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February 5, 2020

hello everybody welcome back to the
channel today’s videos can be a little bit different today I want to have a
little bit of discussion as to why so many car channels on YouTube fail all
right everybody on the last video I asked which car do you want me to use
making the next video and I kind of got about a 50/50 vote rich Kenan said try
the SS and drink a big cup of coffee and we love it when you drink the coffee and
then sparty nation said drive to supercharged 50th and sankei I don’t know
what you didn’t really give me an answer he said he wanted to see me
tow to 50th with the RV so I kind of count that about half a vote we got about
a vote and a half for the 50th and actually I kind of forgot that the tag
the tag for this car is a bit expire because still probably gonna sell this car I
love it when I sitting here I love it but you know like I said we got plans
I’d like to get an RV you want do some traveling and stuff like that and I got
to get rid of these car payments although I do like the car but still
debating as you see I still have it so it’s not something I’m eagerly trying to
get rid of so I’m gonna go ahead and jump in the Camaro because it is legal
it has a tag and everything like that and we’re gonna go have a little bit of
a discussion so get your coffee let’s drive eight and a half pounds of boost right about where I should
be I wanted to see if the belt was slipping yeah the tires were not happy at all that is why I have the drag radials
because the Goodyear F ones cannot handle this power at least you know the
ZL one’s got a 305 I still just that these cars gave them to 275 so I think
the 305 help but anyhow we’re here today to talk about why do so many car channels
fail and I want to kind of start out with my motto cars coffee life when I
first decided to start doing like regular vlogs on YouTube when I started
saying I really didn’t even know what vlogs were I didn’t know much about YouTube I
just kind of knew I wanted to talk about my cars and I thought I had a pretty
interesting collection that I could share with people so but I did realize
that early on that I didn’t have money to do modifications
or very many at all and people would run out of interest in watching the
channel because I didn’t have I wasn’t modifying my cars and that there is why
to me so many car channels fail so the problem is unless you make it big
by some chance like a street speed seven-one-seven or justasix here is the problem if you’re not a big youtuber and you’re just the average Joe like 99%
of us are you don’t have the money coming in you hope that your YouTube
channel will grow and you hope to be bringing in the money to continue but to
start out you fund all this out of your pocket and you quickly run out of money
or things to do they like most of us were average working people we go to the
dealer we sign that note four five six seven years whatever it is and we’re
making that payment that’s a nice portion of your paycheck every month
going to make the payment hopefully you have some money left over and you can
kind of go ahead and do some mods or you can do some interesting videos but after
a while there’s only so much that you could do to a car there’s only so much
you could talk about and discover on the car and you kind of run out of stuff to
do unless you have money to go ahead and trade in your vehicle and redo it or
like lethal Camaro he stayed with the same car but he’s progressively made
that car faster faster faster he started out kind of like everything
stock I believe the first thing he did was the ProCharger and then when he went
with the Whipple they pulled the engine out and they did some
reinforcements and now he’s a taking the engine back out and now he’s making a
car more of a dedicated track dragstrip car versus like an autocross
and drag because believe that was kind of his original intention so he Wow sorry guys still have this cold but for him you know he hasn’t run out
of stuff to do because he’s bringing in good money he’s got some sponsors and
he’s progressively just keeps working on the same car but for a lot of us you
know the channel small you kind of it’s hard to keep going with that so that’s
kind of like I said why my channel I knew this in the beginning and that’s
why I am like cars Coffee life kind of wanna vlog figure my lives kind of wacky
weird and stuff so if I didn’t have car content I still had something I could
fall back onto that wasn’t necessarily cars because I never said like hey I’m
100% cars I would love to be I’ll never do away with some of the interaction
between me and my wife some of the stuff that we do
I’ll never go away from that but like the project z28 I’m really thoroughly
enjoying that but it is costing a ton of money I have enough to come in and I’m
hoping that my investment in this car will help boost the channel up enough
that I can continue on when this car is done
get me another project or there’s still more I can do to the car I can do more
or like suspension upgrades I could do subframe connectors I can do cross links
all the suspension parts can not even thing of the name of them
