Yoga For Nurses Self Care & Burnout Prevention

December 18, 2019

the yoga and welcome to yoga for NASA’s now you have the most critical jobs in our community this class is designed to help you look after yourself so you can reduce your sick days reduce your burnout and release any emotional tension or you know just general emotional disruption that comes with your demanding job so yoga has been proved to reduce stress and anxiety and I’m going to design this class to give you skills to be able to deal with difficult situations it’s going to strengthen your legs to help you do just physically demanding actions like milk making beds or lifting people but also it’s going to make you feel like you filled your body up with energy and feeling goodness so you’re gonna leave this class feeling great and ready to tackle the day okay if you like what you see please like and subscribe to type of the yoga now I’d like you to start like sitting down don’t get excited I didn’t say going down sitting down coming into a cross-legged position and this section is really just to enable you to settle in so it’s a position that’s comfortable for you so sitting on the floor isn’t good for you then sit on a chair that’s absolutely fine it’s what’s working for you today so sitting whether you’re on a chair all on the floor you’re going to root down through your hips and take a roll or two of your shoulders so really squeezing your shoulders up to your ears and rolling your shoulders back down your back and taking nice big circles through these make them big release the tension so all that lifting that you do or all the tension that you just carry in your body in your shoulders this is designed to release that strain hold your shoulders down away from your ears and then you just never took a little gaze over your shoulder and come back to the center and take a little gaze over your shoulder and come back to the center and drop your chin and have a little shake out here and then you’re gonna bring your chin all the way up to the sky and look so allow your body to set up take some nice deep steady breaths breathing in through your nose and out through your nose so take a good safe full complete breaths breathing in deeply and breathing out completely and really doing this take four whole breaths and each time you breathe out allow your body to settle a little bit more each time you breathe out allow tension to leave your body complete breath air and complete and the final time complete breath in and a complete breath out everything to settle and soften now that just one minute of breathing exercise really quietens your mind and Steady’s your body a good tool to have just to take yourself off and take a few steady in breaths outlet and then go back to yourself your job okay so from here I’m going to take our fingertips to the side reach up and take your hands down good breathing in and lengthening up through your waist reach and drop your hands down you’re going to do this again reach up good into lace your fingers push your hands away and then you’re going to bring your arms forward and what I’d like you to do is you’ve got your left arm and you’re gonna cross your right cross at the elbows your arms crossed at the elbows and then you bring your palms together bending your elbows like so now this might not be easy for you to do if it isn’t then you’re just going to bring your forearms together so it kind of it it’s not about skill it’s about an after me and after me I don’t like anything here in the middle I’m flat-chested so this one’s quite easy for me to do so it isn’t about skill so don’t be cross if you find this one difficult you’re gonna breathe in and lengthen and breathe out and draw the elbows into your body so the same if you’ve got four months again breathe in and breathe out really [Music] and out Yuna doing a holidays then unravel and let them settle and then we do the same on the other side it’s with forearms kick yourself in a knot and then breathe in and lift and breathe out enjoy your our waste you ready breathe in find some lift and we had good nice comrades boundaries wonderful this songs coming all the way back between the shoulder blades you’re guiding it down the back of your body holding yourself here or see if you can bring the other arm all the way around see if you can touch your fingers or maybe even grab hold of your fingers and this is about opening the chest sort of getting rid of that stupid might have when you feel like you’ve had a tough day and it’s really hard to stand up tall because you feel like you’re carrying all the weight of your body a world on your shoulders ease that elbow back you lift your heart good release off and do you have a little roll and your shoulder may be feeling a bit bony and they’re really working hard but it will in the long term help with shoulder pain shoulder discomfort with just improving your posture with every stretch shoulder back lift your chest good and softly release uncle and take a roll or two here no swing your legs round so you will need to come onto the floor for this you’re going to come on two more fours spreading your hands out underneath you underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips and holding yourself still here and around your back tuck your tail under let your head down or down and Brewery then look up and this is a very popular stretch in yoga it’s called cat cow it has a Sanskrit name as well but an easy way to remember is cat cow I think this is the cat and this is the cow oh nothing Brooklyn gets the wrong way around this is the cat you imagine a a scaredy cat with its back arched and the cows heavy herd looking up and then come back to a nice neutral all fours and take your leg back and curl your toes under and push your heel away now that cat cow stretch is a wonderful one to do if you’ve got back ache so brilliant wand just to get down on all fours and have a stretch through the back and this one too if you’ve got stiff legs or cramps you’ve been on your feet all day these simple stretches are often the most effective we do the same on the other side curl your toes under push the heel away lifting your chest a little tummy tucked in feel nice and strong stable good bring yourself back come right up on to fingertips and you’re going to bring this foot between your hands so you might have to manhandle yourself that’s fine you bring the foot between your hands and you have a little rock back and forth stretching in your hips lovely in quartz and then bring yourself up standing up all nice and upright sinking down and you’re gonna take a turn to the side and I’m opening up through this section getting a twist through my body as well so often if you find if you if you lift on a twist which you shouldn’t do but obviously a lot of us do this just enables you to be a bit more mobile in the body and less likely to injure hold it come back up a little and then you’re gonna twist the other way again same principle come on open twist sinking in your hips again coming up nice open twice [Music] come on open twist good you’re gonna do one more on the other side twist [Music] come up and then dropping your hands down to frame the front foot you could if you