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Why Do Many Medical Doctors Think Candida Infections are A Complete Bogus?

December 3, 2019

Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New Zealand. Thank you for coming back and checking out
the channel. We always appreciate it. I’ve got lots of questions to go through. Every week I get questions you can imagine,
we’ve got lots of subscribers now and people send through all kinds of questions. So here’s a question. Why do many, many old practitioners think
that candida infections are complete bogus? I wrote a bit about this in the book, Candida
Crusher. In fact, things are changing, slowly, slowly,
things are changing. Interesting, when I had a look at the source
of information, Wikipedia, which is extremely medically minded, kind of a website, you know
people like me who take an interest in candida are basically called shamans and quacks and
kind of fringe dwellers, you know, or pseudo-scientific cult members. I’m being called. So, wow, I didn’t know that I was a David
Koresh fan all of a sudden I don’t belong to any cults or. I’m not involved in pseudoscience. I’ve got a bachelor degree. I didn’t get a master’s or a PhD, but in fact
teachers, my teachers have been my patients for more than three decades. When you’re sitting in my chair and you treat
people repeatedly, time and time again for not just years, but decades, you start to
see a pattern developing where particularly I saw this in the 80s and 90s probably more
so than today that I saw many medical practitioners would poke their head in the sand and be ignorant
to a candida problem for a person. The only candida issues that were taken seriously
were generally females with vaginal yeast infections, but men, you know, people like
me in my 20s when I had a candida problem, I was treated like a fruitcake, basically
told to see a psychiatrist. Now, some patients I’ve spoken to even recently
still get that kind of a stupid deal when they go to a medical practitioner, but not
all medical doctors are cut from the same cloth. You need to understand that there are many
incredible amount of medical doctors out there now who’ve taken a big interest in candida,
yeast infections. In fact, as I mentioned, things are changing
slowly. Even on the Wikipedia page, which is extremely
pro-pharmaceutical medicine and pro-surgery and anything else beyond that is quackery. Even on the Wikipedia candidiasis page and
on the Candida albicans page, you can read there, particularly on the albicans page,
you’ll be able to read that people need to take, practitioners need to take yeast infections
more seriously and not just look at bacterial infections. So things are changing. The whole idea about systemic candidiasis
being a pile of crap, it’s actually not true. We know that people can get infected systemically. And many again, medical practitioners believe
that when someone like me says that, that it’s, excuse me, it’s bogus. It’s nonsense. It’s not based on scientific facts, while
in fact, I’m sorry, it is based on scientific fact and in fact, in 1969 if you’re a doctor
watching this, dust off your old Lancet medical journal, the prestigious Lancet, there was
an article published in a 1969 Lancet on a man called Mr Kraus. In fact, it proved to the medical community
way back. What’s that? 50 years ago that in fact if you swallow candida,
you know if you’re perfectly healthy and you actually, and you’ve been proven to be healthy
through every kind of test performed on you and they can’t find candida, when you swallow
several capsules containing viable or live albicans literally within a few hours you
can get extremely sick doing that. And not only that, within several hours of
blood draw confirms candida albicans is actually in the bloodstream. So we know that people can get yeast infections
systemically without having to, you know, acquired, AIDS for example because we used
to think that AIDS is a disease that of course rendered immunity so low that many people
would get sick and die from basic infections like candida. But we also know now that many people get
candida who don’t have serious immuno compromised ability, even healthy people can get candida. What also more and more doctors are recognizing
is that antibiotics are not the right thing to give to people routinely because they create
a yeast problem. As I’ve mentioned many times on this channel,
half of my time, this has been spent over decades repairing the damage that was obviously
you know, occurred after antibiotics, particularly yeast problems in the gut. And not only that, but also SIBO problems
and many other problems that people face with bacterial overgrowth rendering almost more
certainly susceptible also to parasite infections like blastocystosis, which are rampant, which
many medical practitioners in fact now believe is part of the normal microbiomes parasites
like blasto. So you’re either going to go to a doctor with
blinkers on who still follows the old line that diseases are bacterial, that if a person
has a cough or sniffle, they need a drug immediately or they’ll die because of that symptom will
kill them. You know, you got the old school doc, but
you’ve got the new school doc now. Your younger graduates coming out, the all
the dinosaurs are dying off, thank goodness. And the new breed is coming through. Now new doctors are learning a lot more about
microbiome and even probiotics and how beneficial bacteria are and because of course I’m 60
now, so the doctors I’ve dealt with all my years when I was younger were all T-Rexs and
brontosauruses and all these old dinosaurs. We don’t need these old dinosaurs anymore. We need new dinosaurs. All right. New people, new technology, new understanding
based on microbiome. So this whole idea that the problem is all
in your head now is actually slowly fading away because thank goodness, thank goodness
all the work I’ve based my practice around this finally being scientifically validated
after decades and decades of being called a charlatan, a quack, pseudoscientific moron,
all these things. Finally, people like me are being recognized. In fact, there’s leaders in medical, not,
you know, the pseudo scientists. So the future of medicine will be far more
regarding microbiome and particularly understanding the role that candida plays in the gut. Because you know, as experts point out, 19%
of women have this yeast normally occurring in their private area by default. So you know, and a lot of people, not everybody,
but a lot of people have candida albicans in their gut, kept under control, but it’s
the overgrowth that’s that we are concerned about, the imbalance. So it’s not about getting in there and curing
candida and killing this and all this sort of nonsense that I hate to see all over YouTube. It’s about getting the balance back. The doctor of the future will give no medicine,
but interest his or her patients in true ways of living, working according to the laws of
nature. And if we do use medicines, we use natural
medicines, not pharmaceutical, highly synthesized drugs that make people sick and kill them. That should be the pseudo-scientific cult. Those are the people that should be the fringe
dwellers who give poisons to people, peddle poisons, and then point the finger at us. So in years to come, all these drugs will
be gone. There’ll be no more toxic drugs use on humans,
well into the future, and people have really got this understanding of toxicity, medical
toxicity in their heads. But I think what will change is when the profits
are coming more from micro-biome treatment and novel probiotics made, that’s when the
profits start coming up. You’ll find a lot of the poisons hopefully
will start going down. So why do many doctors miss the diagnosis
still? And that’s because they follow the old school
line. The convention, old medical professors line,
that all diseases are not caused by candida. It’s impossible for that to occur. And we still have this fallacious belief. So in time that will change. But for now, remember you’ve got the old dinosaurs
and the new ones. So if you’ve got a candida problem, go to
a new dinosaur, go to a new doctor. Don’t go to the old school because you’ll
probably end up getting a trip, a referral to a psychiatrist unfortunately, thanks for
tuning in. Don’t forget to read my book, Candida Crusher,
and particularly the first few chapters where I talk a lot about why practitioners miss
the diagnosis, and I go much more deeper into why medical practitioners think that this
diagnosis is a sham. Thanks for tuning in as always.


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