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Will CanXida Remove Help Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus?

August 29, 2019

How are you all out there? Eric Bakker, thanks for coming back. I’ve got a question here from a person called
Vola Poli, that’s quite interesting name. Vola Poli. Will CanXida Remove get rid of toenail fungus? I have used tea tree oil and all other sorts
of antifungals for the last eight months, and it just keeps getting worse. I’ve done bleach soaks, vinegar soaks, Listerine
soaks, oil of oregano, emu oil, you name it. Man. Okay, well, Vola Poli, this is what you do. The first thing you want to probably do is
cut the nail right back, all right? Cut it back as much as you can, cut right
into it, so really expose the nail bed as much as you can of it. I also want you to get a little piece of emery
board or something to file the top of the nail. Now, the reason we’re doing that is to make
it more porous, to suck stuff in and suck stuff under. You are correct. You need to take stuff internally as well
as apply stuff externally. Best treatments always happen when you attack
them from various angles, all right? Try and think of it this way. You’re walking down the street with your partner
or alone or whatever, preferably with your partner, and then you’re going to be approached
by a whole bunch of different, say, it’s three or four different guys and they’re going to
give you a bit of a rumble. They want your iPhone off you, okay? Now, all of a sudden, there’s a couple of
people on the other side of the street who notice this and they come up behind them. Now, all of a sudden, they’re surrounded by
people. They’re getting attacked on different fronts. The people that are bad actually are going
to get hammered, all right? What happens is they usually can see this
to be a threat. They perceive this threat coming in and guess
what happens? The cry babies run away, the strong ones stay
behind. There was this film I saw once, I can’t remember,
Tom Cruise. I think it came out about… It was one of these action guy, action kind
of movies, you know? I think it was John Wick. Is it John Wick? I think [inaudible] I think that was his name. He got approached by this really big loud
mouth guy and two or three other guys. What he did is he kicked the loud mouth guy
in the groin and when he dropped, the other guys ran away like cry babies. Now, canxidas, and I find this very similar
to the approach I’ve always maintained works well in the gut. If you take down something really big and
weaken other pathogens in the gut or overgrowths in the gut, it’s like blocks come tumbling
down. It makes it much easier to work on. When you’ve got an issue in the periphery
and it’s not being amended by local topical treatments, you have to tackle it from different
fronts. When I’m saying that, I’m saying you got to
tackle it, diet, lifestyle, improve your sleep, get rid of your boss, fire your boyfriend
or your girlfriend if they’re a pain in the butt, work on these different angles. Make the weak things strong. Okay? If you can make the weakest thing strong in
your life, you’ll usually find that these kind of bugs just get weaker themselves and
eventually buckle and fall. You can’t tackle things like this that are
chronic on one front alone, because you’ll keep doing the same thing. All right? What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same stuff, vinegar soaks, over
and over again and not getting the right outcome. It’s not going to happen. Tea tree oil, yes. Use the brand called Thursday, as in the day
of the week, Thursday Plantation. All right? That’s the brand you want to get. Anything else is junk in my opinion. I always stick with that one particular brand. These guys were the original tea tree oil
company. They made the tea tree oil to begin with and
other companies followed suit. Mind you, tea tree oil has been around since
the 1920s, I believe, but Thursday Plantation is a company set up in Australia in the ’60s,
I think. I think it might’ve been 1976 it was set up,
and it is absolutely fantastic product. Get yourself the 25 mil bottle. Then, every morning, you’ve cut the toe nail
back, you’re going to put one drop on the nail bed there. You filed the top of the nail back. You put one drop on the nail and then you
put a sock or whatever on there. Then in the evening, before bed, same thing. Okay? Treat it twice per day. Morning and night. Morning and night. Relentless. The CanXida Remove, one tablet three times
per day. Relentless. You do that for probably about three months. Now, expose the foot to sunlight, expose the
feet to fresh air. Don’t wear stockings all the time. Don’t wear socks all the time. Have bare feet. Okay? Walk around like a chimpanzee. Maybe your boss will allow that, depends on
the body odor I suppose. Try and expose the foot as much as you can
to the elements. A yeast infection hates sun. It hates light. It loves moisture. It loves darkness. Okay? This is why the private areas of the body
always get hammered, because they’re covered up. They’re warm, they’re moist, all right? They’re fed all sorts of bacteria there and
all sorts of junk there. They love those areas, so you’ve got to reverse
that. You’ve got to really open things up, all right? If you live near the seaside and had your
foot in a bucket of water every day for 10, 15 minutes, it’s goodbye Candida within three
months, it’s gone. Guaranteed. I’ve heard this from thousands of people. I know a lot of people, they’ve got bad fungal
foot problem. Then, they go on vacation for two or three
weeks in an island, like the Seychelles or the Maldives or the Bahamas or wherever you
want to go, and they spend a lot of time in the water. Then, lo and behold, all of a sudden, they’re
sitting in their office in New York and they go, “Goddamn. That foot’s looking so much better.” That’s because of the exposure to the elements. It works. All right? The other thing I find when people are on
holidays, they tend to relax some more. They don’t stress so much. All these little things work towards getting
rid of that toenail fungus. The number one thing you can do for toenail
issues is to not have that foot covered all the time with socks and shoes. This is why so many office workers get fungal
problems because they’ve always got their feet covered. All right? Imagine if I got a big bag or a cloth and
I put it over your head. Then, I put a big leather thing over your
head there as well. I got you to walk around for 12 hours a day
with your head covered with bags and stuff like that and cloths and stuff. What do you think your face is going to look
like and your ears? You’re going to get massive fungal infections
in your ears, because there’s no air flow around the head. There’s no sunlight. Use some common sense here, all right? Just expose that foot as much as you can. You’re saying, “Oh my God. I can’t expose that foot. I’ve got the foot from hell. It looks like Darth Vader’s foot or something
like that.” Then, paint the toenails or something or whatever,
but you can’t paint the toenails, can you? Not a good idea if you’ve got a toenail fungus
really to put that kind of stuff on there, acetone-based products, but tea tree oil works. I don’t think you’ve really looked effectively
at that holistic concept we’re talking about, watch my videos on eating, eating the right
kind of foods for yeast infection. Follow the CanXida program, so you’ll need
the Remove, the Rebuild and the Restore. I recommend you take Remove three times per
day, Restore twice per day and Rebuild once per day. That’s generally sufficient. All right? You should be able to get rid of this toenail
fungus within three to six months. Now, I find the best time to get rid of a
toenail problem is summertime. Now if you’re in the States, you’ll be going
into winter now so it’s making it a lot harder to get rid of. How many people are going to walk around bare
feet in winter time? Nobody. All right? As soon as spring comes along and it warms
up, kick off those socks or stockings, put sandals on or something like that and expose
those toes. I hope that gives you a little bit of an insight
into how I would work on a toenail problem. I will repeat, I’ve never seen a toenail problem
that can’t be fully fixed. I’ve seen many people with attitudes that
can’t be fixed that don’t want to work towards that holistic approach. All right? I’ll leave you with that. Click on the link below. Hopefully, a nice person from my team will
have put down the Candida Report, my free 17 page report, that’ll show you the right
foods to eat with candida and what to buy. All right? Thanks for your question, Miss or Mrs Poli. I think it’s Vola Poli. Thank you.


