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Why Natural Treatments Are More Effective For Parasites But Most Patients Seem To Get It Wrong

November 17, 2019

Eric Bakker here, Naturopath from New Zealand. We’re back talking about parasites. We just spoke about … where’s that topic
first? The first question was why most patients relapse
after taking parasite drugs. So we’re going to go a bit deeper into it
now. So we’re going to talk about why the natural
treatment is more effective for eradicating parasites, than the pharmaceutical approach
but most people get it wrong. Now, let me explain to you why they get it
wrong. It’s easy to look at a parasite in your digestive
system and say, “I’ve got to get rid of it. It’s going to go.” We’ve been trained by the medical profession
to see viruses and bacteria and these sort of pathogens as the bad guy that needs taking
out. So what do we do? We find a bullet or a gun, or whatever we
can, or in this case a drug to take the bad guy out. It’s not that simple, you’re not just eradicating
a parasite. When you take the treatment, you’re creating
major changes in the digestive system, significant changes. The more powerful the drug you use, the more
significant that changes will occur, not just for the parasite because there are many side
effects associated with parasitic treatment. The problem with very powerful drugs which
have a very singular, linear action is they also create quite a powerful situation of
resistance with an organism. When you’re using something like oregano oil,
or grapefruit seed extract oil, or caprylic acid, or a more natural compound which is
not pharmaceutical, it tends to be far more complex in nature and it will have actions
that are far deeper reaching than just a specific pharmaceutical drug because this natural product
is containing many more different natural factors in it. So it’s going to really hit on this bug from
various angles. It’s going to create situations in your gut
that the drug won’t cause. The drug, I find is too powerful in most cases
and unfortunately the collateral damage is significant, but most patients have this belief
that all they need to do is take a parasitic drug and then that’s it. The parasite’s wiped out and they’re back
to normal. What they haven’t figured on is the parasite
has created quite a dynamic mess in their gut by that stage that they’re going to the
doctor and getting it treated. Generally, there’ll be lower levels of beneficial
bacteria, there’ll be inflammatory rates coming up. Some of the markers I see in the stool test
are typical, like calprotectin or lysosome, they’ll be elevated. So enzymes are being secreted now by the immune
system to clean up the mess. We’re also getting an interesting factor happening
that the antibody, the secretory IGA, will start going up and up and up and up and even
skyrocket. So all these things in the gut create incredible
change in that environment. There’s bacterial changes that occur, there
are yeast changes that occur. So when we look at the six major classes of
bacteria in the gut, lots of dynamic changes occur with a drug. So to take a drug by itself and expect it
to do the action of a natural product, which is more complex and more rounded out, it’s
quite fallacious. It’s quite a silly belief, that one little
silver bullet will take down a big problem. Usually it doesn’t work like that and you
know that, you’ve probably been … If you’re watching this video, you may have already
tried one round of parasite treatment or several, what are you going to do? Keep going back again and again? You’re just creating more significant mess. So it doesn’t really work for most people
in the long run because I find the damage is significant. Half of my time I spend helping people to
repair their digestive system that was trashed by pharmaceutical medications and in fact,
I could run a practice on antibiotics 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I could have 10 clinicians in my room and
it still wouldn’t be enough to deal with the carnage and it’s similar with parasite treatments. They’re very powerful, they’re strong, there’s
interesting effects there. So the natural treatments more effective I
find, for several reasons, particularly if you’re looking at a product that contains
many different herbs and factors in there that are going to work on multiple layers
of this function in the gut, something that’s going to help reduce inflammation, that’s
going to improve digestion, that’s going to work on restoring gut function, meaning the
beneficial bacteria, we’re worried about bringing those back. So a natural treatment also tends to be more
balanced. The protocol I’ve always recommended for parasites
is lifestyle changes, diet changes, and a specific supplement which is targeting not
just the parasite but also bacteria, remember? Because Citrobacter or Klebsiella could start
coming up and likely they’re already in a position where they are going up as the parasite
drug’s being taken. So you may have taken out a parasite, Entamoebae,
blastocystis, it may be gone, or you’re reducing it but meanwhile these other bacteria are
there and they’re taking off. Next thing you relapse, you feel sick, the
bowel still hasn’t come right. You’ve got bloating or you’ve got other symptoms. You go back to the doctor and now you’re given
an antibiotic. Well, let’s just shoving another nail into
your gut, basically it’s all it’s doing. So antibiotics really trash the gut. I totally believe that one day these drugs
will be entirely outlawed, they will not be allowed to be prescribed anymore. They’re just too dangerous for the average
person to take. The carnage is horrific on antibiotics. One of my patients took antibiotic for three
years for tuberculosis. It’s taken me one and a half years now to
get him up to about 80% health. Now this guy spent hundreds of thousands of
dollars trying to get well. That’s just one of so many cases I’ve seen. Similar thing with parasite treatments, I’ve
had many patients who’ve been to Africa or Asia and have had multiple parasite treatments
and when I look at their stool tests, it’s a absolute mess. So long-term, no good these drugs, especially
recurring. So the natural treatment, I don’t find we
have the same fallout or side effects whatsoever, particularly when the patient really looks
at the Candida Crusher dietary approach, which involves really eating … well, it’s common
sense, isn’t it? It’s basically healthy food, but I also talk
a lot in my book and on my channel about stress, how that reduces immune function, how high
cortisol has quite a bad effect on your white cell count. So if you want to have a powerful immune response,
you need to eat the right foods and live in the sufficient low stress lifestyle to really
make a natural parasite treatment work, ultimately. When you understand that principle and incorporate
that, you’re going to really get a good result with a parasite treatment, regardless of how
long you’ve had the bug. I’ve seen people with giardia of 20 years
duration get rid of it in two weeks, a true fact. It’s the same as blastocystis, I’ve seen many
patients get rid of blasto just by diet change, a few supplements containing things like oregano
oil, grapefruit seed extract, and then slowly the count went down and they eradicated the
bug. Don’t let the doctors pull the wool over your
eyes and let you know that blastocystis or other parasites now are supposed to be a normal
part of the human microbiome, because I know some doctors that actually don’t even treat
parasites anymore saying, “Well, everyone’s got them. We’re not going to worry about it.” Well if everybody was blind, deaf and dumb,
would we not try and help those kinds of people? If people had a broken leg, will we not try
and help those people? Anybody who complains, has a health complaint
and puts up their hand needs help, regardless. So I hope this has given you some good information. So this may make you understand where your
previous attempts and get rid of parasites didn’t really work. Cheap supplements from iHerb, paying lip service
to diet, having a high stress job or relationship and not even thinking that that could have
an influence on your immune function. Going back to the doctor, recurringly expecting
you to get cured from these drugs. It’s up to you, but generally that’s a bit
of an Alice in Wonderland kind of thinking in my opinion, all right? So have a think about it. There’s some information there for you to
ponder on. If you really want to get rid of a parasite,
you can do it, but think holistically about the treatment and also remember, remember
the hammer. You don’t want to have a really big hammer
to crack something that doesn’t need such amount of force put behind them. Thanks for tuning in.


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