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January 17, 2020

Idealization, scenery and film: Rebeca Capozzi Script and editing: Jorge Tibilletti de Lara (Calazar) July, 2018. Paranaguá – PR, Brazil Yellow Fever presents: Hey guys, we’re the Yellow Fever Heavy metal band from the coast of Paraná (Brazil) And in this video we will introduce a bit Some of the band’s trajectory And talk a little about our first album Epidemic Tragedies We just launched, launch July Well, I’m Jorge Calazar. I’m a bass player and one of the band’s vocalists My name is Anderson, Naberius
pseudonym I’m the drummer. I am Emerson, under the pseudonym of Devil’s Preacher And my role in the band is Guitar and vocal The beginning, not the band itself but of the previous projects we have developed We started with a band called Dorsus When I first met Anderson in high school We started playing cover, like every school band Until at the end of End of 2012, 2013 Between 2012 and 2013 we met Jorge We met him at a metal show. There were other people who played with us at the time Marcos on guitar, Cleiton on bass We had some compositions in 2012 when Jorge entered us we wrote some more things and the result is This demo here Bestial Invasion The demo has about five songs, four as long as An intro. Maybe some people know. We distributed to some people at the time Well, this is the first material right, a recording low budget These are compositions that border thrash metal with heavy metal The band was thrash metal but had heavy metal influences Traditional It’s a very simple job, that started everything. During this time we were very very keen to play thrash metal play heavy sound, but a characteristic Of us, not just as metal musicians But how Music lovers in general We always enjoy traditional heavy metal From the moment we met Jorge In 2013 End of 2012 It was a time when we started Show more our faces We played in some places. In the city of Paranaguá We did 5 shows We play in Santa Catarina There was an opportunity to play in Curitiba, but it did not happen It was supposed to happen. We We had other songs already written In season Buuuutt… Because of the end of the project in 2014 We could not record We were very young Letters involving anticristianism occultism WAR Letters in this sense, and letters also on the metal The identity of the metal Heavy metal As Metal Revolution In this demo here who wrote Who wrote the lyrics was me and my partner Marcos He does not play with us anymore In this project we released this demo with these four songs Plus the intro, and when the project ended We had nine compositions ready, the lyrics No melody We already had other side projects And we’re done … We ended up devoting ourselves to Demon’s Crest and these compositions These compositions ended up being set aside The demon’s crest appears at the end of the Dorsus Demon’s Crest is our Heavy Metal project What comes to become after the Yellow Fever Appears at the end of the dorsus Then some compositions some of us recorded and some that we did not record a remnant of that project end From the time of the dorsus We also created a project Black Metal Called Dark Emperor. We released this demo The first the first demo It’s called Old Ritual. Me, Anderson and Emerson released Home recording And we launched another split with a band from Rio Grande do Sul And the Dark Emperor became Ancestral Hate, another project Another project, which has no recording And then we started to dedicate more to Heavy Metal And we recorded this demo The first and only Call Gargoyle’s Rising It was the first time we entered a studio in 2015 We recorded in a studio in the city of Matinhos But it was recorded live We released the demo, had some movement Circulation, but we did not sell We did two shows under the name of Demon’s Crest And then we are in a process of composition We began the process of composing what is now the Epidemic Tragedies Demon’s Crest even though it was A simpler project But we brought some references to play heavy metal RUNNING WILD TYRANT Demon’s Crest had a concept when I started to idealize the project I was very inspired by a game His name was Demon’s Crest. Nintendo Platform Game And some of the songs are inspired In this game, the cover that we recorded of Memorial of the Fallen Ones It’s a song that makes up the soundtrack of the game We thought it would be cool to put in the album The gargoyle on the cover It is also a reference of the game the protagonist was a gargoyle And there is the song Firebrand, the Lord of Fire Which is totally inspired by the character of the game A demon trying to regain his place on the throne of hell the question of the game itself And then the name change It was just because The first demo is fully influenced by the game From Nintendo The Demon’s Crest And how have these other compositions been Greater density and complexity Both sonorous and lyric We decided to change the name to Yellow Fever In addition to bringing some of this Of this specificity A Brazilian band, a society that Who has always suffered from yellow fever, something that has always recurred in Brazil But also this morbid character