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Why we need hope – Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

December 20, 2019

He’s trying to figure out why you’re so
hopeful and why I’m so pessimistic? At a training in Germany many years ago a
doctor sat down with me in the dining car and offered me a beer and a
conversation. He told me about his life as a doctor in the big city hospital,
which is very difficult of course. Big cities are places of a lot of injury, a lot
of poverty, depression and so forth. After a while I told him what I
did and how I was going around all these places. He goes: “So I’ve been trying to figure out
why you’re so hopeful and why I’m so pessimistic? And now I think I got it!
I worked at this hospital and people come in with broken arms and
broken necks and broken this is and that. I try to fix them up, patch
them up, send them back out and they come back in broken again,
because the whole place is broken and they’re all sick and depressed and I
don’t see any way out of it. But you you’ll go around the places, you say come
let’s fix it! And people come together when you with hope that they can take
charge of things and make life better and you’re living in a vortex of hope
all the time.” You know, people need hope. I remember talking
after I did talk at Clark University many, many years ago, all those
young University people came to me afterwards and said: “You know, the big
thing we liked about this was that we have never seen an old person like you
so full of hope.” That gave them hope.

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