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Why You Should Never Drive If You Have a Cold

November 28, 2019

You can’t stop sneezing. The skin on your
nose is raw from blowing it so much. Your head aches and your lungs are sore from coughing
up phlegm. You have a common cold. Even worse, you’ve run out of medication and you wouldn’t
mind some more soup either, so you drag yourself out of bed for a quick trip to the supermarket.
Don’t do it! It’s a bad idea to drive when you’re in the throes of a cold. The common cold is an infection of the upper
respiratory tract which includes the sinuses, nasal passages, pharynx, and larynx. The infection
is caused by one or more of over 250 possible virus strains. Rhinovirus is the most common strain, accounting
for upwards of 60% of colds. Within the 3 species of rhinovirus there are 99 identified
serotypes with a suspected 50 or more not yet known. That explains why it’s hard to
make a vaccine for the common cold–there are often 20-30 different types of rhinoviruses
plus other strains circulating each season in one geographic area as opposed to the 3
or so predominant strains of the flu. Furthermore, only about 10% of any season’s prevalent
rhinovirus agents will show up again the next year. Currently researchers haven’t yet figured
out how to predict the spectrum of common cold viruses most likely to dominate in any
given year. Even if researchers knew the types of virus likely to prevail, it would be hard
to create a vaccine that can protect against the majority of cold viruses which is also
cost effective and could be delivered in a single inoculation. However, researchers are
advancing in this field, so far they have created a prototype vaccine for about 50 types
of rhinovirus, which luckily tend not to mutate. The common cold is highly contagious with
infection agents being spread to the nose and mouth through contact with infected people
or items infected people have recently handled. Yep! If you caught a cold from someone you
most likely inhaled or ingested airborne virus particles from them. A sneeze sends between
5,000-20,000 droplets of mucus into the air at speeds of 10-20 mph (16-32 kmph). These
droplets can travel up to nearly 30 feet (9 m) and remain suspended in the air for up
to 10 minutes, creating a biohazardous cloud for unlucky nearby people. Most adults have
an average of 2-3 colds a year while children are walking infection monsters with an average
of 6-8 colds annually. You can help prevent the spread of cold viruses
by staying home when you’re sick and wearing a face mask if you must go out. Also frequent
hand washing, especially washing your hands after sneezing or coughing, sneezing away
from people into your upper shirt sleeve, completely covering your nose and mouth while
doing so and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs help prevent colds. The onset of a cold is rapid. Victims generally
begin to develop symptoms within 48 hours of exposure to a virus. Symptoms are wide
ranging from runny noses to coughing and sore throats. The common cold and the flu share
similar symptoms although flu symptoms tend to be more severe. Interestingly, the majority
of the discomfort and symptoms experienced while having a cold are actually caused by
the white blood cells in your body fighting off the cold rather than the nasty virus itself. Most colds last from 7-10 days, although for
some people, symptoms can persist for about 3 weeks. It’s pretty rare to die outright
from the common cold. Often people die from another condition brought on by the common
cold such as pneumonia or bronchitis. The very young, elderly and people with weak immune
systems or underlying respiratory illnesses are particularly susceptible to serious illness
or even fatality via a cold. The traditional cure of drinking plenty of
fluids especially water or perhaps tea and broth in addition to getting abundant rest
is the best course of action to take. Taking over the counter medication can also ease
symptoms and set you on the road to recovery. A trip to the doctor generally isn’t warranted
for a cold unless you develop a high fever, have severe trouble breathing or your cold
persists longer than 10 days. Now that you know the basics of how the common
cold happens, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t drive while having a cold. It’s quite simple,
driving while sick can be akin to drunk driving. Cold sufferers are often fatigued, lightheaded,
dizzy or have a headache which makes driving difficult and dangerous. A British insurance
company installed telematic or ‘black boxes’ onto cars and had cold sufferers complete
driving tests. Telematic boxes which are about the size of a matchbox, measure different
aspects of vehicle data such as acceleration, braking, speed, and lateral G-forces, to determine
how safe a particular driver is. The insurance company found that sick drivers
particularly those with cold symptoms experienced a 50% decrease in concentration, including
impaired alertness and lagging reaction times.The same data study found that participants who
rated an “excellent” driving score of 95% when healthy dropped to a dismal 60% when
suffering from a cold. In addition to attentiveness problems, sudden braking occurred much more
often and cornering became poor and erratic. Other studies have found that the common cold
impairs cognitive functions. In 2013 a study at Cardiff University in South Wales had 189
participants complete a series of baseline cognitive tests. Over the next 3 months, 60