That the band came to have Human tragedies in general Epidemics, the civilizing process That it is not a process of progress as the positivists like to say No, it is a tortuous process And there came the other The other compositions And I gave the idea If we changed the name to Yellow Fever We changed this year But the compositions were all ready, we were already rehearsing to record And we went into the studio to record Already with another name And we released the album We started working on these compositions As soon as we released the Demon’s Crest demo Shortly thereafter We were having some ideas especially of riffs Not even the letters themselves We spend the entire period of 2015 writing These songs 2016 was also the period in which we dedicated ourselves We were half-hidden from the scene Between 2016 and 2017 Justifying the period when you most actively work on the album We had problems with rehearsal space What made us take more time so that we would finish and release the material But… well…. The songs reflect a new phase of our lives Both in terms of existence as well as musicians We get involved with new influences Inside and outside the metal On metal we began to wrap ourselves Well, at first the sound of Demon’s Crest was a more traditional sound But we started to get involved with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) It was always one of my passions I dreamed of the day when I could write something to that effect which reflected a little of those influences So this is a very strong feature of this album Noticeable in the songs that we will comment on below And we also get involved with Doom Metal, that we already enjoyed a lot Especially Candlemass, Katatonia bands that were references Witchfinder General Black Sabbath Black metal is already something that can be seen, above all In the song From the Medieval Epidemics which was a very strong reference Especially Jorge who already comes from a school listening to Black Metal And traditional heavy metal The usual, a characteristic of the style adopted We also look for references in the In the 70’s rock Progressive rock So much so that we have two songs which are two epics, two rock operas Its From the Medieval Epidemics That has several sections, and Avery’s Quest A conceptual song About the trajectory of a pirate Mid-sixteenth century So..well… This is a bit of our trajectory and the process of composition from the album Our compositions They are in fact a little pretentious In the Epidemic Tragedies, because Well, Emerson and I are historians. professional historians And we started writing a lot about Inspired by historiography And by our studies of Philosophy That we had been developing In another dimension of life A professional, intellectual dimension And there the album has taken on a dimension But I think what has driven us And think “We have to make something more authentic” It was Progressive Rock, the basis for to run away of the traditional heavy metal standard and NWOBHM itself British heavy metal, German heavy metal which are bases of our band and of Demon’s Crest But we fled a little For these commented influences Doom metal, black metal In the album are punctual It does not mean that the album is either doom or black But it has perceptible points Our influences in these styles And the idea of long songs One important thing to emphasize is the participation of Victor Correia For personal reasons it does not integrate the band But he helped write some songs Part of The Civilizing Process From the medieval epidemics, Avery’s Quest That’s it folks We’ll put the tracks on the album We will comment on The lyrics To the sound itself Recording process too So this song I wrote At dawn even here at home I was reading some things and I thought: “I’m going to write a song basically reflecting ..” “about the contemporary world and ..” “and the historians” And so I created Historians of the New World New World has a double meaning can be both the new world of América We, the historians of the “new world” (America) As for the new world of the contemporary world Leaving this reflection a little aside Basically The letter is a critique of humanity based on historiographical reflection And the riffs are NWOBHM Well, we’re doing a brief audition. From the music historians of the new world We chose this riff because it marks one of the main influences Remembering that this was the first song we wrote from this album The riffs are very inspired by NWOBHM In bands like Virtue Glacier, Cobra Traitor’s Gate Some of the names that influenced us in song composition This riff has a Virtue face Remember some sounds like High Treason, We Stand to Fight At the time we listened a lot to this band Music starts fast and ends fast In this song I do the vocal And in the others we are alternating the vocals, the narrations And I got a lot of inspiration from bands like Tokyo Blade The recording process was quite arduous Because the speed of the song is faster than the others She was the first to be ready We accelerated because Jorge was going away to another city, to do his master’s degree And the result is there This is the second