Women Try An “Anti-Cellulite Cup”

September 11, 2019

– Is this a diva cup? Hello, I’m Chloe and today
I’m going to give some lovely ladies this item to try out. They know nothing about it, other than it claims to help cellulite. So I was scrolling through
Facebook the other day and up popped a video about this thing. Well I’ve had cellulite on
the upper part of my thighs for years and I’ve tried so
many things and nothing works. But I’m in good company because
according to a 2004 study, cellulite affects between 85% and 98% of all post-pubescent women, which explains why there are so many anti-cellulite products on the market. So cellulite refers to pockets of fat that develop right
below the skins surface. That cause like an orange
peel or dimpled affect. And it doesn’t just occur on
people who are overweight. People of any size can get it. Fluid retention, genetics,
and lack of dermis strength can all be factors on whether
or not you get cellulite. – Hi, I’m Hannah I’ve had
cellulite for about 10 years – When I was younger it was
really a big issue for me, I didn’t wear any shorts
until I was probably 15. – I’ve had cellulite for
as long as I can remember. – My relationship with cellulite
is not really something that I think about in
terms of the insecurities that I have on my body. – It started like in my late teens and I kind of went through
this heavier faze of my life. And so I always thought that
if I just lost the weight it would go away, but I
did and it’s here to stay. – I have it everywhere, I
have it on my arms, thighs, stomach, it’s just a genetic thing that has always been in my family. – Well I think I probably have cellulite on the back of my legs,
I’m not 100% sure just because it’s like I
don’t go looking for it. – When I see women who are
flaunting their cellulite, and not giving a shit,
I love them so much. – Celebrity magazine, it’s always like, someones butt like in a
bikini and then it’s like, this person has cellulite, like oh my god. Like is there anything more
disgusting in the world. – I’m kind of okay with it,
because I realize that I’m not willing to do much to
try to get rid of it. – Ever since college, I
frankly flaunt my cellulite, and I don’t try to hide it anymore. – I’m trying to just be happy
with the body that I have. – I don’t know if I believe
that cellulite products work. – Like I don’t understand why
we’re trying to get rid of it. Why don’t we just be happy and accept it? I’m skeptical about this. – I’m really intrigued as to
what this thing looks like, but whether or not I
think it’s going to work, I don’t want to hedge my bets on it. – This might change my life. This might change a
bunch of women’s lives, but if it doesn’t work, big
deal I still have cellulite. So I’ve seen this product on
a bunch of different websites, and not one of them can really explain exactly how this product works. Something about increasing circulation, which I can understand,
but also something about it breaking down fat. How do you break down
fat by just rubbing it? So, I’m not sure exactly how
much you’re supposed to use it. Some websites say five
minutes a day per area for around two to three
weeks to see a difference. Today we’re just going to try
it out and see how it feels. – If this is any kind
of live creature Chloe, I swear to god. – What the hell is this? – Is this a baby bottle cap? – Oh did you just give me some Tupperware? – Is this a suction cup to
suck up my cellulite bits? – I’ll be honest, when you said
like weird cellulite thing, I thought it was going to be a vibrator, so I’m a little bit relieved. – I’m not fully sure but
I think there’s a suction, you like stick it, and
then you suction it. – Are you supposed to like, oh. – But I don’t get how you
generate the suction, oh hold on. – Like a dent in a car, where you like put it on
and then the dent comes out. – Never thought I would
oil up my legs on camera. – Very treat yourself, type of day. – Now that I’ve lubed up my upper thigh Attach it to my skin until it sucks, then you just move it around right? – [Woman] There’s like a little planet, it’s like a huge pimple. – [Woman] Oh shit. – Okay so my skin is engaged,
oh that feels kind of nice. – Oh it felt really good at first but now it feels like someones giving me like a really intense hickey. – Makes society accept me. This is what we have to
do, this is being woman. – See this is too much work, I would rather just keep the cellulite. – It doesn’t hurt, but you can see my legs getting kind of red. – Yeah it feels nice, like I
want someone to do this to me. – It’s kind of hard to use, it’s kind of, you have to squeeze it and each time you, it’s like a hard plastic. – I feel like I never really
get this sort of alone time with my bod, maybe I should do
that more often I don’t know. – I think it does irritate
your skin and muscle enough, that it’s swollen, so the swelling kind of reduces the appearance of the cellulite. – Like I’m just stimulating my skin a lot, so I feel like that’s
maybe how this works, smooth over the cellulite or something. I know it’s not like sucking the cellulite out of my body obviously. I was a little apprehensive, because it seems like some
of the treatments that fix imperfections are painful, so I’m relieved that it didn’t hurt. – It’s the same idea
that’s behind lip plumpers, that suck your lips in,
so yeah it does like plump the surface of
your skin temporarily. – It’s supposed to be long term result, or you’re supposed to
do it for a long time and then see results,
so for now I’m just sore and kind of unhappy, but it could work. – This is actually I feel
like a nice stress release, if they marketed it for that. – I think that if I’m
going to take the time to like superficially address the issue, I should just take the
time to like work out. – And I feel like for
me, it’s like why pay $10 when not giving a fuck is free. – Hours of your day are
spent suction cupping, then yeah no one will see your cellulite because you’ll be fucking inside all day. (upbeat music)

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