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Why Should I Get a Flu Shot? | McFarland Clinic

November 7, 2019

Influenza is a very common infection, and
it can be very severe. So what the flu vaccine or the flu shot does is it helps decrease
the chance that a person will get influenza. There are concerns that people will raise
that the flu shot is not a hundred percent effective at preventing influenza, and that’s
true. People that have gotten influenza vaccine can still get influenza, but the thing that’s
important to remember is that even if you get influenza after having gotten the vaccine,
the severity of your illness is less than it would have been had you not gotten the
vaccine. So not only can it prevent you from getting it at all, but even if you do get it,
the severity of your illness is decreased. So in general the vaccine is recommended for
everyone six months old up to as old as you can be. There are different formulations of
the flu shot, so for example people over 65 will get a higher dose of the flu shot to
help make it more effective and help prevent the flu. But in general six months is now
where we start giving the flu shot in kids.

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