some of the participants returned to the lab for another round of tests after they had
developed a cold, while the remaining healthy participants served as the control group.
The cold sufferers reported feeling less alert, and struggling with negative moods and sluggish
thinking. From the first to the second set of tests they had slower reaction times, and
were slower to process and learn new information. They also fared worse at completing tasks
involving verbal reasoning and semantic processing. The same researchers also conducted a study
of 15 participants with colds and 10 healthy participants who completed a simulated driving
task. The cold sufferers had a slower response time to unexpected events on the road and
were less likely to detect collisions. Yes, both of these studies are small, however the
data backs up other reports and studies: Driving while sick is dangerous. Generally speaking the average perception
time for an alert driver is 1¾ seconds. Traveling at 55 mph (89 kmph) this accounts for 142
feet (43 m) traveled. In ideal conditions the average driver has a reaction time of
¾ second to 1 second or at 55 mph (89 kmph) for 61 feet (19 m) traveled.
At 55 mph on dry pavement with good brakes, braking distance is about 216 feet (65 m).
For a minorly impaired sick driver, let’s say it takes them about 500 milliseconds or
half of an extra second to respond. By that time their car has traveled another 30 some
feet (9 m). That could mean life or death for a pedestrian.
In the same vein, physical symptoms such as sneezing also cause the same problem. When
we sneeze, we reflexively close our eyes for at least 600 milliseconds, just shy over half
a second. A sneezing fit may cause a person to toss their head and close their eyes multiple
times in a 10 second period. By that time the car has traveled hundreds of feet! Other
physical symptoms such as light sensitivity, runny and or swollen eyes, blurred vision
or ringing ears may make it hard to drive. Even if a driver’s cognitive abilities or
alertness isn’t affected by the cold itself, medication taken to combat cold symptoms may
make a driver drowsy or sluggish. The do not operate heavy machinery warning is on the
back of many cold medications for a reason. Common ingredients including painkillers and
anti-inflammatory drugs can temporarily turn you into a zombie. In many countries, including
the US, Canada and the UK, you can receive a dui for driving while impared by legal medication.
Exacerbating this problem is that many people for a variety of reasons choose to go to work
when sick. In fact polls have found that 9 out of 10 US workers go to work when sick.
North Americans catch 1 billion colds each year and a significant number of these people
drive themselves to work. To add fuel to the fire, the majority of colds
tend to happen during the winter season. When it’s cold outside we often spend more time
inside with doors and windows closed–hence, less ventilation and in close proximity to
other people who may be infected. Meanwhile our immune system may not be running at full
power. Winter has shorter, often overcast days and longer nights which means we are
exposed to less sunlight, thus we are not able to produce as much natural vitamin D
– which helps power the immune system.Consequently we are more vulnerable to infection.
Also, cold viruses last longer and transmit faster in the cold. Cold air carries less
water vapor than hot air, making it drier. So when you cough and sneeze the mist of particles
from your mouth and nose remain in the air for longer; making it more likely for us to
catch a cold virus. Meanwhile wintry conditions can severely affect
roads. More accidents tend to happen in winter due to weather conditions and shorter daylight
hours. In addition to the multitude of the usual driving hazards, millions of cold impared
drivers battling winter driving conditions sounds like a perfect storm to us.
But you were just going to run to the supermarket a few miles away. Well, that’s a trip in
the danger zone. Statistics have shown that In the US approximately 52% of collisions
occur within a 5-mile radius of home and 69% happen within 10 miles. Obviously most driving
occurs close to home, however the repetition based comfort and relaxation we feel driving
through our familiar neighborhood likely plays a role.
By now you might be shaking your head over how alarmist we are over this issue. You’ve
seen crazy distracted drivers texting, putting on makeup, reading or doing any number of
things they shouldn’t be doing while driving a car. You wouldn’t do any of those things,
in fact you’re going to be hyper vigilant when you drive since you know you might be
impaired by your cold. Well, this is not about comparing one person’s poor driving behavior
to another’s. When we’re driving a vehicle we’re moving over 2,000 pounds (907kg) of
metal,for the good of everyone, it behooves us to be as safe as we can be.
So if you have a cold and you must go somewhere, ask someone to take you, use a taxi or ride
share service or take public transportation. But as much as possible, we suggest staying
home. Curl up in bed with some tea and watch videos on your favorite Youtube channel. Hint-hint.
What’s your best cold remedy? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out
our other video Diseases That Will Kill You The Quickest! Thanks for watching, and, as
always, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!”


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