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WHY You Crave Junk Foods Like Chips, Soda and Burgers

November 7, 2019

Eric Bakker here, coming back again, back
to you. Thanks for tuning in on the Naturopath from
New Zealand. I’ve got an interesting question here from
a patient in the States, and this lady’s asking,” Eric, why do I crave chips and soda and pizzas
and burgers and shit like that?” Did I say shit? Goodness. I should’ve said crap. “Why do I like that kind of junk? I love this kind of junk. You know, why do I like it?” Well, in my experience, one of the key reasons,
okay, you listening? One of the key reasons why people like junk
is because they develop a taste for it. They get used to it, all right? There are multiple mechanisms involved on
stimulating the appetite, but it’s like anything else you do in your life. It’s all about habits. Okay? And I’m going to say it again and again and
again, I’ve said this saying many times people don’t decide on their future. They decide on their habits, and the habits
will decide on the future for that person. So if you habitually, okay, go to McDonald’s
and habitually buy the fries and the burger, okay? Habitually keep doing it, you’re going to
develop a taste for it. It’s going to be harder and harder and harder
to come off. To me it’s like tobacco. Once you develop a taste of cigarettes and
you know you’re on five or 10 a day, it’s damn difficult to come off that habit. I smoked like a lot of people do. I ate junk food like a lot of people do. Do I like junk? Not anymore. I can take or leave fries. I don’t like that stuff anymore. I used to love it. I was highly stressed at one stage. The higher the stress levels, the higher the
sodium demand. Sugar, salt and fat are the three key things
that the takeout joints focus on because they know that, all right? Dr. Wilson, my dear friend, Dr. Wilson, the
adrenal fatigue expert said to me once, he said, “You know why they salt everything? Goes back to the old roadhouse days,” he said. “They made their profit from alcohol,” and
then he said, so what they would do is they would pour a lot of salt on food because they
know that people will be drinking a lot more. So there are tricks, some companies do oversalt
food, but once you get a taste for high salt, especially high salt and fat, you’ll find
it difficult to break that taste. But slowly but surely when you start incorporating
fresh ingredients into your diet, okay, the taste diminishes. It really does. I now love sour things and bitter things. I love them. I like grapefruit. So I enjoy… I eat one big grapefruit a day. Now, do I put sugar on it? Nah, because I like that nice sour taste. And my gut likes it too. And my appetite likes it too. It’s control, all right? So it’s all about you controlling what goes
in here. Don’t let other people tell you what you should
eat, right? You eat when you want to eat. But the trick is to very slowly wean yourself
off the junk and put fresh and fresh in. So let’s just say that you really like fries
a lot. You may want to substitute that for olives
or some other kind of food with salt in it because it’s probably the salt that you’re
craving, right? If you’re a person who goes like that in the
bottom of the chip packet or pretzels or likes the bits of salt in something, it could often
mean you’ve got some element of adrenal fatigue, right? Or you’re stressed. People who are stressed pee out sodium and
they need sodium. Now if you have a lot of issues with blood
sugar dysregulation, going up and down all the time, I find that very much also an adrenal
issue. Once you start understanding the concepts
of eating good food, sleeping properly, okay, and getting emotions under control, getting
problems in your lifestyle ironed out, ie. you’re becoming a happier person, you will
find that the mechanisms and the regulatory control of your diet is so much more stable. Try and fix the wonky thing in your life,
and this stability will come. Could be a bad relationship, could be a crappy
living arrangement with some awful mother-in-law or something. Could be an awful boss, you need to fire these
people, all right? This makes all the difference. Look at the mechanisms behind the appetite. What’s driving you to eat these foods, okay? Got a glass of water here. I’m going to pour it on the ground. Now I’m mopping up the ground constantly,
but I’m not looking where the source of the water’s coming from. Doesn’t it make sense to actually not tip
the water out on the table? Then I don’t have to clean the mess up. Cause and effect. Think about that, okay? That’s what I’m trying to talk about here. Now the problem is once you’ve been on this
junk for a while, your tummy becomes junky. The bacteria start calling out your name. Kevin, I need more burgers. Sally, we need more soda? Joshua, where’s that pizza and beer you promised
me last week? So the bacteria will call your name, okay? They’ll be telling you what they want. They’ll be controlling you. Scientists are now working out bacteria call
the shots. Okay? Now you cultivate those bacteria by what you
eat every day. Adele Davis, a famous natural medicine author
wrote once that people dig their own graves with their own teeth. And it’s literally what they do. So let’s not get into any grave digging at
the moment for you guys out there, okay? Get the bacteria right, right? Now, you may need to take something in the
interim to clean that gut up. You know, you may need to take something with
grapefruit seed extract in it or oregano or something, just to get this gut clean and
tidied up a little bit. All right? Once you get these baggers under containment
here, control this micro-biome, getting rid of the overgrowths and stabilize it with some
natural products, you’ll find it easier to control the appetite. You’ll find it easier to lose weight. You’ll find it easier to become motivated
because the bugs won’t be calling your name anymore. Okay? The bugs long gave up on me. They were yelling at me years ago, but I never
replied back. I never gave them what they wanted. It’s under control now and now you know what
I crave? Guess what I crave? Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, nice piece of
fish, organic chicken, free range eggs. I crave natural healthy food. That’s what I like. And now when I sit down at a burger joint
with a friend, I look at these people all around me and I feel really sad for them,
that they haven’t learned to control these appetites and desires. You can do it too. It’s totally achievable. Get the gut right, okay? Get the attitude right. Don’t drive by these places and pull in. Drive by a fresh produce place. It makes all the difference in the world ,and
it’s a lot cheaper and better for your health, which is typical Jewish thing my mother always
said. Cheaper and better, okay? It can be you too. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link below for
an awesome report. Thank you.


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  • Reply Kit Cat October 31, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Thank you for this. My adult son with autism ocd's over junk like chips, diet Coke. Dr. Nemechek has a video talking about low blood pressure in the brain. He said salt craving can be helped with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Do you think this is a good strategy?

  • Reply Алексей Скиба October 31, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    Hi, I have a very important question, I suffer from multiple arthritis from age 15, went vegan for 1,5 years, and developed additional disease, no doc can tell me whats wrong. The issue is that when I am warm my veins in arms and legs and in some parts of the body are very buldging, and painful, I lay in my bed most of the time, compression stockings don't help, and I get cold very easily, but when warm body is on fire. Could you suggest what may it be? Or to whom to talk?

  • Reply hypnocilicdreams October 31, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    Your videos tell me everything I need to hear, which reinforces & enlightens my already existing health path. Thank you so much for this knowledge & encouragement. It's really helping me reclaim my health 🙂

  • Reply vadim videos November 2, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    The people dis their own graves!
    Cheaper and better! 🙂

  • Reply Metal November 3, 2019 at 1:58 am

    Makes so much sense.

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