculous healing, and
there’s a great book called “Radical Remission.” It’s about these people that did exactly these
things. Whatever you think and believe, that’s what
will happen. There is life and death in the power of the
tongue. We’ve got to all really understand. So many people just don’t understand just
simple little things that we can do. You’re right. Patients become their diagnosis instead of
thinking the prognosis as being the cancer gone. Jordan: Absolutely. If people, for example, will go around saying
they’re diabetic, or just a little bit of differentiation in your wording. “I’m battling diabetes,” or, “I have a diagnosis
of diabetes.” You are not a disease. You are not down by something. Remember, cancer doesn’t have to have you
even if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. When I’ve gone through healings myself, including
cancer, I made sure to speak things that were the truth, not things that were what I didn’t
want. The funny thing is people say, “The truth
is you have a diagnosis and the doctor said you’ll be dead in 90 days.” I’m not dead right now. I don’t feel dead. So why should I talk about being dead when
I’m alive? Folks, everyone’s going to say, “It’s easier
for me to swallow a pill than forgive somebody, my ex-husband. It’s easier for me to eat radishes or take
an Epsom salt lavender bath than to deal with emotions from my father when he walked out
on me.” I think they are calling it new medicine because
the mind-body connection is absolutely critical. I don’t care who you are or what you believe. It works. Here’s the best part. If you decide to tackle something with joy,
if you speak what you want, what’s the worst thing that happens? You encourage a few people around you? You make people happier instead of going around
moping and destroying yourself? I do believe this is critical, and that’s
what . . . I think, in essence, the cancer machine, the oncology, I would say, specialty
has become a bit heartless. Not heartless in that they want to kill you,
but they’ve removed the heart from it. That’s what heartless means, and it’s absolutely
critical. You need to get the mental and spiritual component. What you say is truly what you believe. If you think that you are going to be rich
one day, but all you ever do is talk about being broke, if someone around you doesn’t
know what you believe by what you say, then you don’t really believe it, I would argue. Dr. Connealy: You become what you think about
most of the time. Jordan: This third and very important question
is probably going to dovetail and just expand on what we just said. What is the one characteristic, Dr. Connealy,
that sets apart individuals that beat cancer versus those that don’t? I said earlier in one conversation I can usually
tell if someone’s going to conquer, or if someone is going to wither away and die. What is that one characteristic? This is huge, folks. We’re on ancient medicine today. We’re talking about how to beat cancer, the
disease that’s claiming, you said, one out of two men. Here’s a crazy statistic. In high school, there was a thing at homecoming
where there were four males and four females. By the age of 35, maybe 36, two of the men
had cancer out of the four. These were young people who were athletes,
who were academic. That’s as of now. I wonder later with prostate cancer risk,
etc. That’s just crazy and it’s getting worse. Dr. Connealy:It’s getting worse by the day. Jordan: What is this one characteristic where
you see somebody and you say, “In my experience, I think this person’s going to do it. They’re going to beat it”? Dr. Connealy: It’s interesting. We talk about this because we take care of
lots of patients. Probably 40% to 50% of our patients are patients
who’ve exhausted the conventional medical paradigm. Everyone’s given up on them. They come to us literally dying, and seeking
and desperate for answers. What I find is that people who go . . . They
come in, they’re happy. They come in. They infuse happiness to everyone else. They don’t even think that they have cancer. “No, that lump’s gone. It’s all much better. I know it’s going to be better.” Those people who are not stopped and roadblocked
by their diagnoses are the people that do exceptional. The people who come in complaining . . . I
tell people, “We shouldn’t complain. You can have a concern, but a complaint doesn’t
work. You complain, you remain.” People who come in and they become obsessed
with every single little gory detail. No. Just go with the flow of whatever the doctors,
the practitioners, therapist, everything, just do it. Do it and follow through, but be happy and
joyful and peaceful, and make who you are contagious to other people. I’m telling you at the clinic, it’s amazing. Everyone talks about how the patients who
do well, they’ve decided to not be their illness, and not to be controlled and owned by their
illness. They’ve decided they’re going to live life. They’re working. They say, “No. I’m not this diagnosis.” Every time the patient says, “My breast cancer,
my this,” I say, “No. Those bad cells, that cancer.” That is changing the way people think. Regardless, this can be in applied to the
way we live every single day. Whether we’re working, whether we’re a mother,
whether we work at any job, let’s try to make other people happy and be loving and respectful
to the fellow man. That is what is so lacking today. We’re not caring and loving. This should be the care revolution. Jordan: Absolutely. We are in a world where all of us have trouble. It’s been that way from the beginning, whether
it’s financial issues, marital issues, other relationships or health. It truly can change. Why do we go around saying what we don’t want
to happen? We spend 99% of the time worrying, and then
it doesn’t happen, but yet we’ve lived as if it does. The bottom line is, if you have cancer and
you’ve been diagnosed with it, you have to have faith that a CT scan, an MRI or a PET
scan determined something, right? It’s faith to believe . . . A lot of cancer,
you can’t . . . Dr. Connealy: You can’t feel them, see them
or anything. Jordan: A lump in your colon, you can’t feel,
but you’re having faith that the doctors said you have a year to live, or WebMD said it. You have faith there. Why can’t you have faith that those who conquered,
you could be among them? That is so important. I want to mention one thing, and I know this
isn’t up on the screen. Hopefully, our team on social media will post
this. There’s a great video of a message I gave,
and you can find it on the URL 2HellWithCancer. I preached a message at a church in L.A.,
and the pastor had just been diagnosed with cancer himself. It was a very interesting circumstance. He invited me to speak, didn’t know what I
was speaking on, and he said to me, “Jordan, I just want to let you know I’ve been diagnosed
