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Why Your Fitness Routine Doesn’t Have to Start on a Monday

March 12, 2020

– You can visualize your next day. And kinda set those goals about how you want your morning to go, and how you want your day to go, you can make that happen. That’s the most magical, most beautiful part about you life, is that you can do it all and you are in control of it. (upbeat music) – You will workout to nourish
your body and your mind, and you feed yourself to
nourish your body and your mind. So think about it that way. We always say, “lean, clean, and green.” So if you’re looking at a menu and you’re back to eating healthy, right? Wow, I’m overwhelmed here, what do I eat? Just think, “lean, clean, green.” – Yeah. – Is it a lean protein? Is it clean without any chemicals? And just fill your plate with green. (upbeat music) – Your fitness journey is
always there waiting for you and you can start any day. So if you’re in a lull, it’s okay. If you’re going through a tough time, then kinda of going through that process and picking yourself back up, but just know that
everyone goes through it, whether it’s for a positive or for something that’s
really unfortunate. And no matter what, there’s always a time that you can start tomorrow. And you don’t have to start on a Monday. (upbeat music) – Everyone in our office and
on our team works with us and we’re one big team with
the end goal being the same of building the Tone It Up community and making the world a better place. So if you look at it as a partnership, I think that you communicate
the same as you would with anyone at home, or a partner at home, or a best friend, and just– – Create a safe place where you can have those conversations. So immediately with your team,
have that back-and-forth. And be like, I always want feedback. How can I be a better mentor, a leader, or part of your team? And then that way when you
can have a back-and-forth, when it comes time to
have that conversation you’ve already set the tone. (upbeat music) I think the number one way
to de-stress is to have fun. If you are in a stressful situation, think about what brings you
joy and what makes you happy. And if you can, just drop
everything and do that. If it’s calling someone
who makes you happy, someone that brings joy to your life. Stress comes at those moments where you can react in a stressful
time and it’s never good. (upbeat music ends)

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