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Yoga For Post Christmas

December 28, 2019

[Music] Yoga for your post-christmas dip so if you’re feeling a little blue and all the festivities are over and you’ve unwrapped all your presents and we just don’t know what to do with yourself and roll your mats out and let’s do a good 10 15 minutes of yoga ok if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga brilliant so get yourself comfortable find yourself in a tell no one you’re there close the door roll your mat out and get some comfy clothes on and sit up nice and tall and first of all you’re going to feel some one pestering you down here you going to take a few rolls of your shoulders and just shake off all that hard work all that prep all that pressure to have a wonderful day just shake off all that tension rolling your shoulders and getting rid of all of those Greeks and sore shoulders keep them down away from your ears and then take a look over just watching this opposite shoulder doesn’t follow come back to the center take a look over lovely come back to the center and just drop your chin to your chest you know how we do letting your head be heavy nice and heavy and have a little shake from side to side and then bring your chin up to the ceiling really reach it up and then looking ahead take your ear to your shoulder in fact stretch your opposite arm away it goes walking away and maybe a little roll just be careful here you’re next prone to soreness just take it really easy and then we do the same on the other side so bring your head up stretch your hand away and take a little roll from side to side good as well good and then coming up sitting up nice and tall feeling like your hips are rooting down to the floor and the top of your head is reaching up to the sky you’re making nice space in your water bra take your hands behind beside you breathing in gather up your energy and breathing out bring your hands to heart moving in again open with a burst and bring your hands back down to the floor breathing in gathering up your energy and to heart lovely inhale open with a burst and take your hands down you do want we’re eating it gathering up brew eating out bring your hands to your heart lovely inhale come up reach up and take a twist so the hand comes behind you and one in front and bring your fingertips into the ground lengthen and twist again take a look over your shoulder if that’s ok and then you’re bringing your hand to your knee and rest it there and you can just maybe anchor it down and deepen your twist slightly you never pull in nothing Jackie just a nice easy stretch and then your back hand stretches all the way over as if you don’t you’ll reach the opposite knee but it doesn’t quite get there look up and then take your hand down both hands on the knee in a nice easiest way swaying from side to side just been nice and steady just bring softening into your body no hard edges rolling down and then swam all the way back up again will your arms reach up and then planting your fingers before you are behind you find your height look over your shoulder if that’s okay and then bring your hand to your knee again looking over your shoulder Sun comes all the way behind stretches over and then take hold of the knees cross and take a little swim so from side to side falling down like the leaf and the breeze just swoop into a side to side to rest putting your chin in and rolling gently up and bringing the soles of the feet together in pada Canasta inviting you to hold on to your ankles relax your shoulders and lift your hearts I’m looking ahead lovely and again a little bit like we did before you’re going to take a little sway a little sway from side to side coming down deep closing your eyes bringing your focus in and move until you feel like you can go no farther or you feel like we’ve had enough of the stretch it’s all about really looking after yourself always treating yourself with kindness and compassion with the same level of compassion that you treat others looking after yourself as you come down a little swoon and then taking your leg out and extending it lovely resting over your leg top of the head reaching towards your foot coming all the way back up and taking hold of the bent knee and stretching it up to the ceiling lift your chest and then taking it across your body hugging in looking behind you again release and other foot draw in tuck your foot in and jab you sarasu no rest forward but reaching the top of the head to the foot so it’s a lanthanum process here nice not forcing just being soft bring you knee in take hold of your foot and extend your leg lift it seen the song of my foot and not me and then take it across squeeze in and twist lovely unravel unravel have a little shake and then sweep your legs to the side and come on to all fours spreading your fingers putting the weight evenly distributing in your palms and taking a lift in down dog nice easy stretch and walk your feet to your hands and with your feet nicely planted knuckles of your feet rooting down roll up all the way and roll your shoulders at the top such an effort getting up off the floor sometimes especially after a busy Christmas so we’re going to come into tree pose or face you and this can be as high or as low as you want so toes to the floor shin or above and if you’re above make sure that you push into the thigh the thigh pushes into the foot – don’t push into your hip so it goes out that way be nice and upright hands to your heart go breathing in bring your lovely then you’re gonna cross your arms with your left arm at the bottom and bring your palms together and then taking full Eagle crossing round and dropping down into that balance which is wonderful for a busy mind to hold yourself here this way lovely and then I’m gonna step back let me release my arms reach up nice crescent stretch and I’m going to fold down and draw her all the way up reach up and fold down and and then bring my arms down to the inside of my foot and come down into a nice deep stretch I’m get a little rock back and forth easing nice deep stretching ease back good frame that front foot and with their hands planted down lift your leg and you’re coming into pigeon so it’s a nice deep stretch pigeon it’s one of my favorites you can wedge a cushion underneath your bottom if you prefer and lift up find some height through your body and then you’ll fold down in it again remember you can keep that hip lifted or you can really spend a little time sinking deep resting your body down softening your edges writing stillness in a little bit of peace as you stop find that little bit of dip in your tone a little bit of peace walking your hands over to the open space and see if you can take hold of the leg behind you and to reach your arm out and maybe stretch over bringing both arms up watch it doesn’t pinch your back too much lovely bring your hands to the floor and take oh a nice steady down dog and curl your body and walk your feet to your hands forward folding rolling all the way up oh I’m curling all the way up to the top wonderful okay we’re gonna do the same on the other side so from Tadasana take your tree find your comfortable position push the hip out too much stay upright tummy pulled in pelvic floor lifted hands to your heart lovely bring your arms up reach and open trying some steadiness in your body bring your arms forward right arm on the bottom and bring your forearms together here if this is too uncomfortable for you and then crossing your next hold yourself in Eagle pose so I’ll face this way and then stepping back finding a nice lift reaching up a good Bend nice crescent shape and you’re gonna drop forward totally surrender down and bring yourself up reach up uncurl and fold forward drop yourself there and reach up nice graceful smooth movements so it’s not about sweating or getting fit it’s just just about nourishing hold yourself here and then your final one you’re gonna take your hand down lonely and have a little rock back and forth easing in and then you’ll hand frames your front foot and we’re going to lift your back knee and take yourself back into pigeon at the other side adjusting your body you know to get the most comfortable position wedging a cushion under your bottom if you need to and lifting walking your hands to the open space only if that’s okay maybe your body from another angle I’ll greet you all out in front and taking a little stretch brilliant bring both arms up and then folding forward resting peacefully in Pigeon pose softening and dropping into stillness so you coming up now you can stay in there as long as you like it’s lovely curl your back toe under and it has to be a super slow transition to down dog feels great then ease in nicely closing your chest to your thighs and then drop down onto your knees and come to sit on your bottom again I’d like you to tuck your right leg in and extend your left leg out or either side and you’re going to bring your hand behind your head and stretch to the side and reach and take a twist lovely coming all the way back to the center and we swap sides so bring your foot in take your hands behind your head let it burn and reach for your straight leg elbow to the ceiling and reach and then sweep forward and take your twist looking over your shoulder now we come back to the center crossing your legs and resting your fingertips beside you gathering up your energy again and bringing your hands all the way to your heart just bring your thumbs to your chest to your chest Center your heart center and take a moment to notice how you feel nourished restored and ready to start another day I hope you’ve enjoyed your time at the yoga session namaste [Music]

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    I don’t know about you but I often feel a little dip after all the excitement of the Christmas festivities. So I’ve designed Yoga For Post Christmas to lift your mood, shake off those post Christmas blues and to get you moving again. A quick 15 minute class that’ll get you feeling jolly all over again ????

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