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Why study Medicine in Copenhagen?

February 11, 2020

Back home I already heard something – what universities are like – in Denmark – and how different the hierarchy is – I am used to a very conservative hierarchy – this is really different here – and it turned out to be even better – than I expected. So for me it was kind of new – but I really got very easily into it – because the environment was very friendly – and they were very helping – it was stressing, but I get over it – very quickly. The professors – they really try to involve you in the team – and in the work – they would let you do more – more hands-on – and stand beside you – and there’s always someone you can follow – the other students also really involve you – I feel they are happy to get to know internationals – and they really want you to have a good time – you really had the opportunity to practice – on actual patients with actual diseases – all of us had – in every class – the time to – to do the examination – so I really learned a lot – in a practical way – and the theoretical part was – slightly put a side – but you had to do it yourself at home – and the practical part was in classes – in my country – at least in Belgium – it’s separated – first you read – then you practice – and I was only going into it – so for me it was kind of new – but I really got very easily into it – so in the end it was actually very pleasent. I think it’s a system everyone takes advantage of – it’s obvious that we take advantage of it – because it’s just more convenient – I mean – it’s nice – to be on the same level as the professor – and that’s actually a very – a very different thing from back home – because when you send a professor an email – you will say Dear – and then their first name – also when you meet them somewhere – you would shake hands – and say their first name – at the beginning it feels so weird – because I never – sent an email a professor – saying their first name – it was something – that I needed to get used to – but once you do – I would say it’s awesome – I would really recommend it – for the practice experience – that you get here – as teachers are really close to us – they are really their to help – and even if you can be – and I was – nervous – they will do everything they can – to help you and make you comfortable – so it’s going to be fine.


  • Reply Matt Mattos June 27, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    What is the best email that I can send some questions to?

  • Reply Sanjay Bhardwaj October 20, 2019 at 11:35 am

    Hello, I am from India and I want to become doctor in Denmark, so in which language course would be and what is duration of course? I would be glad if you help me out. Thanks.

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