Why People In Asian Countries Are Slimmer Than People In The United States

November 5, 2019

Hi, it’s Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back. Why does it seem that people in Asian countries
seem to be slimmer than people in the United States? Have you noticed that? Have you guys ever traveled? Have you been to India or have you been to
Japan or China or South Korea or beautiful countries like that? Have you ever noticed? I spent a lot of time in India. I did postgraduate training as a homeopath
way back. Okay. This is when I met Mother Theresa and I worked
in Calcutta for a while. It was a crazy experience. And the interesting thing was, I did see obese
people, but often these were Sikhs or wealthy people. I could not believe the disparity I saw there
of rich and poor was incredible. But we’re seeing that also in LA now and lots
of other sort of Western places. But it’s incredible when you see the difference
of the size of people in Texas. You know, in places like Louisiana and then
you’d go over to Delhi or you go to Tokyo and you look at the difference. We are seeing an increase in obesity in Japan,
significant increase. And that’s because also we’re seeing an influx
of companies pumping a lot of crappy food into these places, but Japan always had traditionally
the highest life expectancy in the world. When I was a young guy a long time ago, the
average life expectancy of the Japanese male was 77.9 years of age, which is the highest
on earth. It’s not hard to see why. Rice, fish, seaweed, vegetables, basically
my diet, okay, that I eat now. A similar kind of diet. When you eat like this, you end up lean and
mean. Okay. Traditionally in South Korea, in Japan, people
ate lots of seafood and rice, pickled vegetables, maybe not so good for the stomach, but they
didn’t really have the burger joints. They didn’t have the dial-up pizza joints
that they’ve got now. So, and also I think the culture, these people,
it was more polite to have smaller portion sizes. Okay. And eating was more of a ritual. It was an entirely different situation. Now, similar with India, I saw people walk
vast distances, eat small amounts of food. Some families I saw were just living basically
on lentils and rice and a few tomatoes and onions thrown in and that was about it. So what I’ve learned from my Asian experience,
the healthiest people usually have the smallest portion sizes and the highest quality food. Right. Now we don’t see that in the United States. We don’t see people with small portion sizes. In fact, every time I eat in LA, they put
enough food on my plate to feed me and my wife and my child. There’s enough for three or four people there. So I usually am amazed at the mountains of
food. Quantity, too much. Quality, not good. Okay. Stress levels, high. And when you point those three things together,
you’re going to get a massive problems in a population base, especially with the companies
that that pump out products like Cola drinks and things like that. But you don’t need to live like a Texan or
a Louisiana person or something like that in United States. I’ve met many very slim people in the States
as well. And often the more enlightened people that
make better dietary and lifestyle choices. Now if you’re watching this and you’re a large
person, you’ve got those same options as a Japanese lady or male, as a South Korean. You can also choose to eat and live like a
person like that in your own country. You know, you may not look like that person,
get the black hair and that kind of stuff, but you can achieve a significantly better
body frame by adopting these sorts of principles, and these principles I’m going to be very
keen to show you with my new kitchen, with the kind of cooking styles that I’ve been
doing. I’ve been telling you guys about this for
a long time, but it’s just about ready to happen soon. So, but yeah, Asian cooking would have to
be probably my favorite, particularly want to marry that with Mediterranean concepts
because I love Mediterranean cooking. So how I like to cook is a fusion between
Mediterranean, I love Japanese food, especially the sashimi, the raw fish, but I also liked
the olive oil and olives, and the sun dried tomatoes and things like that. So the fusion is a really nice, flavorful
sort of concept. So what was the question again? Why people in Asian countries are slimmer
than those United States? Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? They’re actually eating better food. That’s sort of boils down to choices. Yours guys, thanks for tuning in. Click on the link if you want my free weight
loss report. Thank you.

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