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Women In Medicine Part 1: Overcoming Obstacles in the Workplace

March 6, 2020

So I think just the mentality maybe it’s
a generational thing but feeling support from other women around you oh is so big
right so every victory it’s not just yours
it’s the woman I see you just feel like the whole team is cheering you on yeah you’re totally right
actually you mentioning that reminds me that I think over the course of like the
eight years that I’ve been in healthcare I have seen a change maybe it’s just
because of like my own personal growth or my position in the hospital but I
often used to have more conflict with females in medicine than males and now I
understand why and I understand the culture more than I previously did but
over the last couple years like some of my best friends are the female doctors
and the ones that I find myself seeking out for support and guidance for the
most part and when I get support or guidance from one of them
it actually means more to me then if I get support or guidance from a male
colleague because we come from the same place you know to a certain extent even
though I’m a nurse practitioner and you’re a doctor
like there still is we still struggle in our own respect so yeah I completely
agree getting support from your female colleagues means so much yeah
which actually gives me a question as that question came to my mind so what it
so you know you have an Instagram following like a pretty large one so do
i and I do think that having Instagram or a blog or whatever makes you much
more visible to females wanting to go into medicine or wanting to go into
health care in some way how do you feel like you’ve been able to use your
platform to support females going through medicine or training? Or how do
you feel like you are able to positively promote being a woman in medicine? I
think a lot of that I’m gonna try not to I think but I
really don’t think about it too much great I think the social media aspect is
already so can be so fake mm-hmm that if this is something that I want to pour my
time and energy into I would want it to be as close to me as possible
you know so you’ll see me at pictures of my dogs and you know pictures of work
and then also of yoga and things that I like to do so I try to be a good example
but the only example I know how to be is me you’re just being yourself I’m just
being myself right and I think I’m more useful when if someone comes to me with
a question so I’m very responsive and my messages so if someone does have a
question or they do need guidance I think that just makes the world that
much smaller right so you didn’t know any female interventionals but now you
know one yeah all you have to do is just shoot her a message she’ll get right
back to you whenever she has time so I was mentoring this medical student who
thought the things that I posted the cases that I shared were so interesting
and so fun as she went you could feel her excitement and so she is progressed
on and she’s doing interviews now and I called her I was like how her interviews
going she was like oh yeah they’re going free the questions are really easy they
asked me other the other day you know as a female interventionist what obstacles
do you think you’ll have to overcome and I told them nothing and they’re really
confused but I was like why were they confused and she was like I don’t know
why I don’t think I’m gonna come across anything that I can’t handle
and so they asked if she knew you know any female intervention she’s like oh
yeah aren’t they all female cause Michele Manavesse is one on Instagram she’s
just doing yoga on the beach and throwing in g-tubes and she looks like she’s
having a great time to me in her world the only
interventionalist she knows is a female alright but in all actuality it’s like
99 percent male but because you’re on Instagram I feel the same way it’s like
you’re just there like you’re available yeah so that’s what people see in this
day and age yeah you know and like that’s great that’s a great story
seriously you’re great story it made me feel really good
yeah of course it did creaking of a really good so we were at that headspace
and figs event last night and someone walked up to Danny it was like I saw you
speak at a conference and I love you so much
that’s true that is true it’s of I forgot her name I died with so embarrassed
you gave their number that I remember your face I remember your face but yeah
and it’s crazy and it’s like you feel for me I feel a little bit of I don’t I
don’t want to say an impostor but it is a little bit of an impostor syndrome
because I’m just I’m there and I do what I do like I’m I did especially when I
was in school like I was doing research I was speaking you know and I’ve spoken
multiple times but at the same time I know there are people who are so much
more accomplished than me they just don’t happen to have an Instagram
account but it has given me a platform like it’s crazy like it’s really crazy
and I can at least even though I may not have you know 20 and 30 publications or
you know right now I’m kind of still trying to find my place as a nurse
practitioner I am able to like emotionally support people through the
process of becoming whatever you want to become you know in my realm like
becoming a nurse practitioner there’s only like I don’t know a hundred and
ninety five ways that you can do it so it can get very confusing so at least
I’m there to support other women wanting to go through and I’m sure it’s like
similar for you you know I mean the process itself is already so difficult no the hours are long there’s not a whole lot of
guidance for these young women out there right a lot you have life to like go
through to so I think it’s really important to show what you’re doing
outside of that you know to support going through this very long grueling
training because there there is more to life so there’s also the sense of
responsibility though to like keep giving back yeah and my hope is that if
someone reaches out to me and I do take time to respond one day when they get to
where I am or where they want to be you know it’ll be the same for them and
exponentially we’ll just to grow this big network of support yeah I agree

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