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Yeast Infection Under Breast – Common Yeast Infection Symptoms in Women

August 13, 2019

Yeast Infection Under Breast – Do You Suffer
A Yeast Infection Under Breast? Actually, many women complain of yeast infection
under breast, it’s a more common problem than what you may think. It may help to realize that yeast can thrive
with just two ingredients, warmth and moisture. Technically, any part of the body that has
those two ingredients can become the home of yeast colonies, the mouth, vagina, under
arm and under the breasts. While this can be uncomfortable and awkward,
the solution is simply to eliminate or alter the breeding grounds. While it may be difficult to change the moisture
content of some body areas, such as the mouth, the area under the breast is fairly easy to
change. The most important step to take is to dry
out the area. You can do this by using corn starch or baby
powder, by wearing a cotton bra that absorbs the moisture or by using strips of cotton
gauze to absorbs any excess moisture that can be caused by sweating. If more drastic steps are needed to control
the infection, you can have your doctor write out a prescription for a cream specifically
for yeast or an anti fungal lotion. In short, don’t panic if you suspect that
you have a yeast problem under your breasts, with just a few steps, you can be feeling
relief right away!


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