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Where Do I Go If I Have A Male Yeast Infection?

August 13, 2019

Thanks for tuning into this video. Here’s
a question I got asked from a guy in Australia not that long ago. Where do I go if I have
a male yeast infection? What do I do? Who do I see? What treatment do I take? How do
I know I’ve got a male yeast infection? How do I know I haven’t got herpes or a sexually
transmitted disease? What the hell have I got? What is it? Can you help me? These are some routine questions I get posted
to me through, so what I want you to do is please check out my yeast
infection quiz. That’s one of the first things that you can do. Go to
and look for the button or go to and look for one of the buttons that says,
Take the quiz.This is going to give you quite a good idea because it took me a long time
and a lot of investment to get this yeast infection quiz perfected and I believe it’s
one of the best in the world currently, so go and do that quiz right now if you haven’t
already done it, to determine if you’ve got a mild, moderate or severe yeast infection. Now as a lot of people have said to me, Oh,
these questions are quite generic. These questions could mean you’ve got any kind of disease
like diabetes or multiple sclerosis or arthritis or anything, but that’s not true. This quiz
was very carefully designed with these particular questions and the screens you go through to
very carefully determine not only your level of Candida, but whether you’ve got Candida
or not, and it’s based on tens of thousands of patients. It’s not something I just plucked
out of the air yesterday or found on Google somewhere and quickly slapped it up. This
is a carefully designed quiz, so do that quiz. The other thing I want you to do is to read
some of my male articles on There’s a whole section for guys there. I’ve
seen a lot of guys like you over the years with jock itch, with toenail fungus, with
skin rashes, with gut problems, with all kinds of manifestations of yeast infections, so
I believe I’m well positioned to help guys like you out there with this problem right
now. So that’s where you can go to. If you’ve got a lot of problems and you’re
really in doubt, you can always go to your doctor and ask for an assessment to check
out what you’ve got. You can also ask for a skin scraping and culture to see whether
they can actually grow a fungus off the skin. Don’t be embarrassed. Go to the doctor. Doctors
are well trained to check this out. You don’t have to take the treatment necessarily, but
if you’re really concerned and you’ve got high anxiety about it, maybe get checked out
first. I’ve got plenty of solutions for you, so get
checked out first to determine if you’ve got a male yeast infection. There are different
types of infections that can affect the groin region of the male, but it sometimes pays
to get checked out first. Natural treatment is the way to go, and you can see about that
in other videos that I’ve made regarding male yeast infections. I hope that answers your question on where
do you go. First do the quiz, check out your severity, get a diagnosis if you’re concerned
about it, read some of my articles, tune into my other videos on this YouTube channel because
there are a lot of male videos on here, and drop me a line if you’ve got a real concern
and a consultation is possible, too. I hope that gives you some information. Thanks
for tuning in.

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