  • Reply Gd Snuff August 26, 2019 at 1:12 am

    Thank you for the tips!

  • Reply Randy Haarsma August 26, 2019 at 2:35 am

    Eric , Will the canxida cream also help with toenail fungus ? Also Is/when will the cream be available again ? Thanks

  • Reply Ajax Ashford August 26, 2019 at 7:09 am

    Coconut oil will do the toenail fungus. Apply 3 times a week

  • Reply alison pittman August 26, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    What tablets is candidia remove? Please from UK. Have systemic candidia. And weakened immune system. Thank you

  • Reply Ray Keller August 26, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    Love it! I haven't tried your treatment yet but i believe you

  • Reply TayGi777 August 28, 2019 at 7:54 am

    I live in USA – I love your videos Eric. Anyway, I have a ton of experience in natural healing. Eric is so correct here. You need to attack fungus from many angles. I have tried the CanXida products. They WORK! I can tell they add a lot of strength to a solid protocol. Meaning, EAT NATURAL FOOD. You MUST STOP Drinking, smoking, drugs. You must sleep and walk around (with little clothing as possible) in sunlight and barefoot at least 20 min a day. Being on a beach and getting the sun and sand on the feet – and ocean water helps a lot too. Plus essential oil on feet like Tea Tree. But even Frankincense works great too. GET SLEEP. Eric is 100% correct about a multi angle approach and I never met him or talked to him – the truth is just the truth. So Eric knows his stuff!

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