When to Apply Essential Oils: No More Nausea

October 13, 2019

(soft music) – Hi, I’m Andrea Butje
from Aromahead Institute and I want to show you two
really great blends for nausea. One is an inhaler that is
easy to carry with you, and just so helpful, direct, really helping to reduce
nausea right away. And the other is a topical
blend that you can rub right on your belly and your low back. Ready? Okay. So, let’s make the inhaler first. In this inhaler, we’re
going to have Peppermint, Green Mandarin, and Cardamom. And, in case you haven’t
made an inhaler before, it’s just this little
blank…it’s a little tube, and it has a cover. This is a cover. And we have a little
cotton part right here. And we’re going to put the cotton part right into the inhaler, and then you can add the
oils directly into there. If you didn’t know your recipe,
and you were experimenting, blending drop by drop to decide
how you wanted it to smell, then I would take the cotton piece and I would put it into this little bowl where you can just go drop by drop. Smell it; add another drop like that ’til you get the perfect recipe. But, I already did that. So, I have the perfect recipe for you. And so, it’s really easy. You just put this in here and we’re gonna use six
drops of Peppermint. Peppermint is the best for nausea. It helps you settle your belly right away, and also if there’s any kind
of headache with that nausea, it really helps. So, I’m gonna put six
drops of the Peppermint, right into the…on the cotton. Okay, perfect! And then seven drops of the Mandarin. And Mandarin Orange is so
calming for your belly. And it will really help relax you with the tension that can
come from feeling nauseous. It’s such a horrible feeling,
and this will really help. So, seven drops of Green Mandarin. So settling for your
stomach, really great. And then the Cardamom, same thing. Very settling for your stomach. It’s a great digestive oil, but it’s also really helpful
if you’re feeling nauseous. So we’re gonna use
three drops of Cardamom. And it’s sweet and spicy and adds a really nice smell to the blend. Three! Okay, perfect! And we don’t use too much
Cardamom because it is very sweet, and so we don’t wanna have
the blend be too sweet. This is the perfect combination. Wow, that really smells good! And then, I’m just gonna
put the little cap on. And then, if I was… Mix it around a little bit, make sure all the oil is on the cotton. And then, if I was feeling
nauseous in the moment, like car-sickness, for example,
or you’re on an airplane, any kind of movement sickness, I would just take the inhaler and… (inhales deeply) And that’s amazing. It goes right to my head. And then, I can also
just feel it settling me. And it’s really calming for my tummy. Okay. So that’s one blend, and that I would just
keep right in my pocket. And then the other blend
is a topical blend, and we’re gonna make it in Aloe Vera gel. Because Aloe Vera gel
is such a light carrier. And it will help with
really quick absorption, which is what you’re going to want if you’re feeling nauseous. You’re gonna want it to
absorb as fast as possible. And we’re going to use
the same essential oils, except we’re going to add Roman Chamomile to the mix as well. So, I have…I use Aloe Vera a lot, so I have a big jug of it. So I’m gonna pour it into this beaker. It makes it very easy for pouring. And then I have a two
ounce plastic bottle. Really easy for travel. And it’s a flip-top. So it makes it easy to just
get a little bit out at a time. You won’t spill it, that sort of thing. So I’m going to fill
this with Aloe Vera gel. These beakers are so easy for
pouring, they’re so great. There we go. This was actually a Bodum
coffee replacement beaker. But I use it for essential oil stuff. Okay. And then we’re going to add five drops of Peppermint into this blend. I would use both of these
blends at the same time. I would use the inhaler
and at the same time, I would rub this on my belly. And we’re gonna have five
drops of Green Mandarin. This is such a good smell together. The mint and the orange… Six drops. But that’s okay. Flexible recipe. And then three drops of the Cardamom. There’s one… It’s taking its time here. There’s one, just kinda on the edge there. Two, three… okay, four! (laughter) Alright, we have four drops of Cardamom. Look at that! We’re changing the recipe in the moment. But officially, I would put in three. And then, we’re gonna put in
three drops of Roman Chamomile. And I love Roman Chamomile
for any kind of stomach upset: over-eating, your belly feels tight, you feel nauseous, anything like that. It’s really, just about my first choice. I absolutely love it. And let’s see if we can
actually get three drops. You never know. Three. Perfect! Alright! (happy murmur) Still smells really good. That extra drop of Cardamom is actually really nice in there. Alright. So now I’m gonna just
give this a really good mix. And every time I use it, I’ll just give it a
little mix ahead of time. The oils blend in pretty
well with the Aloe Vera, but they will float to the top. So you just want to mix it. And then, you’re good. Beautiful color. And then I would just put
some of this in my hand, and rub it on my stomach
and on my low back. And between the inhaler
and this topical blend, you should be feeling
better pretty quickly. Alright. Take care. Buh-bye.

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