Why study medicine at the University of Bristol?

December 26, 2019

In keeping with the times,
Medicine at Bristol is also changing. From September 2017
a new cohort of medical students will be the first to study the
innovative MB21 medical degree. These students will benefit from an integration of clinical and biomedical sciences, their education will be evidence based
and be informed by staff, students, the public, patients and employers. Those studying medicine at Bristol will become part of a community of valued learners. A community that includes
students, educators, researchers and those in the wider medical sector
such as the NHS. Our aim is that doctors graduating
from Bristol will be future leaders, teachers, researchers, public health
advocates and agents of change at local, national and international level. They will be able to synthesize
evidence based medicine with the concept of whole person care and appreciate the social determinants of health so that they can truly make
a difference to their communities. It’s been brilliant for the staff to
hear the views of current students so that they understand what it is that we like about the current course and what we want to keep and what we think needs to be improved. It’s very different to traditional medical curricula, in a really, really good way, I’m very jealous of anyone who gets to study it, there are no clinical and pre-clinical periods so it’s very hands on right from the start. There’s a much bigger emphasis
on small group teaching as a way of fostering that community feel. I think the thing that jumped out
for me the most with this course is the idea of following patients through
their journey through the hospital. It’s single aim is to make you the
best doctor that you can be to really make you into a well-rounded person that can go on and deliver really
brilliant patient-centred care.

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