Will Smith Surprises Viral Video Classmates for Their Kindness

December 30, 2019

[CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Hello. Hey, how are you doing? How are you doing? I’m doing fine. Good. All right, who’s who? Which one are you? Kristopher. Kristopher. Micheal Todd. Micheal. Antwain Antwain. OK, so whose idea was this? It was my idea. Your idea. Yes, ma’am. OK. So you saw that– this is obviously the
beginning of the school year. Yes, ma’am. Just started. Did you know Micheal? No, ma’am. I didn’t know nothing of Mike. No. You just– had you seen
him getting bullied, or did you hear about it? So what happened was, we
was in the same class. When school had first
started, the first week, I was still on a
temporary schedule. And they were
making jokes of him. And I was also laughing along. And then, once I used to just
go home and think about it, I wanted to apologize to Mike. But I wanted to give him
something in an apology. Right. OK, so then you talked
to Antwain about this. And Antwain said, I want in. I want to help, right? Yes, ma’am. OK. And how do you all
know each other? We play football together. Play football together, OK. So y’all are popular. [LAUGHTER] Not really. Well. You play football. [LAUGHTER] All right. And so Micheal, all of
a sudden, these two guys that you don’t know
walk up and decide to give you brand new clothes. How did that feel? I was surprised, shocked, happy,
trying to keep a straight face instead of showing my smile. It was the best day in my
life, because I was bullied. Yeah. I was bullied my entire life. [APPLAUSE] So you were bullied your
whole life, and suddenly, out of nowhere, the
kindness of these guys– and you didn’t really
want to film it. But somebody, just
because you didn’t do this to get attention,
who filmed this? Well, some– well,
we have a friend. He always is having his phone,
walking round and recording stuff around the school. He’s seen us walking to
Micheal third period of class. And he started– he was,
like, what are you all doing? And we was like, we’re– we ain’t saying nothing. We just pulled
Micheal out of class. Then people started
coming out of class. And 30 minutes later,
we received the video. I had posted it to Facebook. I wasn’t expecting
it to go viral. I wanted it to
make a difference, to make people stop bullying. Right, right. And it did, because it
was viewed so many times by so many people, and
that’s why you’re here. Because not only did I
respond, a lot of celebrities looked at this and
said, this is amazing. We want to reward these
guys and point this out, shine a light on you. So umm Will Smith, come on out. [CHEERING AND MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Hey! Oh, hello. [CHEERING] What is up. Hey, Will. Ellen. Hi, Will. Thank you. Thank you. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] All right, Will. [LAUGHING] Can’t wait to watch
the new movie. Oh, thank you, yes, yes. Gemini Man– thank you. It’s very cool. [HUMMING] [LAUGHTER] This is awesome. I’m trying to keep
it normal voice. I saw the video. And me and Jada
were sitting around. It was like, that,
that is fantastic. And there is no way
that I’m letting this pass without making
contact with these kids. And what you did
felt small to you. But I promise you that is
exactly how human beings are supposed to interact
with one another. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] And it’s not, it’s not
more complicated than that. Somebody is having a hard
time, and you help them. It’s that simple. Yep, doesn’t matter if
you know them or not. Doesn’t matter if you know them. People– Everybody is suffering. You won’t walk past
a single person that’s not having a hard time. And you guys saw that,
and you decided to help. And what was really big
also was the self-correct. You saw that you were laughing
and you were part of it, and you stopped
and self-corrected. [LAUGHTER] You guys– That’s big. –know everything. That’s big, yes, yeah. It is so huge. All right. We’re going to take a break. More after this. Kris is playing it so cool. He’s like, this
happens all the time. Yeah. This is nothing big for me. I can’t wait to get
back to Memphis. I can’t wait– That’s right, yeah. –as soon as I get home. All right. So Will and I loved
what you did, obviously. I can’t thank you
enough for being an example to all
the kids out there, all the adults out there– Yes. — who need to pay
attention to helping others. And Will has something for you. Yeah, just because it
was around clothes, and I thought it was cool. So I just want you
all to have some gear. I got a little of
some stuff out here. What have we got? We got it back there. Bring it out. I got you some gear. I got you a couple of things. I got you all a couple
of things, yeah. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] That’s some cool stuff. It’s a– [CHEERING] This is some special
state-of-the-art stuff. It’s not even out yet. So this is a merch
line I’m doing. I’m doing a secret drop. Well, it’s not secret anymore. [LAUGHTER] I just announced it. But I’m doing a drop. So it’s some special stuff. And also, I talked to the
people at New Balance, and this is an act of kindness
that I just don’t want to soon be forgotten, right? So everybody at New
Balance has agreed that we’re going to
get gear for everybody in your school, all 600
kids in your school. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] All right. I know, yeah. [LAUGHTER] I also want to help. And you know I’ve had a
relationship for a long time with Shutterfly. Shutterfly loves what you did. So each of you is getting
a check for $10,000. Yeah. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Here you go, guys. There you go. [LAUGHTER] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] I want to thank Wanda
Sykes and Will Smith. Have a wonderful weekend. Be kind to one another.

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