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Why Most Parasite Patients Relapse After Taking Drugs

November 17, 2019

Hi, it’s Eric Bakker, New Zealand, Naturopath. Thanks for coming back. We’re going to talk about parasites today,
a topic that I’m quite versed with because I’ve been working now with parasites and with
patients, as you know now, for a long, long time. And particularly practical skills. I’ve worked out things that work, things that
don’t work in the clinic, and also some crappy nonsense that I’m going to provide you with
today and explain to you what the real facts are regarding parasites, and how you probably
can get rid of them if you really want to get rid of them. But you’re digging a big hole by thinking
you can get rid of parasites purely by pharmaceutical means. In most cases it’s not going to be sufficient. It’s not going to be powerful enough. And the unfortunate thing is, in the process
of trying to get rid of the parasite, many people end up trashing their gut so bad, so
horrifically bad, that they get rid of the parasite partially. And in the meanwhile they’ve really trashed
their gut in a bad way. So what happens? Bad bacteria starts setting up camp, bacteria
that have always been there a long time, and these are usually good, they’re well behaved. We’re talking bacteria like klebsiella, pseudomonas,
citrobacter, bacteria like that, for example, which I see time and again in stool tests
along with parasites. Now, how would that happen? Well, generally the patient had a parasite
problem, went to a doctor, might have had a simple stool test done or whatever, and
was given a parasite drug. And there are many different classes of parasitic
drugs that you can go on. But the problem is, a big hit will occur,
the parasite will either be taken out, or in most cases only partially taken out. And meanwhile a lot of destruction occurs
to the microbiome. And then, of course, you’re going to leave
a void or a vacuum. So you’re going to get some bacteria that
are there setting up shop which shouldn’t really be setting up shop. They’re going to create biofilms. You’re going to end up with SIBO and many
other types of problems. And often behavioral changes occur. Craving changes occur because you’re messing
up the gut. Also you’re messing up the ability for the
hormones in the gut to properly communicate with the brain. Sugar cravings occur. And before you know it, kapow, you’ve got
a candida problem on top of the bacteria and the parasite that you desperately wanted to
get rid of. So what I’m trying to explain to you is, I’ve
seen hundreds and hundreds of patients who’ve had parasite treatment through the doctor
and have actually ended up worse, in a worse condition than before they went to the doctor,
because they seriously reduced their body’s beneficial count. They created a big problem, as I mentioned,
with commensal bacteria that popped up that shouldn’t have popped up. And lo and behold, they still may well have
blastocystis or other parasites that they were trying to get rid of. So what do people often do? They go to iHerb or they go to online stores
and they buy things like clove extract or neem, or they might try some pumpkin seeds
or just a quick home cure for a few weeks. And oftentimes it won’t even touch the size
of the parasite problem. And then they start having continual problems
and loose motions and all these sort of issues. And they go back to the doctor, more drugs,
and often antibiotics at this stage. And then, of course, the patient’s digging
an even bigger hole. It’s almost like the doctor gives them a longer
shovel to keep digging the hole down further. Take it from me, folks. Drugs are not the way to get the gut in good
shape. In time, well in the future, drugs will never
be used to get the gut in order. What will be used will be medicines and foods
that bring the balance of the gut back. And if you do look at a program to repair
the gut and get it in better state and eradicate a parasite, use a soft hammer. Don’t use a really strong, big steel hammer
like a drug. Because the collateral damage is so massive
with these drugs, and the fallout keeps on occurring, that you can be paying the price
for many, many years beyond taking this drug. Now, I’ve seen some patients who are still
unwell 10 or 15 years after taking a parasite drug. They developed irritable bowel syndrome, and
then they bounced from one doctor to another doctor to a naturopath to a chiropractor to
a goodness knows what kind of a doctor out there. And then eventually I saw these people. Some patients I’ve seen have been to 40 doctors
plus with a bowel problem until we finally discovered that they had big problems that
needed fixing up, SIBO, candida, and parasite eradication. So look at a simple natural treatment that’s
not going to create a lot of collateral damage for you. If the treatments worsen the disease, it may
want to make you rethink what you’re actually doing. So there are things that you really need to
understand when it comes to pharmaceutical parasite treatment. Often you’ll go on a round of treatment and
it may work, but then the bugs become resistant. They bounce back. Generally, you never successfully fully eradicate
all the parasites. And most people I see with a parasite problem
will already at some stage have developed a bacterial issue alongside the parasite problem. So then they’ve got two kinds of problems
that need fixing. And then if they take a drug from the doctor,
it’s usually designed to hit at one target, and then away they go with more irritable
bowel problems. Doctors also never talk to patients sufficiently
about the correct parasite type of diet. If you follow my candida crusher approach,
if you’ve watched my channel, watch my videos, looked at my YouTube channel, you’ll understand
and have some good tools that you can work with to really get you significantly in a
better position to eradicate these bugs, and to get them balanced back again. Because that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about the balance. So remember also, parasites are everywhere. You can’t get rid of parasites. All you can do is strengthen up your gut to
a very high point. And when your gut is like mine at a solid
point, you’d be surprised how good you feel and how powerful your gut is at resisting
further attacks from parasites and bacteria and yeast. It’s all about getting the balance back. You don’t need a strong, powerful hammer that
smashes everything up. So it makes a lot of sense to think about
some of the information I’ve just told you there. You will get a better result if you’re more
careful and think carefully about the type of treatment you’re taking for parasites. So why do most patients relapse after taking
drugs? Well, as I mentioned, resistance is very common
with parasite today. Many parasites are becoming increasingly resistant
to drugs. And the other thing is, the gut’s being messed
up. So the patient will initially maybe feel a
little bit better, but then they’ll start getting sick again, and they relapse into
the similar conditions they had previous. My most successful treatments have come from
using very simplistic dietary supplement approach, and also a very simplistic dietary approach,
and continuing on the track and carefully, carefully bringing the balance back again. It’s totally achievable to fully repair a
gut that’s been dysfunctional for 10 or 15 years plus if these steps are taken, particularly
if you do regular, comprehensive stool analysis during this treatment phase. So I really recommend you work with a doctor
similar to me, but I’m not working now as a clinician any more, just as an educator. So I fully recommend you work with a clinician
that understands comprehensive stool analysis and will take you through that process of
treating you, regularly testing, keeping your eye on the notes, and then treating you again. And keep working down that path until you’ve
completely cleared that gut from all these pathogens and brought the balance back. That’s been the secret to my success now for
many years, and it’s why I love doing the work I do, because I’ve seen outstanding results
in so many patients who follow this simple process. And you can do it too. Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to catch me in the next video, I’ll
be talking more about parasites. Thank you.


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