with cancer. I’m announcing it to the congregation today. I hope this doesn’t mess up your message.” I said, “Wow. Not only will it not mess up the message,
but I really think it is perfect timing and it’s just an important message on the spiritual
side of cancer.” Dr. Connealy, I know that people have listened
to us about how to beat cancer with your heart, your mind, spiritually and emotionally. If you’re somebody who knows someone, or is
someone who’s dealing with cancer, I highly encourage you to save the link to this video,
watch it over and over again, share it with your friends. Make sure to like us wherever you’re watching,
whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or other places, because this is so critical. Earlier, you said something about circulating
tumor cells. This was a mind-boggling statement, one of
two that, I think, we need to reflect on. One is in your experience when circulating
tumor cells are undetectable, that is when cancer is truly in remission. Not when the lesion is gone. Not when the spot is gone. Not when the tumor is gone, not when the blood
work is normal, but when the CTCs are gone. If you want more information on what a circulating
tumor cell is, where to get testing, to go to your local doctor and mention it, definitely
check out Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy’s brand new book “The Cancer Revolution.” It’s available at, or wherever
books are sold, certainly online booksellers. If you want to see Dr. Connealy and her team
of seven doctors in Orange County, you can also get more information on her website. Again, that’s Dr. Connealy, people don’t have to come to
you to learn your secrets to defeat cancer. Tell us a little bit about “The Cancer Revolution.” Dr. Connealy: The book was written to educate
people about all the different facets of cancer. One, the cure for cancer is prevention. I had to go through an entire chapter on all
the things you can determine if cancer is brewing, simmering or fermenting. That is important. I know we don’t care about prevention, but
with the statistics today, Jordan, as we’ve talked, people need to be concerned about
prevention. Then if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer,
don’t just look at your options of surgery, chemo and radiation. You may need some of that, but you need to
look at now how to prevent cancer ever coming back. It’s not about the lump and bump. Once a lump and bump are gone, now you’ve
got to make sure that you’re cancer free. As Jordan said earlier, you’re cancer free
when your circulating tumor cells are zero. Guess what? What other things matter? How you sleep, the water you drink, the foods
that you eat, how much you detox and resolving unresolved emotional conflict. I address all of these things in detail with
lots of references and tools for you to look in yourself. It’s packed with amazing juicing recipes,
amazing food menus and everything, and all the reasons why, where, when and how you got
. . . If it took 10 years, there’s a lot that each one of us needs to analyze to figure
out how we got into this diagnosis to begin with. Jordan: I would say something . . . It’s kind
of a bold statement, but based on the statistics, one in two men, one in three women, and that
one in three women is creeping upwards, one out of 2.3 human beings will develop cancer
in their lifetime according to statistics. That means if you have a mom, dad, sister,
brother, son, daughter, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, you’re going to know somebody,
and you’re going to know somebody you care about. I would argue that having a book such as “The
Cancer Revolution” on your bookshelf, or available to you, is probably a great thing so that
you can arm yourself if you should be needed. I’m not saying have it in case you get cancer. What I’m saying is have tools for when you
need them. When we buy tools, we don’t buy tools only
because we have a need today. We have a toolbox for when this goes wrong,
when that goes wrong. I want to encourage you, number one, Dr. Connealy’s
clinic. You mentioned the name of your cancer clinic
off the air, but what is your clinic in Orange County? What’s it called? Give a little bit of information on that,
if someone wants to come see you or one of your team. Dr. Connealy: We have the Center for New Medicine,
and we treat everything from cold to cancer in that clinic. Then we have the Cancer Center for Healing. Our patients come from all over the world. We do Skype. We do phone consults. I work with other doctors, other functional
medical doctors. That’s what it’s all about. Together, everyone achieves more. It’s all of us together, because I may know
something that he or she may not know and vice versa. It’s all about what? Getting you well and healed. That means not necessarily one person has
the exclusive opinion on how to get you well. Look at all your options, and we will give
you all your options. I send people to Germany to get well. I send people to Japan to get . . . They do
things that we don’t do here in this country. We’ve got to use the world for the treasures
of the universe to get people well. You may not know about them. In our Center for New Medicine, we practice
a lot of preventive, personalized medicine. It’s to get you optimal. Then the Cancer Center for Healing is if you’ve
been diagnosed with cancer, you want to find out are you cancer free for sure. We have a lot of our patients, they’re Stage
4 cancer patients, and the conventional medical paradigm said, “There’s nothing else we can
do.” Well, there is always an answer if you look
for it. Jordan: Absolutely. There is something for everybody at The Cancer Revolution” is a great book whether
you have cancer, you’ve been diagnosed and maybe you’re in remission today or you have
a family history of cancer. Bottom line, folks, you don’t just beat cancer
with surgery, chemo, radiation, pills, potions and lotions. The battle to defeat cancer starts between
your ears. I hope you enjoyed today’s program. If you did, please share it. I can’t think of a better, more universal
way to bring healing to the world than to understand that what we believe, what we think,
what we say, how we conduct our lives can be very much what we walk into tomorrow and
our future. On behalf of Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, The
Cancer Center for Healing in Orange County, The Cancer Revolution book, check out
for more info. I’m Jordan Rubin for Ancient Medicine Today
brought to you by God bless you. See you next time. Dr. Axe: Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video. Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you want
to get more great content on things like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how
to use food as medicine. Also, check out more of our content on my
YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.


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