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Woman Passes Away From Mosquito Bite

September 4, 2019

Hey guys Jarred Bronstein here and welcome
back to InformOverload. Unfortunately today’s video is on the more
serious side, as a Woman has Passed Away From Mosquito Bite. Laurie Slyvia, a Massachusetts woman in her
50’s passed away after contracting Eastern Equine Encephalitis (In-suf-uh-lite-issss)
aka EEE, which is a rare virus that is spread by mosquitoes. The virus can cause brain infection, or an
encephalitic illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who’s
website also explains the severity of the virus can be determined by the person’s
symptoms. Mosquitoes that spread the vires are usually
found around freshwater and hardwood swamps. According to a Massachusetts government website,
the mosquitoes usually contract the virus from infected birds, who usually show no sign
of illness. The disease can also be contracted by humans,
of course, as well as human and llamas, although they do no spread the disease when infected. For whatever reason, the disease itself seems
to come back every 10 to 20 years, and last for about 2-3 years at a time. The most recent outbreak of EEE in Massachusetts
began in 2010, lasting until 2012 involving nine case with four fatalities. It’s believed 1 third of those who have
EEE nationally die, although some victims can be infected with what’s known as a systemic
infection, which, according the the CDC “has an abrupt onset and is characterized by chills,
fever, malaise, arthralgia, and myalgia.The illness lasts 1 to 2 weeks, and recovery is
complete when there is no central nervous system involvement. In infants, the encephalitic form is characterized
by abrupt onset; in older children and adults, encephalitis is manifested after a few days
of systemic illness. Signs and symptoms in encephalitic patients
are fever, headache, irritability, restlessness, drowsiness, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea,
cyanosis, convulsions, and coma.” Unfortunately there is no cure or vaccine
against the infection, and those who do succumb to the disease will tend to pass away 2-10
days after onset symptoms, but can occur much later. Even those who are able to fight off the virus
and recover are left with “disabling and progressive mental and physical sequelae (seh
qwell eh), which can range from minimal brain dysfunction to severe intellectual impairment,
personality disorders, seizures, paralysis, and cranial nerve dysfunction. Many patients with severe sequelae die within
a few years.” Now although the virus appears to be deadly,
or at the very least life altering, it’s important to mention it was first identified
in Massachusetts back in 1938, and since then, there have been less than 100 recorded cases
of infection. And of the cases that have been reported,
more than 60% were reported in the Plymouth or Norfolk counties. However as of this year, four people, a goat
and three horses have tested posted for EEE in the state. Unfortunately their conditions are unavailable
at this time. Sylvia’s case, however, has been confirmed
by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that it was the 4th case of the year
and the first fatality. In a statement they explained “We are working
with several state agencies including MDAR, local boards of health, local Mosquito Control
Projects, and other mosquito control experts on mosquito surveillance and appropriate public
health response activities,” Outbreaks of the virus sporadically occur every 10 to 20
years, with this year’s being one of the more intense years. Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel said
in a statement “We are seeing the most intense level of EEE activity that we have in several
years. The largest area is in Bristol and Plymouth
Counties with a second focus of activity in parts of Worcester (Warstur) and Middlesex
Counties. We are urging people across the state to remember
that the peak time for transmission of mosquito-borne illness extends through September here in
Massachusetts.” It’s believed this is the first local outbreak
of the virus in about 7 years, and currently puts tons of communities at high risk according
to state officials. So if a deadly virus is taking over the state
of Massachusetts, what are they doing and what can those who have a risk of being infected
do to protect themselves ? The state of Massachusetts has taken to the air to spray what I’m going
to assume is some sort of pesticide or mosquito repellent, and of course have warned residents
in highly affected areas to stay inside. And although certain areas are being sprayed
which will help reduced the mosquito population, they can’t confirm that the aerial sprays
will completely eliminate the disease all together. So if you must go out say, government officials
are recommending you use a repellent, wear long sleeved clothing and pants to cover up
your body as much as possible and avoid being outdoors during peak mosquito times, which
are between dusk and dawn. At this time of course are thoughts and prayers
are with everyone affected by the loss of Slyvia, and those affected by the virus. Although it doesn’t seem like a cure or
anti virus is going to be discovered as of now, it is good to know the state of Massachusetts
is doing what they can to try and control the mosquito population. For anyone watching this that lives in the
area, please be proactive and do what you need to to make sure you are well protected. I’ve been your host Jarred Bronstein and
we’ll see you guys in the next video.


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