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Who Is Most Likely To Get Candida, Male or Female?

August 21, 2019

Greetings, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand, thanks for checking out my videos. I got a lot of questions here today from all
sorts of people. All sorts of stuff here to go through, so
let’s just make a few videos up for you people and answer some questions that we got through
on the YouTube channel. Who is most likely to get candida, male or
female? That’s an interesting question. Well, when you think about it, it’s probably
equal. Males can get yeast problems, females can
get yeast problems. It’s like saying who is most likely to get
headaches, who’s most likely to get constipation. Anybody can get an overgrowth or bacterial
fungus, particularly something like candida because approximately one in four people have
got this yeast naturally growing in their digestive system. This is a problem because many doctors for
this reason feel that candida can be a problem because about 25% of people have got it. Well, that’s true, but what if a percentage
of that 25% have an imbalance in their gut and that overgrowth of candida causing a problem. That overgrowth can occur equally with male
or female internally in their digestive tract. Females, obviously for various reasons, because
anatomically they’re different, can get women’s yeast infections, obviously, but then again,
men can get jock itch or men kind of yeast infections. Equal, male or female, can get toenail yeast
infections, which are not candida, which are other types of yeasts. So, bigger people can tend to also get yeast
infections involving the folds of the skin. It could be like under the breasts or in the
belly or chafing around the thighs, where yeast can get there, even between the folds
in the skin of the legs you can get yeast, so it’s not fair to say women get yeast problems
more than men. I’ll never forget when I was younger and I
mentioned to my doctor that I thought I had a candida problem and he said, “You can’t,
you haven’t got a vagina, only women get this problem” I mean what a dumb thing to say,
but then again, doctors do say dumb things sometimes, don’t they? So, who’s most likely to get candida, male
or female? I would say equal. I hope that answers the question. Thanks for catching up.


  • Reply Rodney Armstrong January 22, 2018 at 12:06 am

    I'm still working and getting stronger every day because of you thank you so much for taking the time for your videos you saved my life. GOD bless you!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Reply Kale Mussel January 22, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    These days most general doctors just wanna slap antibiotics on you. They do not educate or inform. Thx for ur info, it will cost 70 bucks to get my questions answered by my doc or else I've to wait months to see her for free.

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