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Yeast Infections, Holistic Health And Healing

August 18, 2019

[Text on screen]: Holistic Medicine. How to Eliminate Yeast Infections, Thrush, and other Candidiasis-Related Conditions from Your Life Forever Chapter Two: Life Impacts on Yeast Infections DR. DAWN LIU: Well, Faith, why don’t we start with talking a little bit more about yeast infections from a holistic point of view. Just give you a general idea what areas of lifestyle issues impact on the yeast infections. FAITH: OK. DR. DAWN LIU: First, let’s see, there are many forms of yeast infections. I mean, they can be the thrush, like on the lips and inside the mouth, and they can also be in the respiratory tract or digestive tract. But for females usually the one type that’s the most frustrating is the candida, vaginitis yeast infection. And when it comes to yeast, remember the constant we talked about before from a holistic point of view that the body; you’re constantly at the balance point. It’s not too much of this or too little of that to the complete elimination of anything. Candida itself naturally exists in the body. As long as it doesn’t overpopulate, overgrow, go into places where it’s not supposed to go, we’re happy with them. FAITH: Right. DR. DAWN LIU: It’s like we’re not on a hunt for them. It’s only when many different factors change, for example, when the body’s pH balance is disturbed and certain life habits, for example, staying up really late and also some kind of a dietary inappropriateness also causes disturbances of the digestive track not being able to eliminate certain pathogens and also affecting the microenvironment. Those are the times when we create a condition for yeast to overgrow and then go to places where it’s not supposed to be at, like outside of the normal colony inside the specific areas of the digestive tract. That’s when we start seeing the yeast infection in different places. And it could also be, not necessarily specific to the digestive tract. It could be systemic, like you’ve probably heard about; this is pretty common; when a patient is on antibiotic therapy for an extended period of time. FAITH: Yes. DR. DAWN LIU: And then when they come off, they start to get a yeast infection. That’s because our bodies have our own, quote-unquote, “good bacterias” that are in symbiosis with us. And the antibiotics kill them off, along with the bad guys as well. Then the yeast and the bacteria growth in the body, there’s also kind of an interesting slight competition balance when you take one off, the other one: “Hey! My turn!” So that’s how they grow. So that’s another thing about a yeast infection. So, you’ve probably got a little bit of an idea. So the whole idea for the holistic approach to control the yeast infection is what we can do to restore the normal balance between yeast and other microorganisms in the body, and what we can do to restore the pH balance in the body. What we can do to not allow the digestive tract to be overburdened by many other factors. By emotion, by stress, by having to deal with a lot of toxic waste. You know, that kind of stuff so you can help maintain a healthy, normal barrier, because there are different barriers in the body parts so the yeast stays where they’re supposed to be at. Does that make sense? FAITH: Yes, it does. I actually wanted to tell you that’s the reason I started getting yeast infections. I was on a very strong antibiotic for about six weeks in high school, and that’s when they started to be very severe. DR. DAWN LIU: I see. And then it has been ever since? FAITH: Umm-hmm, yes. DR. DAWN LIU: I see. So that was it. I see. [Text on screen]: To Learn more visit

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