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Yeast Infection Diet, A Nutritionist Can Help

August 14, 2019

[Text on screen]: Nutritionist How to Eliminate Yeast Infections, Thrush, and other Candidiasis-Related Conditions from Your Life Forever Chapter One: Patients History With Yeast Infections TAMARA RENEE: Hi, I’m Tamara Renee with @health. FAITH: I’m Faith. Nice to meet you. TAMARA RENEE: Nice to meet you also, Faith. Thanks for coming. Tell me, you came to me for some conditions. I remember talking to you briefly over the phone and had you bring some paperwork that I sent to you. Remind me what you were plagued with or what you were challenged with. FAITH: I’ve had recurring yeast infections for quite awhile, since the age of about 14 or 15 and I’m just very frustrated at this point. I’ve tried quite a few over-the-counter remedies and delved a little bit into my diet, but just, I’d like to get to a point where I don’t have to deal with it almost on a monthly basis, you know. TAMARA RENEE: What actually caused the yeast infections to begin? Do you know that; did you ever determine that? FAITH: Doctors have said it was because I got, well, they think I may have got a viral infection. I was sick for about six weeks and they had to put me on two different forms of antibiotic. And ever since then it seems like, from what I remember, they started and were very severe, especially around my; that monthly time. TAMARA RENEE: Right. FAITH: They got pretty severe, soů TAMARA RENEE: OK, and did they ever explain to you why that happens? Why that happens when you’re taking antibiotics and why it could actually cause a reoccurring yeast infection over time? FAITH: Well, it’s just it affects the balance. TAMARA RENEE: Right, the good bacteria. FAITH: The good bacteria versusů right, right. TAMARA RENEE: And did they ever talk with you about how your diet could possibly affect that? FAITH: Not at that time, no. Well, I’ve read bits and pieces here and there just trying to find my own information and glean more alternative methods. But I know diet has a little bit to do with it. TAMARA RENEE: So, I’m just going to take a few moments here to look at the questions; the forms you’ve brought in filled out. And I notice that you have heartburn issues. How often do you have heartburn? FAITH: It really depends on the types of food I eat, or, I think, maybe the times of day or if I’ve gone a long period of time and I haven’t eaten anything, and then I eat something and it just doesn’t sit with me. TAMARA RENEE: So, Faith, looking at your forms here I notice that you have some other conditions going on. Do you feel that possibly the yeast infection was the most predominant and maybe had led to some of these others, or do you see a disconnect between them? FAITH: Um, I’m sure that one has something to do with the other, but because I developed the yeast infections so early, that was what was prominent to me, because it was just so frustrating and recurring. TAMARA RENEE: So, looking back over this, here, too, I want to talk a little bit about your bowel movements. Is that OK? FAITH: That’s fine. TAMARA RENEE: OK, so it says “soft to firm.” How often are you having bowel movements? Daily? FAITH: Once a day. TAMARA RENEE: One time a day. And are you actually having any kind of caffeine, coffee, or anything to stimulate that to happen? FAITH: I drink coffee every day, but it’s not that I drink coffee and then it happens. It’s not in that sequence, I guess, but; so you’re saying if I didn’t have the coffee would I not have a bowel movement, maybe? TAMARA RENEE: Correct. FAITH: Um, it has happened, but I’m pretty regular. TAMARA RENEE: OK. Do you feel your stools have a firmer than softer, generally, 80 percent of the time? FAITH: Firmer. TAMARA RENEE: OK. That’s good. When I’m looking at your health appraisal questionnaire that you filled out, I do notice that you are having some deteriorization in the gastrotract. FAITH: Umm-hmm. TAMARA RENEE: You do show that you’re shutting down and not secreting enough digestive enzymes. FAITH: Umm-hmm. TAMARA RENEE: It also shows that you’ve got some inflammation going on in your digestive tract. Now, you’re small intestine and pancreas is secreting enough hydrochloric acid, so we’re good there. But your colon’s starting to lack a little of the ability to have nice peristaltic motion. So, over a period of time, when you have yeast overgrowth in the gut and the vaginal canal, it will deteriorate a great deal of our intestinal tract. FAITH: OK. TAMARA RENEE: So you’re 40, did you say? FAITH: Yes. TAMARA RENEE: So, 40 years of age. You’ve done exceptionally well for having reoccurring yeast infections for a great amount of years, 25 years, and not really deteriorating. OK, so one good thing is you’ve got good genetics in that area on your side. FAITH: OK. TAMARA RENEE: But it will start to add up, OK? So we want to kind of take a look at how we can help heal everything. FAITH: OK. TAMARA RENEE: So, when we’re looking at possibly working together to help you, along with your diet, to help you with your lifestyle habits to correct the yeast, I’m not going to be avoiding the heartburn, the headaches, the female regulating hormones, your sinus challenges and your anxiety, OK? We are going to be watching and monitoring them all. FAITH: OK. TAMARA RENEE: OK. [Text on screen]: To continue watching the interview, proceed to Chapter 2.


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