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Yeast Beast (PSUSY S02 E03)

August 19, 2019

[deep scratching] [deep scratching continues] C 9 and 10 enjoy the.. whatever… [deep scratching resumes] thats D 10 move dude what? gross what? you ju- that E 11 you just itched your thrush crotch in front of like 5 people so, I don’t care did you do that yoghurt thing? yeah [squelching] okay, I’m taking you to the chemist right now come on let’s go – no I don’t it’s been two weeks your foofoo smells really? yup let’s go how can you tell? I can smell cheese okay I’m gonna slide down this thing yeah that feels reeeeaaaaaaaal good yeeeaaaah awww yeah hurry up alright hi how can I help? hi ummmm I need something for umm thru- thrr sorry? uuuhhh thru what? thru- thrushhh she’s got thrush oh thrush! okay what? that’s 15.99 have a good day [phone rings] hey man how’s your cheese crotch? uuhhhhhh not to good aye have you inserted it yet? it’s like really confusing what? and there’s no lube! no lube? right, yeah no lube – did you want me to come over? nah I mean you sure? maybe, no, no I should figure this out how to do it myself because I’m probably gonna get thrush again so… I will talk to your later okay? okay love you bye! would you like a bag with that? ugh! hi how can I hi, she needs more thrush cream more? but weren’t you in her- yeah yeah yeah yeah oh and some lube lubricant

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  • Reply Knight Chime November 15, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Loved it, especially the climax, the editing, music & comedy worked really well together.

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