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Winter flu spreading fast in South Korea

September 26, 2019

Last month the Korea Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention warned that the winter flu would soon start spreading fast. And spread it has. The number of cases is up 9 times since that
warning was issued. For details let’s turn to our Hong Yoo. It was mid-November when the government cautioned
people about the flu, and since then the number of infections has risen dramatically. The KCDC announced Friday that last week,
out of every one thousand patients at hospitals and clinics,… there were 71-point-9 cases
of the flu… almost the same as the peak last year of 72-point-1. Those who catch the flu the most are teenagers,…
followed by kids aged 7 to 12. The influenza virus spreads in communal places
like schools, so the government recommends getting vaccinated. Shots are free at public health centers for
people older than 65, babies at least 6 months old and children younger than 12. Last week saw the year’s first case of type
B Influenza, which is a less common strain. So there are now two types of the flu going
around,… and it is possible to catch both of them. The flu causes an often severe fever… as
well as headaches and coughing. If you have those symptoms, it’s recommended
that you seek treatment quickly… and avoid spreading it — that means people need to
wash their hands and cover their mouths when coughing. Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

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