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Why You Should Eat A Wide Variety Of Foods

November 30, 2019

Eric Bakker here. Okay, thanks for coming back. Why should you eat a wide variety of foods? What’s the benefit about eating? Why can’t you just eat, say, a piece of meat
and rice for the rest of your life? Well, I think you know the answer to this
question. When you’ve got to get a wide variety of foods,
you’re going to be getting a wide variety of nutrients that you possibly won’t get from
a more narrowly defined diet. So by opening up your diet and allowing yourself
to eat things that maybe you thought that you would gag on, or get sick of, or you didn’t
like the look of, it’s good to take these blinkers away and to think differently about
food. Many people, for example, when I introduce
them to eggplants, or it could be artichokes, it could be fennel bulb, they go, “Oh, I don’t
like that,” and they haven’t even tried it. Okay. So my kitchen is being worked on right now. I’m excited because we’ve had the guys back
in this morning, fitting out cabinets. We’re getting closer and closer towards kitchen
completion, and I’m going to show you guys some very interesting stuff regarding different
fibers in your food, the different types of food and why they’re good for you. I’m a big fan of a large variety of vegetables
and I believe, and I think most people with a brain would actually believe, that we need
to really have a plant based diet and then put foods around that periphery. Okay. It’s interesting, every time I ask a patient
what they eat, they always talk about the meat first. “I like chicken. I eat meat. Yeah, I like eggs.” But they don’t say, “Oh, I like lettuce,”
or “Wow, I love spinach.” No one talks about the green stuff, they always
talk about the brown stuff first, okay. So I also commented once on a video that my
discussion with Asian doctors, doctors in Japan for example, they say that, “You Westerners
have it all wrong. You center your whole diet around meat, then
you put a bit of fluff on the edge of the plate to make it look like green.” He said, “We in Asia,” he said, “We have the
whole plate green and put a little bit of meat stuff here and there, delicately.” So, very good point, don’t base your meals
just around meat and slabs of protein, okay. Look at the complexity of the food. Look at the proteins, fats and carbs, but
pump the vegetable content of the plate up considerably because it’s the fiber that the
gut really needs. I went to a fantastic seminar up in Auckland
a few weeks ago to hear Dr. David Quig speaking, from Chicago, from Doctor’s Data. Doctor’s Data have launched a brand new type
of stool test, but Quig spoke mainly about the importance of fiber in the gut, how it
was extremely important to eat lots of fibery foods, okay, the right kind of fiber, because
this is what’s going to build really good solid levels of bacteria in the gut. You’re going to get healthy, what we call
fermentation. The fiber will slowly break down. It’ll ferment, okay. Or certain fibers do, some don’t. But these fibers help to build very healthy
colonies of what we call short chain fatty acids, and these fatty acids confer an incredible
benefit to our health. They build our health up because they build
up the health of the intestine. They nurture the intestine. They allow proper communication with the immune
system through this nice layer of mucus that’s being prepared there through proper fermentation. So eating foods that have got nice fibers
in them, and we’re talking celery, we’re talking asparagus, we’re talking spinach, broccoli,
we’re talking sweet potato, many different foods. If you go to, you can read
a little bit more about fiber and foods. My website is going to be completely revamped
next year. It’ll be more of a lifestyle kind of a website
with much more information on it, easily accessible, because I really like people to understand
the different types of fibers in the diet and the benefits they can get from pumping
that fiber content up, especially if they’ve got any kind of a gut problem. So the fibers are the key thing that I look
for in the diet. So why you should eat a wide variety of foods,
because you’re going to expose yourself to different types of fibers, different types
of fats, different types of proteins, and if you’ve got a healthy tummy and small intestine
and pancreas, you’re going to digest these foods properly and extract the nutrition from
them that all the cells in your body need to really pump your health right up. It’s no different from me, for example, I
love growing roses. So I’ve been growing roses now for several
years, and I’ve noticed that when I get the pH of the soil right and I get the correct
nutrition and enough water, man, those flowers just go crazy. You get massively big roses, beautiful big
green leaves, and the other thing I’ve noticed is healthy, really healthy roses, don’t get
sick much, okay? They don’t get sick. It’s the same with humans. If you feed the body with really good food,
plenty of water, and periodically have a bit of maintenance, okay, maybe some visits or
tests or checkups, you can, too, look amazing at any age. It’s all about superior nutrition, improving
the gut function, but at the same time, understanding the relationship between stress and the gut,
which we’ll talk a lot more about in other videos, and I think I’ve mentioned those concepts. So why you shade a wider variety of foods
is to gain that extra nutrition that you’re probably not gaining now. Really good diets don’t require multivitamins. Average people need a multi because they don’t
eat as well as they could eat, right, and the difference could be just adding an extra
two or three vegetables, different ones, into your life. That’s all it may be. So remember, it’s all about the fiber. It’s all about getting the bacteria to grow
healthy and strong, and they, again, confer incredible benefit for your health, right. Thanks for tuning in. I always appreciate it.


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  • Reply D P November 27, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    This is a very good, and very informative video. You just echoed what my naturopathic nutritionist told me to do recently.

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    A pound of vegetables a day keeps the doctor away!

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    Can you chat some light on how carnivore diet or even keto diet are helping to fix autoimmune issues.

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    100% right!

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