like curl the back toe under and lift your knee have a little Rock [Music] strengthening up your core firing up a bit of strength in the legs as well and then drop lovely bring your left hand down and turning towards the inner thigh so you’re putting your belly right in so turning tucking everything in and reaching your arm up again reach up to the ceiling again we’ll work a lot of twists but also core strength to make it harder color your back toe under and lift your knee hold it you bring your hands down and then we’re going to twist the other way as well so curl the back toe under and if it’s okay for you take your hips and lift your arm up sink down through that hand and reach up good takes a bit of stamina this one I could bring your hand down hunter frame the front foot step your back foot in slightly and straighten out both legs so you might find the front leg is bent if that’s the case bring it in slightly so both legs are straight you look like you’ve got Egyptian legs you know like BC aren’t they lovely Egyptian paintings that’s what you’re looking for easing this front hip back a little really stretching in the bottom give it a bit of a rub if it feels really Bernie maybe you know get your hand your knuckle into that joint Duke your bottom a little rough good lifting up through your chest and then fold it completely over your front leg letting yourself press down then magic you’re going to take this front leg and lift it all the way up into the ceiling or reach it up high close your body to your standing leg and then bring your feet down and you’re in down facing dog and you’re gonna enjoy a wonderful full body stretch it’s definitely not easy but it is super effective and then walk your feet to your hands down and down in a forward fold adjusting your clothes to keep your dignity so I can’t find mine they’re so far up my tummy there we go bring your hands down and relax let all the weight drain out of your hands out of the top of your head give you a head a total shake fingertips resting to the floor and come back to that for deep breaths for steady breaths [Music] every time we breathe out come deeper [Music] so from here just let your body dangle down draw the thigh muscles up towards your hips and fold down a little bit now stepping back right leg this time and bring yourself really high up dropping your hips slightly nice and upright in your body soft shoulders looking ahead good just hold it here maybe a little gentle bounce you know nothing to strength words just a softness and then you’re coming into a twist and then an open twist and your body will be constantly compensating because it’s a balance but that’s okay every time it wobbles it’s just getting stronger one more each side mine’s definitely wobbling today good a final stretch and you’re gonna bring your hands down and drop your knee for a moment and have a little rock back and forth just easing in and then sink in your hips forwards leaving your hand down pulling your belly in and turning towards your inner thigh so you’re really squeezing your tummy in and rotating lifting your arm up what tends to happen here is this you want to find some length in your neck between your ear and your shoulder and then curl the back toe under the back knee if that feels good and reach open chest and breathe deeply your backs nice and on what your neck hasn’t dropped good and breathing deeply hold it and then you’re gonna bring your hand down lovely if it’s okay for you we’re gonna twist and take your right arm up hold it find some stillness you can’t take your hands down lovely from the front foot and then bring the back foot in and back into those Egyptian legs come up draw the shoulder blades down your back and then follow it forward resting your body over the thigh and if your hands aren’t quite to the floor you know just bring them to your legs you make the yoga work for you to suit to your body and your needs today okay so this leg get some energy into your body it’s gonna go all the way back up to three legged down dog wonderful and drop down and here we are in downtown again and enjoy the benefits of a full body stretch rock down onto your knees and take a child’s pose here so this is a restorative posture bring your hands to your feet drop your head down top of the head to the floor and you kind of soften your body Cocoon your body around your legs and just take a moment to get your breath and then Tommy leads the way fold all the way back up nice strong tummy to bring you up to kneeling so I’d like you to we’re going to come into a million posture now obviously if kneeling is a problem for you you might want to put a cushion under your bottom and that’s absolutely fine like I say I’m giving you guidelines but you have to make it work for you with your body how it is today which might be different how it from how it was yesterday depending on your day and it might be different from how it is tomorrow so if you need a cushion under your bottom then please do but from here I would like us to take hold we’re going to come up into a back bend which is a lovely way of giving you energy but it can be quite challenging and quite demanding so you know listen to your body and take it easy if you need to you know hold onto your ankle and lift your hips and reach your arm and then come down drop your bottom and do the same on the other side I reach up [Music] come down switch sides reach up don’t let go of your head weighs too much it’s hard to get back up all the way up open the front of your body good and you use your breath to soothe you and you keep going like this or if you feel ok and you feel like this is good for you you could come into complete camel pose so you take the hands behind you and lift your chest push your hips forward or ease your hips forward I should say lovely and then you let come all the way back down and drop your bottom and this is called half puppy pose and it’s so amazing you’ll love it so your hips stay above your knees and your hands come forward stretching totally forward and drop your chest drop and let your choice sink to the floor rolling your shoulders underneath so out and round and let your chest your soften breathing deeply take those four deep breaths nourish yourself and use your breath to calm you [Music] and then from here just to work your shoulders a little bit more you’re gonna take your underneath thread it underneath rest the side of your head down and stretch walk this one away it will sit really funny from this angle what this arm away and then you’re going to come back up we’re gonna do the same on the other side so stretch underneath walk this hand away side of the head down to the mat [Music] and then come back up and spend a moment or two in child pose again so forehead down and hands to your feet and just take a nice soft breath restoring your energy when you’re ready coming up to sitting and coming back to sitting cross-legged or on your chair getting yourself comfortable rolling your shoulders and again bring your hands together now you’re ready to tackle the day with a zen-like mind and a warmed up body I hope you’ve enjoyed Tabata yoga for nurses namaste [Music]

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