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WTF Viral Beauty Hacks AROUND THE WORLD! Natalies Outlet

December 24, 2019

Hello, there it’s me, Natalie. Today I’m bringing you guys the most weird, bizzare viral, viral? Beauty hacks from around the world I am bringing you international love So tell me in the comments right now where you are from, what’s your ethnicity? I wanna know about you! So give this video a thumbs up if you love beauty hacks and you just like diversity If you guys are interested I’m currently having a giveaway where I’m giving away three Macbook’s to three lucky subscribers. Click below if you want extra entries.. The first international beauty hack is credited to my friend Karina Garcia. She is Mexicana and she also has a channel, but, basically, she took a burnt tortilla, yeah, this. And, applied it to the teeth cause let me tell you, this whitens your teeth Oh my god! It just broke. You take the burnt tortilla and start rubbing it against your teeth. It’s kinda nice. It’s like you’re rubbing chips up against your teeth. It’s super bitter. And this toothrush is gonna be nasty. People are gonna be like, “Oh my god, what do you do with that toothbrush?” I think they’re kinda like the same tone, but they feel really, really clean. It’s not like that drying clean when you get, like, white strips, it’s like, that’s nice natural clean. Would I do this again? Probably not. This next beauty hack involves a roller, which is very strange. But this is a Columbian beauty hack, I actually grew up seeing a lot of women in my house do this. I know, the things we do for beauty. Pretty much what they do is they- Just kidding! Pretty much what this is used for is to push fat out and into wherever you want. But mainly for cellulite. What my mom would do is she would have, like, this coffee scrub, because coffee’s also super good for cellulite. And then, she would, basically, roll her legs up and all that fat would get rolled into her de-donk-de-donk! But I have personally done this with myself and I can vouch that it works it’s insanely crazy. I used to have like really bad cellulite. I’m not gonna show you my legs right now. But I used to have really bad, bad, cellulite. Every morning after I took a shower I would roll my legs upward, you wanna roll upward. And, what this resembles is if you’ve ever gone and gotten one of those sculpting massages. They’re also sculpting your body so they push really hard onto your body and onto your legs and then into, like, cellulite and stuff. So this works exactly the same. This one 100% works. I’m gonna start doing it again, lose the cellulite for the summer. The next beauty hack comes from Venezuela. Where my Venezuelan people at? Venezuelan beauty hack, pretty much they use and avocado to rub this onto their cuticles and just make their cuticles moisturised. My, um, cuticles, are ratchet right now so. Let’s see if this works. All we’re gonna do is just mash up this avocado, up in here. This is one expensive remedy, cause you know avocado ain’t cheap. Chipotle. It don’t look very good but it feels good and maybe it is good. I’m gonna go wash up and then I’m gonna put some oil on this hand and I’ll let you guys know which one I prefer. The other oil that I used on this hand, it kind of, is still oily. Whereas this one just feels baby butt soft. I feel like my hands have been soaked in magical lotion all along. This is insanely awesome. I just kinda wanna rub avocado on my face right now. I highly suggest, if you have really dry, cracked skin, use some avocado. This next beauty hack is from China which so happens to come at a good time because I just went to the bathroom and picked my face. The base of this hack is Chinese rice. Women use Chinese rice water to cleanse their faces. The Chinese rice in itself has some kind of anti-aging agent. So, we’re gonna try it out. So first what you have to do, is let Chinese rice soak in water for 20 minutes. And then you’re just gonna use some kind of damp cloth. And the very last step is just to put this over your face for 10 minutes. I’m gonna set the timer and I’m just gonna chill. It was really relaxing. It felt very refreshing on the face. My face right now doesn’t feel dry at all, which is one of my biggest pet peeves. It feels very bouncy. They say to do this like once a week, and then you’ll see the best kind of results. Chinese women have really nice skin so I kinda believe this one. So, this next beauty hacks comes from Greece. And, now, if you’re someone like me who has really frizzy hair, especially if you live in Florida, and this humidity is real, then you might like this one. Boil rosemary into water and so, it makes something like this. You’re gonna pour this onto your hair and it’s supposed to give you really light, bouncy, and free of frizz curls. So, we’re gonna test it out. I tend to be someone, that I love curling my hair but the Florida, honestly, just does not permit me all the time. But, I’m gonna test this out, them I’m going to go out, out into the wild jungle of heat and then, we’re gonna see if it worked. I actually remember having a few shampoos I loved that have rosemary in it. So, I’m pretty sure this is gon’ work. This is the finished hair before I go outside. It’s not as curly but it is wavy, it’s super shiny. It smells very relaxing, just like rosemary, so I am digging that. And, I’m about to go play with my dog. out in this humidity. It’s currently 94 which is very hot. After being outside, in the hot humidity, for 20 minutes, my hair is still – I’d say pretty decent. Honestly, my hair gets way more frizzy. But the smell of rosemary you guys. Oh my goodness. It’s like this constant relaxation, aromatherapy thing going on. I’m digging it, I highly recommend you guys try this one out. If anything, I feel like it made my hair softer and just more, I don’t know, it’s nice. I’m just, like, feeling relaxed, OK? If you enjoyed todays video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, also comment what you want me to try out next. Like, what international beauty hacks have you been dying to find out if they work or not. As always, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat @NataliesOutlet, and Facebook. Yeah, Facebook, I have that one. If you’re interested in vlog content, make sure you check out Natalie & Dennis Show that’s where I will supposedly be posting weekly blogs, we shall see. I hope you guys have an amazing day, don’t forget to live weird or die normal. Bye!


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