but the lower control arms there’s a crossbeams in the back I keep thinking
man there’s still more I could strengthen the rear and I’m not sure how long that
rear end will hold up to the power I’m gonna put down those that rear end when
you’re actually underneath that car so tiny very tiny so
but that to me is why a lot of YouTube channels fail now it’s not only because
of it’s not only because of running out of money or stuff to do what is common
across the entirety of the YouTube platform as people just get burned out
it takes a lot of time and effort to put together these videos you have to go out
there and film it you might have to refilm it I’ve had times with them take
10 takes for me to spit out what I’m trying to get done and then you have to
go edit like or say if I’m adding music to the video especially if it’s an
interesting thing and I’m cutting to the beat and I’ve literally spent two hours
trying to find a good track believe it or not
and then you still have to put the video on there you have to put it into your
editor you still have to cut it you have to edit you have to render it then you
have to upload it and then for me I’m doing subtitles which adds at least
another hour takes me about another hour because YouTube’s Auto populates a
transcript in English and I have to go through that and fix it and then I use
auto translate and I put into German Spanish and Russian because I seem to
get a lot of comments from people from those three regions so I I do the auto
translate it’s not the best but if I didn’t correct the English Lord only
knows what YouTube would translate it to so I try to clean it up the best I can I remember when I was looking for the SS
I found a youtuber TJ Hulk SS he has a green SS he did a Whipple supercharger suspension wheels tires exhaust system but like many of the car
he’s like he’s a channel it’s kind of gone away he hasn’t posted anything in a
year or more and it’s kind of sad I don’t know maybe
he just lost interest in YouTube or he’s out of stuff to do with the car and he
doesn’t have money for another car because I don’t know I do not want to put
words in his mouth but you know it’s just one of those things
if it’s a car channel that went away when I was looking at the Camaro I found
a guy markoon13 very lively with his comments but I had looked at these guys
and this I guess is my point I looked at these guys and they were like
one two and three thousand subscribers and I was like wow man they have a
Camaro like me they’re growing their channels they’re up there I’m thinking
at the time that they’re huge you know 3,000 subscribers Here I am closing in on six
but I’ve been plugging away at it there was Mojave Mojave KY Chevy
he had a 15 Camaro SS he did some mods and he’s another one like another year –
he hasn’t posted in like a year or more and it’s just another kind of dead
channel now I mean some other channels fall victim to stuff family cruising if
you guys are familiar he had a Hellcat channel and he kind of got in trouble
racing his car and doing some other things and that kind of brought his
channel down so it’s another thing as a youtuber especially a car you gotta be
careful about broadcasting
pushing a speed limit maybe just a little bit
and where you do it hence that’s why we always go to Mexico to race so you know bottom line is just
expensive to have a car channel probably one of the most expensive channel to own and
operate on YouTube you know like this car here this this
Camaro was about 50 grand that’s what stickered at 48 to 50 thousand same with the SS I got a way better deal in the SS in this they weren’t really pushing deals
on these cars plus I bought it early this is a seventeen and I bought it
March of 2017 but I knew I would not get a deal with
because it was a 50 and I really couldn’t find a whole lot of them I jumped on one when I
found it I kind of got a little bit of deal because I dealt with that dealer
before but so
a lot of money in the cars you got a lot of money just in parts
you know supercharged several thousand dollars tires you know rims if you’re
doing that stuff suspension work especially if you don’t have the means
to go ahead and do the work yourself and you’re paying a
mechanic or something to do that then it really gets expensive so if you see a
small channel that you like the things that you could do to help
them out and it costs absolutely nothing and this because YouTube’s algorithm
wants to see interaction between the people viewing a channel
and the videos and then that’ll say that YouTube hey people like this content
and then maybe it’ll recommend it to somebody that’s watching videos like if
you’re watching Camaro videos there’s so many bigger channels that are gonna get
recommended ahead of you versus the small channel small channels will be way
down low on the firing order of things so
what you can do is leave a thumbs up it shows interaction make a comment even
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like share comment share it if you know somebody else has like some more channel
to share it try to get the subscribers in
and you know like for me and trying to grow to
channel the bigger it gets the more ad revenue comes in that’s why I try to
