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Why doesn’t the flu shot work as well for seniors?

November 11, 2019

(electronic chiming) Influenza vaccine
is fundamental. It’s the best thing we
have to prevent influenza year in and year
out, hands down. Now, let’s acknowledge,
it’s not a perfect vaccine. It a good, but not
perfect, vaccine. It works better against some
strains of the influenza virus than it works against others. If you’re young and
strong and robust, actually it works
better in those people because you also have
stronger immune systems and you can respond
better to the virus. As we get older,
we get more frail and our immune systems
aren’t as robust either, so when we get vaccinated, older people don’t
respond as well. That’s kind of a
pain in the neck because what we’d like to do
is protect those older people who have the
complications better. It’s one of the
imperfections of the vaccine.

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