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Women Try Vaginal Weightlifting For The First Time

August 19, 2019

– Kim I thought this would be smaller. – What kind of dicks are you used to? This is small. (bongo drum music) – I’m Kim Anami and I am a holistic sex and relationship coach. The idea here isn’t just that we’re lifting weights and creating strength is that we’re actually revving up a woman’s sexual energy. Using that energy to enliven ourselves, to revitalize ourselves, to become what I call a well (bleep) woman. Meaning that you are a woman who’s really in touch with her sexuality. Even if you don’t have a sexual partner, by doing this practice, you can still be very well (bleep). All women can strengthen their vagina. All women can have vaginal orgasms. All women can lubricate profusely. All women can shoot ping pong balls across the room. This is in the realm of normal for every single female on the planet. And it’s just like any other muscle. If you don’t consciously use it, it atrophies and it becomes weak and it it’s weak, it’s numb. And so most women on the planet are walking around with
fairly numb vaginas. (lively music) All right, we’re going to do some vaginal weightlifting today. I’ve got three very willing vaginas. Let’s start from the top. Now, you’re each going to get one of these pouches, which contains your jade vaginal weightlifting egg. So you can pull these out. – That looks large. – So what we’re going to do is tie a string to the egg first and of course, this is how we’re going to attach things to the end of the string and we’re going to lift. – I’m so delighted right now. (giggles) This just goes in like this. – Yep, just thread it through the hole and then you’re going to
tie the end of the string. What we’re going to do
is start really gently. Here are some pouches full of stones. These are rose quartz stones. – But that doesn’t go in right? – These do not. All right, you guys ready? – Yeah. – Ready for the big moment of truth. – I never though this
would happen on camera, or like in life. – [Girl in gray skirt] No, no. – [Girl in gray top] Yeah
whatever, fucking figure it out. – [Girl in gray skirt] I don’t
think it’s going to go in you guys. – [Girl in gray] Oh it was super easy. – Throw that into your pouch. (laughing) – I can’t, I’m scared to move. Is it going to just pop out? – It might. – Oh no. – It feels like a tampon. It feels like nothing. – Flex your PC muscle, so
your pubocoxigeo muscle the muscle that you use– – Puba what? (laughing) – The muscle that you stop, you clench it to stop the flow of urine. – Oh. – See if you can pull the egg up in your vagina. – I don’t think I could do that. – I’m going to go to Walgreen’s. I’m going to go run all my errands. – Are you going to put
your produce in there too? – Yep. – So you can try to do some squats. – No. – Squats with your legs closed like that? – It’s definitely going to fall out. – No it’s definitely going to fall out if I open my legs. – This is what I imagine
having balls feels like. – Yeah. (laughing) – No, no, no, these are 80
year old’s balls though. These are low. (lively music) – [Kim] You ready. – Okay. – [Kim] And standing. – Oh no, oh no, okay I got it. It was real close there for a second. Oh that’s heavy. – Okay, now I feel a pull. – Next steps would be using this practice five to ten minutes a day. The world record holder says that in five to ten minutes a day. In one week, you’ll
notice a huge difference and you can give yourself and your partner unbelievable pleasure in bed. I quote from the horses
mouth, slash vagina. – People are real afraid of their vaginas. Like if you throw vaginal on weightlifting and people are like, I don’t know. You work out all your other muscles right? – Yeah, I like it. I would do it. Easier than I thought it was going to be. I also really enjoy just kind of swinging my sack back and forth. (laughs) – Yeah I feel stronger. I feel stronger as like being a woman, being able to do this. – (mumbles) it’s like why aren’t we like oh my vagina’s so strong. – They did fantastic. You were very amazing actual first effort. – Guys, above average vaginas. – Yeah, crushing it, crushing it. – Three, two, one, and front and back and front and back and front and back and front and back and front and back and front and back and side and side. – Oh all right, oh this side – And side, the other side.


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