Yoga In A Bottle: Medicine for Your Soul

December 10, 2019

Hello Tianna here from mind-body movement
center I am here today to show you this new little prescription bottle that I’ve
come across it’s called yoga in a bottle and I’ll
tell you why my husband and I designed this and came up with this is because I
often see patients come in who have gone to see their doctor for some sort of
ache or pain headache back pain neck pain etc and what does the doctor first
do is to give them a prescription some kind of pain medication and a muscle
relaxer or an anti-inflammatory and tell them to wait for a couple weeks and cl
goes no prescription a referral to physical therapy or any other
suggestions and so they’ll come to me after a month of doing that or so and I
they’re not getting better so what if they had something that they could start
using right away a little bit of movement a little bit of breath practice
a little bit of mindfulness and so haha comes yoga in a bottle so I think the
bottle is reversed for you so I’ll go ahead and read it off what comes in your
yoga and a bottle prescription is asana pranayama and mudra capsules quantity of
30 to take one daily so a month’s worth the prescription number 108 sacred
refills eternally from your doctor doctor mat yoga expires upon
enlightenment and if you need help contact 800 chakras so what comes in
this is your 30 capsules or cards of descriptions images on one side
descriptions on the other of what to do we have mudras so hand positions true
instill mindfulness and connection with mind body we have
breath practices and also traditional ascent our postures so there’s 30 of
these capsules or cars in each bottle and that’s it wouldn’t it be so cool if
you’re a doctor when you went in for your next egg sore pains that instead of
giving you a prescription for opioids or a naproxen some anti-inflammatory or a
muscle relaxer that they handed you a bottle of yoga and a bottle how cool
would that be and I know that’s probably not gonna
happen though it would be very cool but at least at least if they offer to use
something besides medication some movement some mindfulness and breath
practices just to get you started so while this might seem like a novelty
gift and it is a gift it’s a fun gift and can be a real gift too that’s in all
seriousness for the health of you and your friends and family so check the
link below to see where you can find your own bottle all right thanks so much
see you next time

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