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Why is flu season in the winter?

October 20, 2019

cold weather what does that have to do
with influenza and why are the two together all the time
you know that’s a question that is so simple and it’s it’s such an obvious
Association people have wondered about that for the longest time and there been
a variety of theories one of the favorite theories is that in cold
weather people stay indoors more and when you’re indoors there’s more
face-to-face contact with in enclosed rooms and that’s an environment where
the influenza virus can spread more readily that sounds reasonable and may
indeed be a contributor but if you want a more sophisticated scientific reason
bear with me for a moment and let me tell you about it
so we breathe out and if I’ve got the flu the flu virus comes out with my
exhalation when I exhale but it’s surrounded by a little sphere of
moisture in the summertime when is humid that moisture doesn’t evaporate all of
this happens microscopically we can’t see it but the moisture doesn’t
evaporate but that little tiny particle is relatively heavy so it falls to the
ground we exhale it and pretty soon it falls to the ground but in the
wintertime when it’s cold but more importantly dry less humid that particle
comes out and that little bit of moisture evaporates and so what’s left
is the flu virus and it’s lighter and it remains it remains suspended in the air
for a longer period of time so there are more opportunities for people who are
around me to inhale the virus and therefore get sick

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