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Yeast Infection, Candida, Bacterial Vaginosis, explained by Dr. Gordon Pedersen Ph.D.

September 7, 2019

Hello! I am Dr. Patterson I’d like to talk to you
about what’s in my book: Health and Beauty Secrets for HER one of the topics is bacterial
infections of the vagina, now many people are interested in what they can do down in the
women’s area specifically for bacterial vaginosis or for problems inside the vagina that might be yeast related as well but with regard to bacterial in likes to live in a warm moist area the
vaginal vault is a perfect place for it, if you wear shorts that are really tied or nylon stockings
that are type or some of these stretchy lycra pants that are tight, it’s going to make a
warm moist environment and bacteria can grow on the vagina in the folds of the vagina and
even inside the vagina what that means is we need to have a way that naturally can destroy
that! Because if not you’re going to end up with your doctor’s office and they’re going
to prescribe an antibiotic for you and antibiotics make yeast grow and you can actually end up
with a yeast infection from trying to deal with a bacterial problem that you have! So
I recommend Silver Gel! When silver gel is placed in the vaginal area it’s going be
able to in 1 minute spread out over the folds and all the warm moist areas a few minutes
later it will be quickly attacking the bacteria that bacteria might be causing itching or
scratching or pain or older and very shortly the silver can destroy the cause of all of
those problems

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