song from our album It’s called The Civilizing Process. We’ll talk about it from the beginning because it has a very characteristic introduction the letter discusses some issues of the civilizing process In time, since the end of the middle ages up to the current periods As the discussion of the work in which we are inspired It starts in the middle ages, we solve to start the song with something that referred to this period The song was inspired by the work of a German sociologist, Norbert Elias A very active thinker In the mid-twentieth century He wrote some classics of sociology, such as Civilizing Process 1 and 2 The established and the outsiders The court society Perhaps some historians and sociologists who watch the video know I read this book Between 2015 and 2016 By Jorge’s recommendation went to college a year before me He recommended this book to me and at the time And I was impressed. He comes to discuss this general question Of how customs were getting used to to civilization through strong State influence which comes from the medieval aristocracies passes through the modern bourgeoisie until this day Then because of the inspiration of this book I wrote this song This song was also very instrumentally inspired by NWOBHM The characteristics of some bands That influenced us a lot, especially Virtue The Chorus this special narrative inspired by the song of Running Wild From the album Death of Glory, called Renegade have a moment of song In which there is a pause in the progress, and it makes a narrative This was something I found So cool at the time, that I said “it would be very cool” “if some songs from our album had a narrative in this sense” I recorded the lead vocal, Anderson made the vowel of the narrative itself About The Civilizing Process, I think Emerson said it all. The only thing I have to say about this song is that I happen to have created the main riff I’m not a guitarist, I’m a bass player. And it’s a very stuck song on British metal I wrote this song in collaboration with Victor Especially the moment of the narrative He was participating in the band when we wrote this, in an essay The riffs This song is the third of the album, and is called From the Medieval Epidemics: Leprosy and Bubonic Plague The full name This letter I wrote along with Anderson in 2015 Along with the other letters During this period I was studying a French intellectual Called Michel Foucault Very pop nowadays I read a chapter of his book called Microphysics of Power The chapter is called What is Social Medicine And he returned to the seventeenth, eighteenth century To talk about the beginning From a policy of surveillance, so to speak Of people, of bodies, in societies Aiming at hygiene social medicine as a medicine of physicians who enter houses, private environments And they reordered all that ethos of people This letter marries a bit with The Civilizing process Because Foucault understands the process of medicalization of society As a civilizing process of planning From discipline he speaks of disciplinary societies I brought this book, called The Birth of the Clinic Because my Microphysics of Power is not here at home This book also helped me to reflect about this process The lyrics does not seek to make a criticism of medicine but we seek both with the lyrics both with the gloomy atmosphere reach this morbid environment this dirty environment that was being sanitized The letter does not seek to make a Foucaultian critique of medicine This song has the most morbid atmosphere of the album It has the clearest references of doom metal Or something more morbid inside heavy metal King Diamond, Katatonia This type of influence Also came from the prog It was our first very long composition It’s almost 15 minutes Along with Avery’s Quest The riff we’re listening to now was a riff Written by Jorge We were very inspired by King Diamond This song is the reflection of some sounds from the album Fatal Portrait The Jonah for example This song has many references She walks from the Prog, past the Doom, a few moments of Heavy Metal It comes to remember in some moments bands of post-black metal Agalloch, Blaze of Sorrow They were also references An interesting thing in this song in the narrative Trying to develop a story within music We decided to interleave several vocals The music has several coments, like this one that deals with how the lepers were distributed by the space of the medieval society we tried to portray a leper, Jorge You can talk more about This issue of lepers has a very easy reference which is the leprosy album of death I think Chuck was also inspired In this seclusion of the lepers in the ostracism of you having your body disfigured and be ostracized, socially excluded So we also developed some of this in this lyrics It is only interesting to note that this is the first song That owns a set of vocals There are times when the vocals are torn has clean vocal There are moments where they are characters. Then you have a series of vocals and voices And that in Avery’s Quest this also appears And in The Civilizing Process this appears otherwise As if it were a narration Appears in a more timid fashion