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When Should I Take My Child to the ER for Appendicitis?

November 19, 2019

So the signs and
symptoms of appendicitis are so similar to the stomach
flu or other kinds of problems. And when kids have bellyaches
like they do all the time, sometimes it’s hard
to know whether this is a real emergency and I
need to go and get help for it or whether it’s something that
I can just keep my kid at home and give them something
light to eat or drink and see what happens. And it’s hard to know
exactly when your child has appendicitis or it
might be something else. That’s one of the
things that makes appendicitis a little bit
tricky is, when is it really something more than a regular,
old stomach ache or usual stomach ache? I would say to a parent,
when your child just doesn’t look right, when the
stomach ache is going on, when things are progressing,
I would say after five, six, seven hours of this
stomach ache isn’t going away, it looks a little bit different
than a typical stomach ache, it seems to be getting
a little bit worse, the symptoms are a
little bit different than a regular, old
stomach flu, it’s time to come into
the emergency room.

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