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Why Does CanXida Cost More Than Some Other Candida Supplements?

August 31, 2019

Greetings, greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath, from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. I got a question here from a person who’s
asking why CanXida is expensive. Why do you charge such exorbitant fees for
your product, when I could be buying a lot cheaper products out there? That’s fine. You’re welcome to buy whatever you want. I’ll explain to you now, why CanXida costs
what it does and why, in my mind, it’s an investment, it’s not really an expensive product,
at all. Try and think about the story behind CanXida,
as well, on how it was made and why it was made, and for what purpose it was designed
for, all right. After having treated people in the clinic,
now, this is my 32nd year of practice, I got totally disillusioned by using so many different
product lines. I got fed up with it because I started to
get mixed results with so many people. Some products didn’t work at all, some worked
very average, some worked a little bit with some people, some worked well with other people
but not certain other types of people. But I started to realize that there was something
wrong, here. Something wasn’t really right. CanXida was basically born out of clinical
experience, after seeing many, many tens of thousands of people. My clinic now has well over 50,000 patients,
probably over 60,000 patients now, and we still see patients on a daily basis. I don’t need to practice anymore. I’ve got many other business that I work in,
that I’m involved in, or a director of. Financially, it’s not really an issue for
me to have to practice. I love practice. It’s what I enjoy to do. I don’t do it for money. I do it, really, for also more sharpening
the clinical edge, getting even more clinical experience and also being able to offer, one
day, some advanced training for practitioners out there. These birds are loud out there, aren’t they? I might just close my window. Just a moment. I’ve got a big tree right out the window here,
and the birds get a bit chirpy in the morning. When you use products in the clinic … this
is my personal opinion … you want to get a really good outcome with a patient, and
you don’t really want the patient to buy a whole range of different things. I find it quite counterproductive using any
more than three or four supplements with a patient. In my opinion, the more products you use,
the more you’re grasping at straws, the more you’re treating symptoms. You’re not actually treating the actual dysfunctions
that the patient has. You’re treating all these different symptoms. Sleeping pills, magnesium for pain, melatonin
for sleep, we’re going to give you Vitamin D for immune function, we’re going to give
you a little bit of calcium and magnesium for the bone, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. To me, that’s a complete waste of time doing
that, in most cases. Many people I see take anything from five,
10, up to 30 or 40 supplements. It’s really a waste of money doing that. The digestive system is the foundation of
a person’s wellbeing, right. It’s their concrete slab. It’s where their superstructure is built on. To get the gut in a really good shape, really
is going to improve the whole outcome of the person’s health, particularly over a period
of time. It makes a lot more sense to get the core
established before you work on that peripheral area. When we’re looking at making a dietary supplement,
we’re looking at something that targets many different areas at once, that has a very good
systemic effect, as far their gut’s concerned. It’s got to target the stomach, it’s got to
work on the small intestine, it’s going to work on the large intestine, and it’s going
to be a synergistic product where the nutrients don’t overpower each other, when you haven’t
got too much of one, too little of the other. It’s got to be a product with a broad spectrum
activity. CanXida was born, really, out of a lot of
stool testing, and patient, after patient, after patient. Many thousands of stool tests were performed
over a period of more than 20 years before CanXida was created. That’s where the price comes in. It comes in for the … not just for the R
and D and the research and development, but it comes in through, in my opinion, through
the clinical experience that I’ve achieved over those years, and also understanding the
need for the quality of the raw materials, all right. Many product ranges I’ve used in the past
were inferior because their raw materials were inferior. Having been in the industry now for over 30
years, I know most of the manufacturers. I know a lot of the raw materials suppliers. I go to America, and Europe as well, on an
annual basis now, to keep hunting down the correct raw materials that I use in my product
range. This all comes at a great cost for me, and
a huge amount of time, and a huge amount of expense. It’s a big investment for me to do that. When I made CanXida Remove, for example, I
wanted to use a very high quality grapefruit seed extract, and I found the manufacturer
who makes the world’s best grapefruit seed extract. That, for example, is in this product. And it’s the same goes for many of the herbal
raws in this product. I’ve hunted down the best people I could find. I’ve also hunted down the best manufacturer
I could find to this particular herbal supplements, a person who knew how to put it together. The incredible trial and error that we went
through to manufacture this supplement was really, really … it tested my patience to
the extreme, to say the least. When something’s never made before, and you’re
going to make it for the first time, it costs a lot of money and time, and a lot of research
and development and effort goes into it. So when we find the right raw materials and
we put a product together, then we have to start using the product, initially, on people,
to see how it goes, what the outcome is like. The product has been in used in a clinic in
the initial phases for six months before we even released it. On many different people, we use the supplement,
for free, for a long period of time, just to test it out, to see what it was like. We started using it in varying amounts. That allowed me to tweak the formula more
and more and more, to get the balance of the materials right. Now you can understand the complexity behind
this. Understanding the formula, what raw materials
to use, in what proportion to use them, right, and then how to put the product together so
it doesn’t disintegrate too fast or too slow. The right delivery mechanism is a whole new
ball game. But CanXida Remove, and Restore, and Rebuild
are under re-development. While we’re still getting fantastic outcome
and feedback from people, each year I’m going to tweak the formula more and more and more,
until I can’t find a need to improve it any further. You can start appreciating now, the amount
of time investment and money investment on my behalf to achieve all this. This is where the cost of the product comes
in, all right. My travel costs, my time costs, my research
costs, my costs for paying other people to develop the product, the laboratory cost to
asses the material for heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and all that kind of crap, to make
sure there are non-GMO materials in here. It takes a lot of time and money and expertise,
in my opinion, to achieve this. This is why people don’t do this, because
they can’t be bothered. Let’s just go to Amazon and buy a cheap $10
product. That’ll do me. Well, if that’s your motto, then maybe Candida
Crusher is not for you. Maybe this isn’t the channel for you to watch. I’d also like you to bear in mind that I spend
a lot of time making videos for people. This channel will soon rack up 1,000 videos. That’s a lot time I could be out there fishing,
or drag racing, or cross dressing, or whatever turns people on. I could be doing all kinds of stuff, but this
is what I choose to do, because I like to leave, also, a legacy behind so that, in time,
people will be watching these videos in maybe five, 10 or 50 years from now and maybe getting
some knowledge from this, as well. So, yeah, that, to me, is the story behind
CanXida. It’s a passion. It’s a real desire I have. I get a lot of fun out of this. I enjoy it a lot. I still enjoy seeing people. I enjoy traveling and talking to people in
other countries, lots of doctors and PhDs. I go to labs. I go to Las Vegas. I go to many places where raw material meetings
are, New York, places like that, and I meet a lot of expert people, way more expert than
me. I’m still a baby in this field, but I’m learning. So that’s the story behind CanXida. There’s a lot of passion behind it. There’s a lot of drive behind it. There’s a lot of commitment behind it. And there’s this real desire to create something
that’s going to work really well on a broad range of people, and it comes at a cost, all
right. I’m a solo person, with a few other people
I work with. I’m not a very large corporation, so we don’t
churn out millions of bottle of products, just for the sake of pumping them all out. We only do limited runs and we do that mainly
through this educational channel. I hope you all appreciated that, out there. If CanXida’s not for you, I perfectly respect
that. You’re quite welcome to use anything you like,
but the feedback from this product range has been overwhelming. We’re very, very pleased with the kind of
feedback we get, and that means a lot to me, that people actually get good outcomes from
the product range. I’m going to be, pretty soon, doing a series
of case histories on people who’ve been using the CanXida products, to show you the kind
of patients we get and the outcomes that they achieve from using these products. I hope that answers your question on, why
the cost of CanXida. Thank you very much for tuning in, I appreciate


