Yoga For Your Hangover

December 25, 2019

Yoga for your hand over now I say or the rest a little bit quarter I hope you had an amazing night last night and you might be feeling a little bit rough around the edges with a little bit of a headache and feeling a little bit horrid in your chest and that’s absolutely fine these are the things that we have to go through when we’ve had a brilliant time and the key is not to punish yourself for it but Angela says ahimsa that’s the most important thing non-violence towards yourself and others but it must start with you fast so be kind to yourself don’t punish yourself and let’s make yourself feel wonderfully better by practicing a little bit of yoga now you might be thinking oh that’s just the last thing that I need but actually I think it’s gonna make you feel amazing my favorite quote is what if I fall oh but darling what if I fly you’re gonna practice yoga and you’re gonna feel great today so if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga okay now I promise to take it really easy on you this morning and if there’s nothing that you want to do then please don’t do it you know just hold back listen to your body all the way through I have included twists and if twists are just a little bit too much for you don’t do it and listen to your body that’s key so I can start you off in a nice comfortable seated position now I have my cross legs but I find that quite comfortable if not you just bring your legs out in front of you just make sure that you’re comfortable and you can hold this position for a little while so sitting nice and upright and first of all just thinking about your posture so letting your hips root down nice to meet all in your spine relax your shoulders away from your ears lovely and just lift your heart slightly close your eyes and check in how you feel so close your eyes and check in without judgment maybe half a little bit over action and what an awesome evening you’ve had hopefully lots of fun and lots of giggles and then I’d like you to bring your palms together and rub them together to create some heat really great heat and just place the movie your eyes and the nice soothing healing energy from your own body your eyes closed soaking up healing energy and then gently move your fingers to your temples and just rub on that banging head I’d like to say that I didn’t know how it felt but I do so gentle rolls both ways and then you’re gonna bring your fingers down to your jaw and take a little roll and rub in the jaw because a good night probably means maybe a lot of singing a lot of chatting chin wagging so roll although you’re just loosen up ah easy loosen any tension and just be kind to yourself a little bit back up to the temples lovely and rest your hands down good take a look over your shoulder do all this nice and slowly you look over your other shoulder and come back to the center drop your chin maybe there’s a little bit of dancing involved maybe your head’s a little bit sore ease to the side and to the side and back up take your fingertips beside you we’re moving in we really don’t settle down with your breath breathing in good brew eating out and I’d already like to focus you on treating yourself with compassion let that be your intention twisting twisting looking over you shoulder treating yourself with kindness and compassion twice slipping over your other shoulder take a break in take a breath in even come up and twist again but take a look over to your other knee nice stretch in the neck it’s good to reach up and again take a look do your other knee okay reach up and bring your hands to the floor a nice easy side stretch if it’s okay you’re looking up you’re stretching and opening through your ribs it’s just like a morning stretch reach up and over good this one’s going to be a little deeper if it’s okay you’re gonna walk your hands away maybe bring your forearm down have a little you know ease into it don’t just come in and put your forearm down easy maybe a little lift and lower and then stretch over good come up and we’re gonna ease in this way as well and our forearm down and down again stretch over good that’s nice come all the way back up roll your shoulders you need to take your hands behind you and lift your chest a little just stretching out through the front body and opening up here and then nuzzle your hands into your waist and it doesn’t matter if they don’t quite get there it’s just the sensation of stretching out through your neck and it’s all done gently with ease little rock back and forth breathing deeply probably need to take some nice deep breaths you’re feeling quite uncomfortable in the chest area good pick your arms back again and then bring them in front and push your palms away letting your head drop good reach up root down through your hips reach up lengthen and then reacts roll your shoulders now you can take your legs out in front of you now it doesn’t wide but it doesn’t have to be nice you know soup splits it’s all about being gentle so with your legs out in front just nice and easy with your hands resting you’re going to just take some circles around so you’re enjoying the stretch but you’re taking it really gently circles around my toes it to the ceiling just because that increases your stretch you can be soft if you need to be and then take your circles the other way you’re getting a little bit deeper each time and then come forward and take a little sway now watching and if I keep looking up just to look at you but to keep your top of the head reaching forward a little sway easing from side to side and just ease in to the stretch lovely and then rolling your back coming back up to the center bringing your feet together lovely and here point and flex if there was a lot of dancing or maybe high heels depending on who’s watching and look after your ankles you know they do need some care after a good night out on the dance