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Yeast Infection Sores – One Of the Signs Of Yeast Infection

August 14, 2019

Yeast Infection Sores – After Seeing Yeast
Infection Sores I Was Worried Not only was I suffering from a yeast infection,
but I started to see the dreaded yeast infection sores. I hadn’t even had a chance to go to the doctor
yet. I had realized some discomfort a few days
back. Then, after waiting for two days, I had called
to make an appointment. However, by the time I was able to get to
the doctor, it had spread quite a bit. I was really nervous about what the doctor
would say. I thought he was at the least going to scold
me for giving it that much time. First, he gave me instructions on how to treat
my condition. A lot of his instruction was based on preventative
measures because he wanted me to be able to not have to go through this again if possible. He advised me that I would see and feel immediate
relief but that it would take a few days for everything to clear up completely. Hey, that was fine with me because the immediate
relief really helped me be able to focus again on my day. I felt like I had really been held hostage
in a way by this yeast infection that had taken over my life this past week.

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