Well, this is the fourth song on the album This and From the Medieval Epidemics Are the most important songs in the album Due to the length and complexity of the composition process The song is called Avery’s Quest And she was inspired in the book of a From a nineteenth-century literary (wrong), Daniel Defoe A History of Pirates In an excerpt from the book where he deals with the trajectory of an English corsair that revolts And decides to become a pirate Turning against the Crown At the time I remember that it was a plot that caught my attention Because the protagonist of the plot, Captain Avery He makes the greatest adventure And then it gets extremely bad He can not afford to spend a cent of what he has plundered Ships from other nations I remember when I wrote the lyrics I was: “Wow, this story sucks” And I was at a time greatly influenced by Running Wild For classic albums like Under Jolly Roger Port Royal, Death of Glory What are albums that involve this aura of piracy So this lyrics has a lot of it Including the vocal is a reference of the Running Wild Adopted since 2015 Sing more ripped As if remembering a pirate At the height of his career of looting This song has this inspiration The lyrics develops in three acts The first talks about how he got into piracy The second talks about his relationship with piracy, riot The third act speaks of his looting and how it led to his tragedy A very big reflection on this pirate’s life This song had a very long composition process It was the music that took us a long time to finish Begin writing at the end of 2015 We spent the entire year 2016 stoned the music And only now Some 3 or 4 months before finishing the album we really decided what the final moments of the song would consist of So the riffs of the third section of the song are the most recent The beginning we started at the end of the year in Matinhos city We were not very excited about New Year’s Eve. Oh, we bought some beers. At a grocery store We sat down one night with cachaça And we started to develop the riffs of the beginning of the song This issue of narrative From this, we developed by accident Jorge was playing some things on bass I said: “this part was cool” And so this slower part of the music came The narratives and moments of viola I wrote alone at home In some moments of inspiration I wrote, I sent them to the staff, they liked it, and so we were adding things to the music. It was not a night to record, as in From the Medieval Epidemics But it took about two whole days one of the songs that took longer to get ready Because there are many elements Of viola, things I had to record later Also has many narratives Three people who helped us In the process of recording vocals From the final stretches of music They are called Ellen, Luciane and Nanine. We thank her for her help in recording this piece of voices at the end of the song This passage I composed together with Rebeca, who besides being my girlfriend, she is also helps us with the band in several ways and we composed these voices in that passage recorded by these people emerson commented on And then we realized that in the structure In the unfolding of music It’s like they’re sirens’ voices. In this stretch of music Avery is already in a state of decay He’s listening to this whole fucking thing. Mermaids and the dawm This power these voices possess to hypnotize Well, that’s it. I hope the video is interesting. For those people who have heard and who are still going to listen to the album So that you can realize All our ideas The idea of making the video It is not only to present the band because the band has a new face As much as we’ve played together for years, at Demon’s Crest and We created Yellow Fever this year with that name To present the band and, above all, Comment on the album, from the composition process And from what we think of the album Our idea is not to determine the vision of who will listen to the album This is an issue beyond our control. The Epidemic Tragedies comes With this new proposal of thinking the metal through different angles I hope you enjoy it. That you enjoy the material And wait…There’s a lot more to come Then that’s it Listen there. It’s fucking hard. Subscribe to the bell Enable notifications And follow us on social networks, on facebook is yellowfevermetal On youtube I do not know Also has soundcloud We are still in a process of to promote the album We put on the digital platforms YouTube, soundcloud and others Becauuseeeee…. The whole process was done completely independently We do not have any record labels yet. And the physical material It’s coming out gradually. Officially nothing came out so nice Only provisional material Anyway, the idea of the video is to comment on who we are And do not forget to notify the nearest health worker Yellow Fever is coming back!!!!!! backstage This is heavy metal. Exactly Hey guys My name is Anderson, under the pizza-donym Pizza My name is.. My name is Emerson We have to wait for him to stop laughing. Go After we cut, it’s okay. My name is Emerson, and in the band i am the guitarrist and vocalist

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