floor or on your feet or night or in desperately uncomfortable shoes point a flex and take care good and then sit up nice and straight again just think about loving actual S shape of your spine root down through your hips and you’re going to take those circles again just nice and easy in your hips circling forward to the side and back and all you’re doing it’s nothing about detoxing this this hangover yoga it’s about treating yourself well but what we’re doing here in our belly is just giving you a little bit of a massage getting it working efficiently again and then take it the other way nice and easy does it more and then fold forward hold wherever and relax your back and then with soft arms you’re going to roll all the way from your arms up let them float up and release forward pull the belly in roll up lengthen reach and release forward out with in-breath and out-breath and then from here take hold of your right foot and bring it in muscle the foot in at your inner thigh and you’re going to just turn towards your straight leg now depending on your hip flexibility you might be here and that’s just fine you could put a little cushion underneath your knee to support you foot pointing to the ceiling and all we’re gonna do is fall forward this is Johnny’s tarasana it’s just lovely way of I’m curling your body fold forward head to knee pose but I’d like you to think that the top of the head is reaching for your foot breathing as well nice and deep nourishing breaths feeling breaths and then walk your hands back in and take a twist look over your shoulder lovely come back to the center take both hands behind lift your chest and you can see as I do that I’m there for my toes lovely settle taking hold of this foot bringing it in left leg comes in in a foot in a foot foot rests only in a thigh hold yourself here let’s hold it nice and tall in the toes and fold forward jeleesa Reznor lovely top of the head reaching towards the top of your foot breathing deeply enjoy your stretch now you walk back in slowly slowly looking after yourself to take a twist mm-hmm look over your shoulder and then both hands will come behind you and or Tousley reach to the ceiling chest lifted lovely and then bring both feet in holding on to your ankles oh and just let stiffness dissolve in your hips increasing a bit of blood flow in your body so nice deep breathing feel energy and warmth through your nourishing breath that tension relax let your hips settle slowly and then bring your knees in give them a hug maybe forehead to the knees and then sweeping your knees round we’re going to come onto all fours and with your hands underneath your shoulders knees underneath your hips it’s going to take you through just a nice easy cat-cow but everybody knows how to do cat cow it’s nice and straightforward and it releases the spine but we’re doing more than that today we’re moving to feel good again so I’d like you to move in a way that feels good for you and that might be Oh tap that I need to not do anything or it might be moving your hips around moving your shoulders so experiment now moving like this is wonderful and it’s the only kind of thing you do on the mat and you wouldn’t probably do it in normal life you know just run down onto all fours and do it so use this time to really listen to what your body needs it’s real the beauty of having your mat rolled out ease into your body all your edges what can you deal with today knees into your hips and then walking your hands forward you’re going to come into puppy pose if it’s okay listen to your body or head down taking your chest down to the floor bottom to the ceiling and walking your hands back in lovely and take a few little rolls or moves again and whatever feels nice sway your hips ease in and then I’m just gonna tuck my top him and come up into down dog it’s all an invitation you don’t have to do this child pose might be for you keeping the legs bent rest your tummy on your thighs and it looks quite quirky but it lets the spine hang to let your energy flow freely through your body and then slowly you’re going to uncurl into down dog and this light be enough and so just stay here and be still and breathe nice nourishing cleansing breath ease in if it makes you feel okay give your head a shake a good stretch and then rock up onto tiptoes drop back and take a nice wide needs child pose so knees are wide hands to your feet and total nurturing posture you’re allowing room for your chest and your tummy you might be feeling a little bit swollen today rest your forehead oh yeah and slowly allow yourself to come up to sitting when a shift to lying on my bottom now feet hip distance apart sitting nice and tall and rolling down rolling down nice and easy join me in roll it out and roll it in lovely take your leg up take a stretch and take it out to the side and in lovely release that down do the same on the other side draw your knee in and roll it out and roll it in and take your leg up and take it out to the side let me bring it back in and then draw both knees and you cannot have a restorative practice without happy baby so holding on to the outside of the feet and draw your knees in and you’re gonna have a little rock from side to side and it’s as big or as little as you want it to be if that’s just making you feel a little bit seasick then you know just draw your knees and have a little roll through the lower back and take it the other way lovely and then rest your body down relax your hands down by your side and if I were you I would crawl back into bed or if it’s ignited a little bit of energy in you bring yourself up to sitting relax your shoulders remind yourself just how wonderful you are soften your neck take a look over your shoulders and congratulate yourself for taking that lovely deep and rolling out the mat I enjoyed your yoga for hangovers namaste [Music]

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