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cost you nothing to use them but if you’re shopping on Amazon come to my
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why not why not take a little bit from Amazon and help out one of your favorite
YouTube channels if they have the links down below that to me is why a lot of
YouTube channels like the car channels just kind of disappear it’s very
expensive and very hard to keep up this stuff to keep it interesting like if if
all I had was this Camaro and I was doing stuff I wouldn’t have done after
the supercharger it’s the only thing I’ve done to this car except for her
slapping the drag radials on and I added a gauge because I wanted to monitor how
much boost I was getting and I wanted monitor my intake air temperatures and
stuff like that so and I could monitor a whole bunch I have any other
issues with the car I can go ahead and monitor like I get the spark plugs they
recommend for this car under boost really don’t work well when the car is
cold as you could here it pops and crackles like nobody’s business
Wow if you could hear it in person it quite almost make your ears ring
yeah only in the tune I mean I went all the way to Houston Texas tuning is
expensive because HP tuners has the market on these things anyhow yeah the tuners have to pay a
bunch of money to HP tuners for the privilege of using the software so there is a lot of money involved into the car channels and stuff like
that and you can very quickly run out of money and run out of stuff to
do it’s kind of sad you know I said see these guys they blew up really quick
they did really good you know 3,000 or more subscribers in like a year but
they’re gone and to me that’s kind of the reason why
my buddy top hat plus I found him when I was looking at the Camaro and me
and him have become great friends through this but he’s a lot like me he
finds other content to talk about he finds cars to talk about cars review he
has his Harley that maybe go out there and ride
and he talks about other things as well so if you’re gonna start a car channel
and you do not have the means and that to stay just on car topics try
to find some kind of way to have your love of cars involved I started
filming some cars of coffee and honestly that really didn’t do good at all it was
a ton of work to walk around with a big SLR camera hung on a gimbal
videotaping that stuff and cut it to music in to get 40 views
now Camaro Fest is a different topic it’s done really well a couple thousand
views so hopefully Cleetus and cars will do it
plus I do for myself I go there but I want to view the shows so here Cleetus cars coming up hopefully it’s gonna be fun
and bring lots of views so anyhow let me know in the comments
down below what do you think what do you think why don’t you if you have a car why don’t
you do a car channel or if you have a car channel what’s your fears if it
working and not working is there a car channel that you used to
watch you like and they disappear do you know why you know it’s opens up for
discussion do you have a small car channel your one of
my viewers put your link down below go ahead share try to send your
traffic your way it’s all about community and helping there’s
more than enough here to go around so I’m gonna go ahead
and wrap it up there hopefully you enjoy the sights the sounds of that driving
the beautiful procharged Camaro SS next time I’m in a Camaro I’ll probably be
the zl1 and we’ll be gonna see what the that’s supercharged the Camaro feels
like and have a good time over there it Cleetus and cars make sure you subscribe
you don’t want to miss that you want to miss the finish of project Z28
still need to get this car to possibly Mexico because there’s no quarter
mile tracks around me we need to see what this thing is going to do I need to
put the radials on it’s been kind of cold which is bad for traction and it’s been raining
a lot and I have been sick we’re gonna get that done here hopefully shortly sooner than later
so lots of good things coming on the channel so go ahead like share comment
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for me and we shall see you on the next one thanks for watching


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    Great video L2THEW…. WE LOVE IT WHEN YOU DRINK THE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So there’s another guy up here and Kentucky just got Selmer name to me

  • Reply Ky_ Chevy February 5, 2020 at 12:24 pm

    And that’s my position right nowTo modified my car but hopefully within this month I’ll have some more content coming out on it. That’s another reason why I rebuilt my sons car for the content didn’t do very well but it did get some views

  • Reply Dan San miguel February 5, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    Great video wish i could drive like that no traffic out here

  • Reply German muscle February 5, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    So true I'm selling my cars and getting an rv

  • Reply Dan February 5, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    You got the camaro cammed?

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