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August 14, 2019

hi guys if you are a guy you might want to think about stop in this video all right now I’m going to watch something else because I’m going to talk about something that you might not be that interested in vaginas and I’m not talking about cute sexy vagina I’m talking about an itching earning irritated gross vagina yes okay ladies I think that did the trick I hope and now it’s just us and we can get down to business talking about one of my favorite subject of all time yeast infections god you may have noticed a week or two ago when I was sucking down a what looked like a cocktail it was a cranberry cocktail hidden one away off other videos and I mentioned that I know well something percolating down there well here’s the thing I was able to totally cure it naturally so god don’t they just doesn’t it suck what do you have a problem down there it’s like really I mean really so here’s the thing you probably know this already but I am NOT a big fan of Medicine I am a fan of medicine when you need it and Lord knows I’ve made it in about antibiotics the kids have needed it great they’re there for a reason and thank God we have them but if we’re not totally necessary you know I try and usually rather try a homeopathic remedy before just jumping right to like you know popping a pill especially because I’m still breastfeeding the bunch and you know I just I’d like to be as clean as possible so when I felt oh well you know something going on I thought alright well I’m gonna do this naturally I am NOT gonna take something so it worked like frickin vaginal magic people so let me tell you what I did okay first of all first things first and I kind of did things in steps I went to the old trusty coconut oil now I need to do a video on what I use this for because I use it head to toe by myself and the kids like this is like magic I use this is from sprouts it’s organic virgin unrefined coconut oil and you can see it’s hot here so you can see that it’s in a liquid form well when it gets cool it gets like you know Crisco it gets like hard like lard but the good thing is just kind of warming up in your hands a little bit and it turns into the liquid and it’s not greasy it’s just I mean you’d see me as oil but it really isn’t that crazy anyway I will talk about that another video on how I use it well I used it on the vajayjay so what you do step one you take your tampon and these are organic cotton tampons without applicators ladies you got to get on board with the organic thing and get rid of all the you know all the chemicals the chemicals um so take unwrap this dip it in the coconut oil and rub it on up there I’m not doing it right now yes shove it on out there overnight and coconut oil you may not know because you cook with it whatever has antifungal antibacterial properties so it can work for a yeast infection a vaginal infection and it will work wonders now if if that doesn’t work next step oregano oil now do not take the oregano oil just stick this in and shove it up there you will burn you will have burns because this is like a super potent so you take like a drop of this and you mix it with the coconut oil I chose it for like one drop and then mixed it with a lot of coconut oil I don’t really know what I did with the ratio but maybe like one drop to 25 drops coconut oil I just kind of dumped it like in a little bowl um and then dip it in shove it up there and you’re so hot what kind of smell like a salad which I yeah not that bad um salad with cottage cheese Wow bad joke sorry gross next up garlic you guys are gonna think I’m nuts I swear to god these remedies are like really foolproof take a garlic stinks my hands are now gonna stick poke a few holes in it and overnight stick it up there now don’t make the mistake that I made you don’t even like shove it all the way in there because the first time I did it I needed a GPS tracking device to find it because it kind of got lost and I had to go in and I had to really dig around and I thought I was gonna do in the emergency room and I was gonna be real embarrassing trying to explain why I have a garlic shoved up my vagina you know what I mean so just stick it in couples stick it in and go to sleep I’m telling you I think that these remedies have been around for like ages centuries whatever and the reason is because they work the other thing is you can also use Melaleuca or tina the other words tea tree oil instead of the oregano and I think that it doesn’t burn as much so that might be another option um and then of course I swear to you it will work you can also take that coconut oil and just rub it all over you know outside inside just move it on up no it’s also a good lubricant for when you’re healed and you want to get busy you know it’s also good for that but then of course cranberry juice why is it so bad oh my god it’s just terrible it’s just so terrible but it works too so I did a combination of all these things and I talked about 48 hours and it was healed uh-oh make sure you get though the unsweetened cranberry juice mix it with like when I did is I mix it with um fizzy water or whatever but yet this is the kind I get it’s junk organic just cranberry unsweetened if you eat too much sugar that can actually exacerbate the problem down there so stay away from sugar and then of course everybody knows chow down on yogurt there’s something about the live cultures and the good bacteria or whatever that’s in yogurt that totally helps the situation out down there and I’ve heard of people who have taken the tampon dipped it in some Danone shrouded up there but I would say only eat organic yogurt that is plain there’s like I said the sugar doesn’t do you any favors done we only buy plain yogurt anyway and which Lulu really likes eating in the morning and so she’s like uh mom we’re lonely yogurt we just bought like a whole bunch of it the other day I’m like oh sorry I ate so but something in this whole mixture of things that I did totally work like a charm I was able to heal myself the other funny thing about the medicine in in antibiotics is that lots of times they cause yeast infections because they wipe out your body of bacteria including it’s a good bacteria that’s down there so a lot of times when you finish antibiotics doctor tells you start eating a lot of yogurt or take some probiotics to put the good bacteria back into your system you know it’s just you know a delicate balance and things you got to do keep yourself healthy in certain areas okay well that’s it so I hope I’m able to help some of you let me know if it’s not TMI let me know if this helps okay cuz I want to I want to know if you have any tricks that you know up let me know those too um amore is curious to learn some new things and especially you know if they’re natural so keep me posted well we’ll be talking about yeast infections and bacterial bacterial vaginosis or whatever it’s called so um I wish you all a happy healthy awesome cute sexy vagina isn’t it all in one life really isn’t it okay bye guys thanks for watching you

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