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Why do people with weight problems frequently have gut problem?

November 5, 2019

Eric Bakker here. We’re back with Naturopath, all the way from
New Zealand. Thanks for tuning in. Why do big people, larger people always seem
to have gut problems? Have you noticed this? Well, I have, it’s my job. That’s what I do. I talk to people all the time about bowels,
about stool, about what they eat, about how they sleep and all these kinds of things. I’ve done this for so long now that I’ve absolutely
100% seen a relationship with very poor gut function and large people, particularly obese
people. I sat next to a lady coming back once on the
airplane from Los Angeles, and I only fly cattle class like everyone else does, can’t
see the need to spend money just to have a shiny fork or stuff like that. But I was trapped. I sat on the window seat and I had a lady
sitting next to me that was huge. In fact, half her butt was hanging over in
my seat. And I’ll tell you what, I sat there and it
was awful. It was burping, farting, the whole way back. And the woman had two meals and it was gross. I’ve got nothing against big people. I love big people. And, yeah, I’ve still got many friends who
are quite big and that. But what really annoyed me was the sheer quantity
of food she was eating and the constant burping, bloating and farting. It was constant. It was my fault. I should have asked to be reseated. But I sat there, and I sat there looking at
this person thinking, I felt really sorry for her because she’s trapped in this body
and in this cycle of constantly eating and you could see it. She was also drinking all this fizzy stuff
all the time and it’s just not right. Bigger people have got this huge big pocket
of bacteria here that are screaming out constantly for this crap food, right? So once you’ve built a large body frame, you
tend to have a large stomach, you tend to fill that stomach up and you’re not to fill
it up usually with fresh caught salmon and steamed broccoli, are you? Usually, you’re going to have pizzas and burgers
and fries and stuff like that. Now, you may be sitting there yourself, a
bigger person, saying, “Eric, you’re wrong. I’m a large person and I eat the best food.” Well you, okay, I will buy that, but you are
not the majority, okay. The majority of larger people have built up
this large frame because of the quantity of food they eat and the type of food that they
eat, right? Now, a really would trick, as I’ve always
mentioned, is to get a smaller plate and to just start chipping away at smaller portion
sizes over time. Bigger people have got big tummies, which
means they’ve got large appetites and they’ve built that up over time. No different from a guy who builds up a bicep
going to the gym, he’s going to build and eventually he’s got a massive bicep because
he’s been working on that. Well bigger people don’t know about it, but
they’ve actually been working on their weight problem for a while, and many of them through
diet. Not all, some can be hormonal or genetic,
but the majority it’s basically through eating. So once you get that situation going, the
bacteria start behaving really badly, right? They start creating mood problems for you. They make sure that you’re tired all the time,
you want to sit down a lot. They also make sure that you start feeling
anxious and depressed. So all these terrible situations occur as
you get increasingly unwell, you get more blood pressure, and I don’t need to go on
about all of the issues surrounding weight. But the point I’m making here is it’s about
time that you make changes to what you’re eating, particularly if you want to get these
bacteria back again. But there could be yeast infections in there. You could have issues there with Klebsiella
or pseudomonas or bacterial overgrowth’s. So I always urge people, larger people, if
they want to lose weight to clean up the gut first, assess what they’ve got there. Now this can be done while you’re in a transitory
phase of your diet. So I really don’t like cold turkey diets. I’ve mentioned this before. I don’t like people just completely stopping
what they’re doing and starting a whole new diet and turning around on a dime. It doesn’t work like that, all right. You’re going to end up breaking out of that
and just eating like crazy. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. It’s like an old geezer like me going back
into the gym. I’m not going to be bench pressing 200 pound
in the second week, okay, unless I’ve got a mental health problem, all right. I’m probably going to be starting just with
a broomstick and just slowly get back into it. But then over a period of weeks and months
and a year, I could look like Arnold, “I’ll be back.” I used to love going to the gym, and that’s
what I’ve started doing again. But easy, easy, easy, easy. The older you are, the slower you need to
go back into it, all right. I’ve never met a large person that can’t,
if their mind is set to it, lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off, all right,
and it’s definitely possible. But think about the gut first and make those
changes. If you’ve got bloating, burping, farting,
constipation, diarrhea, this needs fixing up, all right. Try and work on that problem as you’re making
the diet change, because if you just make the diet change and forgo the gut, it’s going
to being significantly harder for you to turn the ship around, all right. Well, that’s all there is to it. Click on the link below if you want my free
weight loss report. Thanks for tuning in as usual.


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  • Reply Maria 28 November 3, 2019 at 1:38 am

    Its sugar. It’s addictive it destroys the gut blood and mitochondria. It’s really a poison.

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    Man you make great videos. Thank you for your information, support and kindess

  • Reply IBrainedMyDamage November 3, 2019 at 6:56 am

    Tips on gaining weight? I'm 5'9 and weigh about 130.. I'd like to get to 160- 165 ideally. Also got gut issues in that I don't get regular bowel movements… Not daily

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