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Yeast or BV?

December 4, 2019

Yeast or BV?
We have three quick ways to tell if you are more likely to have a yeast infection or bacterial
vaginosis. Number 1
BV stinks, yeast doesn’t. BV doesn’t always smell bad, but yeast never
does. Number 2
Yeast is white, thick and lumpy and BV isn’t. Your undies will give you clues as to whether
it’s yeast or BV. Thick, white and lumpy? You’re leaning towards yeast. Grey, green
or watery? It’s more likely to be BV or one of its friends.
Number 3 pH – yeast is normal, BV aint.
Yeast can survive just fine in your regular, healthy acidic vaginal pH, but BV bugs switch
up the pH to something they like better. To wrap it up, sniff and check your undies
and do a pH test at home, and really, if you’re not sure, go to the doctor and get a test.
Don’t treat what you don’t know. We’ve put all the info in the comments section
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