  • Reply Kale Mussel November 28, 2017 at 1:47 am

    Love the natural background bird sound

  • Reply Justin Peters November 28, 2017 at 6:53 am

    I just went to get a Bio Analysis of my Blood Sample today; and found out many things about my health while examining the blood cell under the microscope and watching it on a screen. All sorts I learned about my health and toxins, parasites, etc. I mentioned I watched your videos on your channel and wanted to give you my thoughts of encouragement for doing what your doing. I am going to start a gallbladder cleanse and now going to be taking a few natural things to help cleanse and Kickstart my system…….keep up the great work Eric and don't stop ! God Bless.

    Justin From Winnipeg , MB Canada

  • Reply TheMightyYiffer November 28, 2017 at 8:32 am

    I truly appreciate all that you do! I plan on starting the candida crusher diet, and once I have more funds available, I am definitely going to be purchasing your CanXida products!

  • Reply zerothehero123 November 28, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    For the quality you get canxida isn't expensive at all! Especially remove is far out the best anti microbial you can get and the price is well worth it. It's weird that when it comes to health people still can be reluctant to spend a little more money on something that will benefit them now and for the rest of their life. If you want to keep it simple then the canxida range is the best way to go. I take more stuff then only the canxida range, but I study orthomoleculaur therapy so I know what I'm taking and why. It's best to invest in hood quality food and the most essential supplements you need and then maybe you can tweak around with some stuff, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself with too much stuff to keep track of and budget around.

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    Is canxida ok for a 9 years old child?

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